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The Best iPhone 8 Charging Cases

🕚 Updated November 2021

If you're not yet ready to upgrade your iPhone 8 and want to vastly improve your phone's battery life, these charging cases might change your life.

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Juice Pack Wireless
Battery Case
Battery Case
Battery Case
Battery Case
Our SummaryThis charging case is compatible with most wireless chargers, making it one of the most convenient models on the market.From its large battery capacity to its ability to keep cool while charging, this charging case is definitely one to consider.Sporting a battery capacity that belies its budget price, this charging case gives you an excellent bang for your buck.This charging case resists fingerprints well and charges your iPhone quickly. It also sports a more natural shape than most other charging cases.Featuring a unique two-tone design and reliable charging, this stylish case is a great budget option.
ProsCompatible with wireless chargers, dependable quality, durable build, amplifies speaker volume.Outstanding battery capacity, doesn't overheat, good color options.High capacity battery, affordable price, fairly slim design.Charges phone quickly, fairly good capacity, slim design, anti-fingerprint finish.Budget-friendly, unique style options, grippy surface, slim design.
ConsExpensive, comparatively low battery capacity.Bulky and heavy, not ideal for wired headphones.Doesn't support wireless charging, questionable durability.No wireless charging, less intuitive battery meter.Questionable durability.
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The Best iPhone 8 Charging Cases

iPhone with black charging case connected to MacBook via Lightning cable

Even high-quality iPhone batteries are known to degrade over time, so if you still use your iPhone 8, your phone’s battery life isn’t what it used to be. We made this guide to help you find the ideal charging case to get the most out of your iPhone 8.

Buying Guide for iPhone 8 Charging Cases

iPhone 8 with white charging case and full charge being held in someone's hand.

Why buy a charging case for your iPhone 8?

You may have noticed your iPhone battery dying faster than usual after having it for a few years. For instance, while it may have lasted for days in the past, now you have to charge it at work to prevent it from dying before you get home. Thankfully, a charging case can more than double your iPhone 8’s battery life so that you can say goodbye to low battery anxiety once and for all. Of course, charging cases also afford plenty of protection to your iPhone in the event of an accidental drop so that you can extend the lifetime of your iPhone 8 and its battery with one nifty product.

What should you look for in an iPhone 8 charging case?

  • Compatibility: Not every iPhone charging case will be an excellent match for your iPhone 8. Thus, ensuring the case you buy is compatible with your iPhone 8 is imperative. Luckily, your iPhone 8 should be compatible with a wide range of iPhone charging cases, including models made for the iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPhone 7, and iPhone SE. However, it’s important to closely consider a charging case’s specs in order to determine its compatibility with your iPhone 8.
  • Capacity: A charging case’s capacity, measured in milliampere per hour (mAh), is a great way to determine how much extra battery life your charging case will provide your iPhone 8. The iPhone 8’s battery is about 1,820 mAh, but if you’re seeking a battery case, there’s a good chance that its battery life has degraded significantly. Even so, this illustrates how far a 3,000- or 6,000-mAh charging case can take your phone in terms of added hours of use. Keep in mind, however, that many manufactures overstate the capacity of their charging cases. For this reason, it’s a good idea to do your research and check out some reviews before choosing a product.
  • Protection: While your charging case’s primary use may be keeping your iPhone charged, it should also offer plenty of protection. Thus, seek out a charging case that securely shields your iPhone and sports raised edges to protect the screen in the event that you drop your phone.

Will a charging case change how the iPhone works?

Most charging cases limit iPhone functionality to an extent. For instance, most charging cases don’t allow you to charge your phone via Qi or other wireless charging methods without taking the case off first. Also, iPhone charging cases tend to occupy your iPhone’s Lightning port in order to charge your device, but some don’t include a Lightning port on the case that you can use in its stead. Thus, you won’t be able to use your Lightning-enabled EarPods with these battery cases since they usually include a Micro USB connection.

Our Picks for the Best iPhone 8 Charging Cases

Top Pick

mophie Juice Pack Wireless

This charging case is compatible with most wireless chargers, making it one of the most convenient models on the market.

Pros: A trusted name in the world of iPhone charging cases, mophie really delivers with the Juice Pack Wireless. While this case doesn’t have the battery capacity of other models, its compatibility with wireless chargers helps ensure your phone and charging case can reach a full charge as often and conveniently as possible. This is also one of the most durable and long-lasting charging cases around, helping it maintain an excellent user rating compared to similar products. This case also amplifies the speakers on your iPhone 8 without harming the sound quality, solidifying it as the best of the best.

Cons: Although this is by far the best charging case for the iPhone 8 in terms of overall quality and convenience, many will be turned away by its price. Considering there are other budget-friendly cases on the market that feature a better battery capacity, this is not all that surprising. However, at least in this case, you truly do get what you pay for.

Bottom Line: While its elevated price point is sure to irk some, this case delivers where it really counts. One thing most charging cases make difficult is charging both the phone and the case, but this one makes it easy! Also, its 2,525-mAh battery capacity, while not the best, does put the iPhone 8’s original battery to shame in terms of longevity. If you tend to go for quality over quantity, you can’t go wrong with the mophie Juice Pack.



