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The Best iPhone X Charging Cases

🕚 Updated November 2021

If you're still using the iPhone X, your phone's battery has likely diminished over the years. Don't worry; these iPhone X charging cases will help maximize battery life while offering solid protection to your phone.

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  Top Pick Best Value Best Capacity Reliable Choice Also Consider
Battery Case
Juice Pack Wireless
10000mAh Battery Case
Battery Case
6000mAh Battery Case
Our SummaryThis charging case scores points for its sleek, lightweight design and impressive battery capacity.Featuring a slim design and full compatibility with Qi wireless chargers, this charging case is worth its budget-friendly price.This product sports a high-capacity battery that can nearly triple the battery life of the average iPhone X.There is a lot to love about this slim charging case.This charging case impresses in terms of battery capacity and compatibility with Qi chargers.
ProsSlim and lightweight design, solid battery capacity, good style options, compatible with wired headphones, won’t crack if dropped.Great price, compatible with Qi wireless chargers, ultra-slim design, offers plenty of protection.Amazing battery capacity, easy to grip, compatible with wired headphones, stays cool when charging.Compatible with wireless chargers, decent battery capacity, easy to put on and remove, slim design, available in multiple colors.Great battery capacity, affordable price, compatible with wireless chargers and Lightning EarPods.
ConsWon't work with wireless chargers, silicone is fairly delicate.Limited battery capacity, doesn't have a Lightning port.Expensive, bulky.Not shockproof, doesn't support Lightning earbuds.Bulky design, no screen protection.
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The Best iPhone X Charging Cases

Three different charging cases on iPhone Xs.

From its sleek, “bezel-less” design to its gorgeous OLED screen, there’s no wonder why so many people still rely on their iPhone X. However, lithium-ion batteries are known to degrade over time, and your iPhone’s battery is no exception. We made this guide to showcase the best charging cases to extend your iPhone X’s battery life.

Buying Guide for iPhone X Charging Cases

iPhone X in gold charging case connected to MacBook via Lightning cable

Why buy a charging case for your iPhone X?

When a lithium-ion battery begins to degrade, it stores less energy per charge. Thus, while your battery might have lasted for days when you first got it, it will start dying in the middle of the day if you can’t charge it up. Many choose to tackle the problem by traveling with a variety of power banks and chargers, but this is far from your most convenient option. On the other hand, a charging case allows you to charge your iPhone on the go without carrying around any extra cables or gear. This allows you to double or triple your iPhone’s battery life while providing it with much-needed protection in case it’s dropped.

What should you look for in an iPhone X charging case?

  • Compatibility: There is a wide variety of iPhone charging cases out there, but not all of them will be a great match for your iPhone X. In fact, since the iPhone X’s design represented a new frontier for the iPhone, charging cases made for other models will not be backward compatible with the iPhone X. Thus, be sure to confirm that the charging case you choose offers full compatibility that won’t subtract from the factors that make the iPhone X an amazing device.
  • Capacity: A charging case’s battery capacity (measured in milliampere per hour, or mAh) will determine how much use your iPhone will be able to get out of a charging case before the case has to be recharged. Keep in mind that high-capacity charging cases tend to be both bulkier and heavier than charging cases with a modest battery capacity. However, if you tend to go on outings where charging your phone isn’t an option, finding a high-capacity charging case is a great idea since this will ensure your phone is charged and operational for as long as possible.
  • Ease of Charging: If you charge your iPhone with a wireless charger, make sure that you select a charging case that’s compatible with Qi charging technology. This will ensure that you can wirelessly charge your iPhone and charging case at the same time. Also, keep in mind that some charging cases effectively replace the iPhone’s Lightning port with a Micro USB port. These can be less convenient to charge since many iPhone users usually have a Lightning cable handy but rarely keep Micro USB cables in their car or office.

Will a charging case protect your iPhone?

Charging cases aren’t exactly known for rugged protection, but there are plenty of models on the market that can help keep your iPhone safe. Look for a case that offers a shockproof design that securely covers your iPhone’s sides and corners. Also, remember that cases with raised lips will offer better screen protection than models that don’t have them. If the case you choose leaves something to be desired in terms of screen protection, keep in mind that there are a wide variety of great iPhone X screen protectors to choose from that can be used in tandem with your charging case.

Our Picks for the Best iPhone X Charging Cases

Top Pick

Smiphee Battery Case

This charging case scores points for its sleek, lightweight design and impressive battery capacity.

Pros: The Smiphee Battery Case features a fairly slim and light design despite its solid battery capacity, which will be enough for most to bring a dead iPhone X back to a full charge. Unlike most charging cases, this one gives you several unique colors to choose from and even works with wired headphones via its Lightning port. The soft silicone case is also fairly robust when dropped and won’t crack like some hard plastic charging cases.

Cons: Given what this charging case does well, it’s unfortunate that it doesn’t allow for Qi wireless charging. Thankfully, though, it features a Lightning port instead of a Micro USB port, so finding a way to charge the case and phone shouldn’t be too difficult for most iPhone users. Also, since this case is made of soft silicone, it’s fairly easy to scratch. Be careful!

