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The Best iPhone 13 Wallet Cases

🕚 Updated November 2022

Why not add the convenient storage of a wallet to the rugged protection of your iPhone 13 case? Simplify your daily routine with one of these top-rated iPhone 13 wallet cases.

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  Best Overall Best Value Most Color Options Best Leather Case Best with Strap
Wallet Slayer Vol. 1
iPhone 13 Wallet Case
Wallet Case for iPhone 13
iPhone 13 Leather Wallet Case
Wallet Case
Our SummaryA wallet case for your iPhone 13 that's incredibly sturdy and reliable.A leather iPhone 13 wallet case that's suitable for everyday use.Show off your personality with this secure iPhone 13 wallet case that comes in many pretty colors.An iPhone 13 wallet case made of premium vegan leather with a classic design.An affordable wallet case with RFID-blocking technology.
Pros✓ Textured grip
✓ Ultra-light and durable design
✓ Offers great protection
✓ Multiple card slots
✓ Ideal protection for your iPhone
✓ Includes kickstand
✓ Sturdy and durable
✓ Never out of trend
✓ Slim design
✓ Wireless charging compatible
✓ Durable build quality
✓ Strong magnet
✓ Good protection
✓ Keeps your cards secure
✓ Comes in a variety of colors
✓ Easy to carry
Cons✗ Not compatible with wireless chargers✗ Can be difficult to remove cards✗ Can crease✗ Expensive✗ Less durable
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The Best iPhone 13 Wallet Cases

A bunch of iPhone wallet cases lined up with an iPhone displaying the lifesavvy logo.

Having an iPhone 13 requires that you protect it from accidental drops and daily wear and tear. Your phone is a constant companion, after all. That’s why you need a trusty phone case. But another constant companion is your wallet. So if you combine a phone case with a wallet, you’ll be all set with fantastic convenience. Here are some of the best iPhone 13 wallet case options available.

Buying Guide for iPhone 13 Wallet Cases

A basket with empty iPhone cases and an iPhone displaying the lifesavvy logo.

Why buy an iPhone 13 wallet case?

Most people have a lot of small items to carry around, so why not minimize the clutter inside your pockets or purse by using an iPhone wallet case? With the combined benefits of durability, protection, visual interest, and usefulness, you can’t really go wrong. There are plenty of different options to consider, though, so take a look at our picks and choose one that will serve you best.

What should you look for in an iPhone 13 wallet case?

  • Capacity: How many card slots do you need? Do you like to carry around a lot of cash? Do you want a clear slot for your ID? The capacity of the wallet plays a considerable role in your decision when choosing between different wallets, but keep in mind that wallet cases typically won’t provide as much storage as traditional wallets.
  • Elegant Designs: Wallet cases aren’t just multifunctional and convenient, but most are also pretty sleek. The design will be important because you want to find one that appeals to your tastes and matches your style. You can choose between several different materials for the case, including faux leather and durable, grippy silicone.
  • Functionality: Some wallet cases go above and beyond in terms of functionality by offering RFID-blocking ID protection, wireless charger compatibility, or a multifunctional design that doubles as a kickstand. Some cases also make it easy to provide your ID card, which can really come in handy for those who frequently need to identify themselves at school or the office.

What kind of charging compatibility can you expect?

Most, if not all, iPhone 13 wallet cases have cutouts around every port, including the one in which you plug in your phone charger. However, some of them are also compatible with wireless or MagSafe charging technology, which will make your life a lot simpler. Additional storage capacity, combined with magnetic charging capabilities, will allow you to go about your normal routine without inconveniences caused by low battery power.

Our Picks for the Best iPhone 13 Wallet Cases

Best Overall

Smartish iPhone 13 Wallet Slayer Vol. 1

A wallet case for your iPhone 13 that's incredibly sturdy and reliable.