BOPPS Battery Case

From its large battery capacity to its ability to keep cool while charging, this case is definitely one to consider.

Pros: This charging case from BOPPS stands out, thanks to its outstanding battery capacity and ability to stay relatively cool while charging your iPhone. While it’s hard to determine if the 6,000-mAh rating it advertises is accurate, its battery outperforms other charging cases in terms of longevity. Also, unlike most iPhone charging cases, this one comes in a variety of colors, making it a good choice for those who stay away from plain black and white accessories.

Cons: As is usually the case for high-capacity charging cases, this product is on the bulky side. It’s also slightly heavier than similar charging cases. However, this is a compromise most will have to make for extra screen time. Also, while this charging case sports a Lightning port, it tends to be finicky when used with EarPods.

Bottom Line: If your iPhone 8’s battery is on its last legs, this charging case will help you get the most enjoyment out of it before you decide to upgrade. Given its outstanding capacity, it’s hard to judge it too harshly for a bit of extra heft. Also, with so many people using wireless earbuds these days, it’s hard to imagine too many people being turned away due to its less-than-stellar performance with wired headphones.


Best Value

Viodolge Battery Case

Sporting a battery capacity that belies its budget price, this charging case gives you excellent bang for your buck.

Pros: This budget-friendly charging case offers a high-capacity backup battery that belies its budget price, although the 7,000-mAh capacity it advertises may be a bit optimistic. Either way, it sports more than enough capacity to recharge a dead iPhone 8 and then some. Despite its powerful battery, this case is quite slim, with no awkward bulge protruding out of the back. If saving a few bucks is your primary objective, this is an excellent charging case for your money.

Cons: Unlike many iPhone 8 charging cases, this product sports a multi-piece design where the various parts get clipped into place. Unfortunately, this case offers less durability than one-piece models when dropped on the floor. Additionally, like most budget charging cases, this one is not compatible with wireless chargers.

Bottom Line: While this charging case from Viodolge lacks the durability and convenience of our top pick, it definitely outperforms the mophie Juice Pack in terms of battery capacity and affordability. If you’re in the market for added battery life and don’t mind forgoing the ability to wirelessly charge your phone when it’s in its charging case, this is a solid product at its price point.


Dependable Option

LoHi Battery Case

This charging case resists fingerprints well and charges your iPhone quickly. It also sports a more natural shape than most other charging cases.

Pros: This charging case from LoHi sports a battery capacity that is nothing to balk at (especially given its budget price) and doesn’t waste time bringing your iPhone to a full charge. While this isn’t the most low-profile charging case out there, its design doesn’t sport awkward bulges and thus looks fairly natural when connected to your phone. It also resists fingerprints better than other products and features a Lightning port for charging and syncing, making it a solid option.

Cons: Like similar budget-friendly charging cases, this one won’t be able to take advantage of Qi wireless chargers. However, its inclusion of a Lightning port will make charging the case much more convenient to iPhone users than models that utilize Micro USB technology. Also, while this is a minor point, its color-coded battery life display is somewhat less intuitive to read than cases that use four LED lights to indicate available battery.

Bottom Line: Although this is far from a premium charging case, it does enough right to make it a solid option for iPhone 8 users. Compared to other budget charging cases, this one feels more rugged, and the clip that connects to your phone’s Lightning port feels surprisingly durable. Given its efficient charge speed and natural design, this case should be a sweet choice for many iPhone 8 users.


Also Consider

OMEETIE Battery Case

Featuring a unique two-tone design and reliable charging, this stylish case is a great budget option.

Pros: Rounding out our picks is an affordable charging case from OMEETIE that stands out, thanks to its unique two-tone design and budget-friendly price. While this isn’t the highest capacity charging case on the market, it will easily double your iPhone 8’s battery life, and its grippy rubber sides help prevent your phone from falling out of your pocket. If you’re looking for something slim and stylish and don’t mind sacrificing a few extra hours of screen time, this charging case should serve you well.

Cons: This charging case seems to work best when left on your iPhone for the long haul, as consistently removing it can damage the connector and leave you looking for a replacement. Even if you leave it on your phone and treat it gently, this isn’t as good of a long-term solution as other premium charging cases for the iPhone 8.

Bottom Line: There aren’t many iPhone 8 charging cases that really stand out in terms of style, but this one manages to while still offering fairly reliable performance. That being said, this product doesn’t offer the durability to make it last for years. However, if you’ll be upgrading your phone in a year or so anyway, this case is a good pick to keep it going until you can buy your new iPhone.

Final Thoughts

Charging cases usually don’t offer the protection of premium iPhone cases, but the added battery life can be a real lifesaver for those who have had their iPhone for a few years. Whether you’re seeking a premium or budget-friendly case, be sure it features functionality and capacity that suit your lifestyle. If you are known to travel with several power banks and charging cords to keep your iPhone from dying throughout the day, upgrading to a charging case for your iPhone 8 is a no-brainer.

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