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The Best iPhone 7 Charging Cases

🕚 Updated November 2021

If you're still relying on your iPhone 7, chances are its battery life isn't what it used to be. Don't worry; there are plenty of quality charging cases that can double your battery life while protecting your iPhone.

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  Best Overall Strong Contender Best Capacity Best w/ Screen Protector Also Consider
Juice Pack Wireless
Battery Case
Battery Case
Battery Case
Battery Case
Our SummaryThis charging case is compatible with most wireless chargers and offers great protection for your iPhone 7.Featuring an impressive battery capacity and anti-fingerprint body, this case offers great value for the price.This charging case is an excellent choice for those seeking a high-capacity backup battery and easy-to-grip exterior.This charging case is a solid choice with an attractive price tag and compatibility with wireless chargers.This incredibly thin charging case is easy to install and sports a superior Lightning port compared to similar products.
ProsCompatible with wireless chargers, dependable quality, durable build, amplifies speaker volume.Charges phone quickly, good battery capacity, doesn't get too hot, resists fingerprints and smudges.Great battery capacity, slim and lightweight, comes in different colors, easy to grip.Compatible with Qi wireless chargers, comes with screen protector, works with wired headphones, snug and secure fit.Ultra slim and lightweight, secure cable connection, supports wired headphones, easy to install and remove.
ConsExpensive, plain appearance.No wireless charging, less intuitive battery meter.Doesn't work well with wired headphones, not compatible with wireless chargers.Mediocre battery capacity, gets hot on Qi chargers.Not the most durable or grippy.
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The Best iPhone 7 Charging Cases

iPhone in a black charging case being held in a persons hand

Not everyone has the funds or desire to upgrade their iPhone every time a new model hits the market. However, while iPhones tend to stand up well to the test of time, their batteries can be a different matter. We made this guide to help you select the perfect charging case for your iPhone 7 so that you can maximize its battery life in the most convenient way possible.

Buying Guide for iPhone 7 Charging Cases

iPhone in a black charging case resting on a wireless charger.

Why buy an iPhone 7 charging case?

Lithium-ion batteries degrade over time, so it shouldn’t be surprising that your iPhone 7 doesn’t get the same excellent battery life that it used to. Some rely on a variety of chargers and power banks to keep their iPhone 7 charged, but this can be more trouble than it’s worth. However, charging cases allow you to effortlessly extend your iPhone 7’s battery life without the need to travel with extra gear. Of course, they also offer much-needed protection for your iPhone and can quickly pay for themselves by saving your iPhone from meeting its maker after an accidental drop.

What should you look for in an iPhone 7 charging case?

  • Capacity: When shopping for a charging case, pay close attention to a product’s capacity, measured in milliampere per hour (mAh). The iPhone 7 battery sports an impressive 1,960-mAh battery capacity, although this is sure to have degraded over time with everyday use if you still use your iPhone 7. However, this goes to show how effective a 3,000- or 4,000-mAh charging case will be at keeping your iPhone 7 charged throughout the day. That being said, manufacturers often overstate the capacity of their charging cases, so be sure to read some reviews so that you can compare the stated capacity with the experience of others who have used the charging case with their iPhone 7.
  • Compatibility: iPhone 7 users have a wealth of options when it comes to charging cases, thanks to the iPhone 7’s wide-ranging compatibility with similar iPhone models. Thus, most iPhone 6, 6S, and 8 charging cases will be compatible with the iPhone 7. However, be sure to closely read product specs to ensure the charging case you’re eyeing is compatible with your iPhone 7.
  • Functionality: Since iPhone charging cases envelop most of your iPhone and occupy its Lightning port, there is a good chance they will limit some functionality. For instance, many charging cases don’t allow you to charge your iPhone (or the case) using Qi wireless chargers, although some premium models are compatible with a variety of wireless charging methods. Additionally, many charging cases won’t work with wired headphones or other accessories that plug into your Lightning port.

Will a charging case offer reliable protection?

It’s safe to say that most charging cases won’t offer the rugged protection of premium iPhone cases, but they can still save your iPhone in the event of an accidental drop. Thus, you will want to find a charging case that securely covers your phone’s sides and corners at all times. Additionally, raised edges will prevent your iPhone’s screen from cracking if it’s dropped flat on the screen, so keep an eye out for this detail as well when shopping for a charging case.

Our Picks for the Best iPhone 7 Charging Cases

Best Overall

mophie Juice Pack Wireless

This charging case is compatible with most wireless chargers and offers great protection for your iPhone 7.

Pros: Thanks to its low-profile design and compatibility with wireless chargers, the mophie Juice Pack Wireless is probably the most convenient way to extend your iPhone 7’s battery. This charging case also scores points for being durably made and does well to protect your iPhone’s corners and screen when dropped due to its shock-absorbing design. Surprisingly, this case also amplifies your iPhone 7’s speakers without sacrificing audio quality, making it a clear front runner in terms of quality and convenience.

Cons: While this charging case is way ahead of the competition, its price point may be too much for some, especially considering it’s for an older iPhone model. There are some great iPhone 7 charging cases that are much more affordable to the average consumer, so those on a budget might want to continue reading.