Bottom Line: Charging cases for the iPhone X tend to be incredibly bulky, especially when they sport a capacity of 4,000 mAh or higher. Thankfully, that isn’t the case for this case. Given its fairly impressive capacity, slim design, and nice color options, this is a charging case that’s definitely worth the price.


Best Value

mophie Juice Pack Wireless

Featuring a slim design and full compatibility with Qi wireless chargers, this charging case is worth its budget-friendly price.

Pros: This charging case from mophie stands out due to its incredibly low price, but it’s also just about as dependable as they come if you don’t mind the limited battery capacity. This super slim charging case is also a great choice for those who charge their phone via wireless chargers due to its full compatibility with Qi technology. As a bonus, its secure fit and protective inner rubber pads offer plenty of protection if you ever drop your iPhone X.

Cons: This case would easily be our Top Pick if not for two factors. First, its battery capacity is well below most other iPhone X charging cases, so don’t expect this charging case to double your iPhone’s battery life. Also, this case replaces your iPhone’s Lightning port with a Micro USB port. While Micro USB will allow you to sync your phone to your computer, this won’t be seen as an ideal arrangement for most iPhone and Mac users.

Bottom Line: Simply put, for the price, this charging case can’t be beaten. However, its limited battery capacity will limit the number of people who will truly be satisfied by this product. If you often have a wireless charger handy and your iPhone X battery is still above 80% health, this is a great budget-friendly product. However, if your iPhone’s battery requires extra juice just to make it through the workday, you might need to invest in a pricier case.


Best Capacity

NEWDERY 10,000-mAh Battery Case

This product sports a high-capacity battery that can nearly triple the battery life of the average iPhone X.

Pros: For those who are constantly using their iPhone X and rarely near a charger, a charging case’s battery capacity is key. This NEWDERY charging case takes capacity to the next level, allowing power users to recharge their iPhone two or three times before needing to charge the case. It also scores points for staying cool while charging and its easy-to-grip TPU surface. As a bonus, this long-lasting charging case is compatible with Lightning earbuds, making it a great choice for those who haven’t upgraded to AirPods or other Bluetooth earbuds.

Cons: Given this charging case’s incredible battery capacity, it’s probably not surprising that this product is quite a bit pricier than most other iPhone X charging cases. Also, like other high-capacity charging cases, this one is bulky and heavy. If you’re looking for something sleek and lightweight, you might have to settle for less when it comes to capacity.

Bottom Line: Having your iPhone battery die when you’re traveling or hiking off the grid is extremely inconvenient. Although this case is heavier, bulkier, and more expensive than the average charging case, this is the product for you if you want to keep your iPhone charged as long as possible.


Reliable Choice

Alpatronix Battery Case

There is a lot to love about this slim charging case.

Pros: If you’re in the market for an affordable charging case for your iPhone X that’s compatible with Qi wireless chargers but doesn’t skimp on battery capacity, Alpatronix has you covered. This charging case sports enough juice to fully charge the iPhone X for most users with a little battery power leftover and is easy to install and remove, thanks to its two-piece design. Also, this case is slimmer than most charging cases with a similar capacity and fully supports CarPlay so that you can take the iPhone experience on the road.

Cons: Unfortunately, this charging case can’t be classified as shockproof and fails to provide the quality of protection of other top iPhone X charging cases. For this reason, this case isn’t a smart buy for those who are prone to dropping their phone. Additionally, despite being CarPlay compatible, this case won’t work with Lightning EarPods.

Bottom Line: While this isn’t a durable product that will offer a great deal of protection to your iPhone, it offers enough in terms of compatibility to make it a great choice for those who treat their phone with care. Past versions of Alpatronix iPhone cases tended to get hot on Qi chargers, and it’s great to see that this issue has been taken care of with their iPhone X charging case.


Also Consider

NEWDERY 6,000-mAh Charger Case

This charging case impresses in terms of battery capacity and compatibility with Qi chargers.

Pros: Featuring a nearly unbeatable price point and an impressive battery capacity, this charging case from NEWDERY is well worth your consideration. At 6,000 mAh, this case offers more charge for less money compared to nearly all competitors. It’s also compatible with Qi wireless chargers and Lightning EarPods. While you will have to forgo some bells and whistles (such as CarPlay and magnetic mount compatibility), this is still a great value for the price.

Cons: As one might expect given this product’s impressive battery capacity, this charging case is much bulkier and heavier than average. However, this is simply something you will have to deal with when shopping for a high-capacity charging case. Also, this case doesn’t have raised lips for screen protection, so you might want to invest in a screen protector if you end up buying this charging case.

Bottom Line: While this charging case doesn’t have the highest capacity battery or best features, it is hard to pass up on what it does offer with its budget-friendly price. If you don’t mind the added size and weight, you will likely find this charging case is a reliable companion for your iPhone X.

Final Thoughts

A charging case might not be the most glamorous accessory you buy for your iPhone X,  but they are certainly hard to beat in terms of convenience. Be sure to do your research and think about which features are the most important to you before you buy. If you play it smart, you can end up with a charging case that will suit your lifestyle well.

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