Pros: This resilient iPhone 13 case from Smartish also serves as a viable wallet to hold your debit, credit, and ID cards. With a textured grip on both sides, it’s easy to hold without dropping. The durable construction will ensure it lasts you years, and the air pockets in the corner of the case reduce damage to your phone during accidental drops.

Cons: The main disadvantage of this wallet case is that it’s not compatible with wireless or MagSafe charging. The cards could also move around a bit inside.

Bottom Line: This wallet phone case for your iPhone 13 will simplify your daily routine and allow you to rest easy knowing that your phone and cards are secure. When it comes to convenience and reliability, turn to this Smartish wallet case.


Best Value

ONETOP Wallet Case Compatible with iPhone 13

A leather iPhone 13 wallet case that's suitable for everyday use.

Pros: This wallet case has premium faux leather material, slim design features, reliable protection for your iPhone 13, and enough card slots to store the necessities. The price is a major selling point because you get a lot for the money you spend. It also comes with a multi-angle kickstand for when you want to watch videos. It comes in five colors, spanning bold and basic styles.

Cons: Ideally, you want your iPhone wallet case to hold your cards snugly and securely. While this case does this, the fit can be a little too snug, making it hard to fish your card out on occasion.

Bottom Line: This iPhone wallet is certainly among the more practical options, as it gives you a place to store your ID and debit/credit cards without creating extra bulkiness. You can do away with your large, unwieldy wallet and free up space inside your pockets with this affordable wallet case.


Most Color Options

TUCCH Wallet Case for iPhone 13

Show off your personality with this secure iPhone 13 wallet case that comes in many pretty colors.

Pros: This wallet case from TUCCH offers comprehensive protection for your iPhone 13 while providing you with several storage options to carry around cash and your debit/credit cards. The design of the case is unique yet timeless. It has a magnetic flap to keep your phone, cards, and cash secure, and it will cover your screen for extra privacy. Choose from 11 beautiful color options.

Cons: The leather material used for the case tends to form creases. It’s a bit bulky in size when you compare it to the other options.

Bottom Line: This iPhone 13 wallet case is elegant and stylish and allows you to showcase some of your personality by picking from a great selection of colors to envelop your phone in. It will store three cards plus cash and has a magnetic flap for security.


Best Leather Case

Wilken iPhone 13 Leather Wallet Case

An iPhone 13 wallet case made of premium vegan leather with a classic design.

Pros: This leather wallet case has a classic design and durable construction, making it great for everyday use. It features multiple built-in card holders and can absorb a lot of impact due to its extra padding. You can detach it from the wallet section and still have a protective case that’s compatible with wireless charging. It also features precise cutouts for your camera, speakers, and phone ports and stands out due to its super-strong magnetic clasp.

Cons: This case is more expensive than your average iPhone 13 wallet case. It’s also a little bit bulkier in size, although the extra padding will be put to good use if you ever drop your iPhone.

Bottom Line: This wallet case features a thoughtful design that makes it an ideal option for many iPhone users. The robust faux leather adds a touch of style and a high degree of protection to the ensemble.


Best with Strap

RANYOK Wallet Case

An affordable wallet case with RFID-blocking technology.

Pros: This sleek phone case for iPhone 13 is able to store up to six cards and offers RFID-blocking technology to help you protect your cards. It features a full body protection system with impressive anti-shock protection. It’s also every bit as functional as it is stylish and can be turned into a kickstand in a pinch so that you can watch a video while relaxing in bed. The wrist strap will make it easy to carry wherever you go.

Cons: This case will start showing cosmetic damage sooner rather than later. However, in terms of functionality, it holds up quite well compared to similarly priced wallet cases.

Bottom Line: Although this case isn’t the most durable option on the market, it’s super functional, stylish, and reliable. Its card capacity and degree of protection impress in terms of price point.

Final Thoughts

When searching for a wallet case for your iPhone 13, make sure it’s suitable for your personal needs and tastes. The design, craftsmanship, functionality, and visual appearance of the case matter. With so many options available, you should be able to find a great wallet case for your phone.

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