Bottom Line: When it comes to iPhone charging cases, mophie is probably the most respected name in the game outside of Apple. So, it’s probably not surprising that the Juice Pack gets such high marks. Charging cases are convenience-oriented products at their core, so investing in one that allows you to wirelessly charge your phone and charging case is a no-brainer. However, those who will be upgrading their iPhone 7 soon anyway will probably be better off choosing a more budget-friendly case.


Strong Contender

LoHi Battery Case

Featuring an impressive battery capacity and anti-fingerprint body, this case offers great value for the price.

Pros: This charging case from LoHi outperforms competitors in terms of speed, bringing your iPhone to a full charge faster than almost any other model without overheating. It also has an impressive battery capacity that will keep your iPhone charged all day (and then some). Although this isn’t the slimmest case in the world, its design doesn’t sport unnecessary bulges, giving it a natural feel. It also resists fingerprints quite well, making it a great option at its price point.

Cons: Like most inexpensive charging cases, this one won’t work with wireless chargers. However, its Lightning port will make charging the case and phone much more convenient to iPhone users compared to models that feature a Micro USB port. Also, it’s worth noting that this charging case’s battery meter is somewhat less intuitive than your other options.

Bottom Line: Many inexpensive iPhone charging cases suffer from clunky designs and overheating, but this product does its job well and won’t burn a hole through your pocket. While it will leave your iPhone unable to charge wirelessly, it’s still a good choice for those looking to save some money and don’t mind traveling with a Lightning cable.


Best Capacity

Xooparc Battery Case

This charging case is an excellent choice for those seeking a high-capacity backup battery and easy-to-grip exterior.

Pros: Despite its top-of-the-line battery capacity, the Xooparc Battery Case is much slimmer and lighter than similar 6,000-mAh cases. It also stands out by virtue of its multiple color options, making it a great choice for those who hate losing track of their iPhone due to a plain black case. This charging case is also made of soft, grippy silicone, meaning your iPhone will be less likely to slip out of your hand if you are a habitual smartphone dropper.

Cons: If you use wired earbuds with a Lightning connection to listen to music on your iPhone, this charging case is not for you. However, it does work just fine with AirPods and other Bluetooth earbuds. Additionally, this product isn’t able to take advantage of Qi charging or other wireless charging methods, so be sure to grab a Lightning cable when you need to charge your case.

Bottom Line: Charging cases with this type of capacity are usually fairly bulky and expensive, so this case impresses where it matters. While it isn’t the most convenient charging case to power your iPhone 7, it’s easily one of the best options on a budget. If your iPhone’s battery is on its final days, this is the most inexpensive way to keep it from dying throughout your day.


Best w/ Screen Protector

Alpatronix Battery Case

This charging case is a solid choice with an attractive price tag and compatibility with wireless chargers.

Pros: Finding an iPhone 7 charging case that is compatible with Qi wireless chargers is not an easy task, especially when you’re on a budget. However, this charging case makes charging your phone and your case on your wireless charger a piece of cake. Also, unlike most iPhone charging cases, this one allows you to use wired earbuds via its Lightning port with no issue. Factoring in its snug, protective fit and included screen protector, this is a charging case that’s worth the cost of admission.

Cons: Many have noted that this charging case can get pretty hot when placed on wireless chargers. While this is a fairly common quirk with Qi charging technology, it’s worth noting in order to protect your charging case and phone. Also, this charging case has a lower capacity than some of our other picks, so be prepared to charge it frequently.

Bottom Line: While this case doesn’t live up to the dependability of the mophie Juice Pack, it does mimic its best feature at a fraction of the cost. Those who were enticed by our Best Overall pick but turned off by the high price tag will find plenty to love here. However, this might not be the best case to leave unattended on a wireless charger all day long.


Also Consider

U-good Battery Case

This incredibly thin charging case is easy to install and sports a superior Lightning port compared to similar products.

Pros: In terms of design, the U-good Battery Case is probably the slimmest and most natural-looking charging case you can buy for an iPhone 7. Unlike similar budget-friendly models, it also supports a stable Lightning port that does well to secure the male end so that it doesn’t fall out when you’re using your iPhone. This product also scores points for supporting wired headphones via its Lightning port and is quite easy to install and remove, making it well worth your consideration.

Cons: While most iPhone 7 charging cases feature a one-piece design, this one sports a top piece that clips onto the body of the charging case. While this makes it easy to install and remove the case, the top piece is fairly flimsy and easy to break if you are not careful. Considering this case isn’t the grippiest of the bunch, you will want to treat it with care and be wary of dropping it.

Bottom Line: Part of what makes the iPhone great is its gorgeous, slim design. While most charging cases take this away by adding too much bulk, this case performs admirably given how slim and natural it looks on the iPhone 7. While this isn’t the most heavy-duty option out there, it’s a solid option for those seeking something slim and sleek.

Final Thoughts

Declining battery life after you’ve owned an iPhone 7 for a few years is a given. Thankfully, there are some really great charging cases on the market that will help you enjoy your iPhone for as long as possible. If you don’t have the funds quite yet to upgrade your iPhone, investing in a cost-effective charging case is a great solution.

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