The Best iPhone XR Cases

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Phones are an expensive investment, and keeping them protected is key to getting long-lasting usage. There are numerous types of phone cases available to encase your iPhone XR, including screen protection, wireless charging capability, and varying screen protection levels.

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  Best Budget Most Durable Best Wallet Style Best Charging Best Waterproof
iPhone XR Clear Case
Defender Case for iPhone XR
iPhone XR Wallet Case
Battery Case for iPhone XR
FRE Series Waterproof Case 
Our SummaryA clear case made to protect your iPhone XR.This case has multiple layers of phone protection.A phone case with a slim fit which allows you to attach cash to the back of the phone.A phone case with a built in charger that provides 200% extra battery life and is good for heavy-duty phone users.A waterproof phone case with a built-in screen protector.
ProsShockproof air absorption, comfortable grip.Durable, multiple layers of defense, hands-free belt holder/stand.Convenient for cards and cash, easy grip sides, wireless charging capability.Provides additional battery power, protects against wear and tear.Protects from water and snow, helps device survive full emersion.
ConsThin bumpers exposes screen, dirties easily.A bulky case with no additional screen protection.Storage space adds bulk to phone.Not compatible with headphones that aren't Bluetooth.Higher price, sometimes bubbles between screen and case.
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The Best iPhone XR Cases

A black smartphone with a mint silicone case is charged from a wireless charger.
Alice Rodnova/Shutterstock.com

Our phones rarely leave our grasp, so choosing a protective case is a surefire way to protect your iPhone XR. Choosing the right case will help keep your phone safe and stylish and provide an easy way to charge your phone. Here are some protective iPhone XR cases that we recommend for keeping your device safe.

Buying Guide for iPhone XR Cases

A man reaches for his dropped mobile smartphone on a tropical sandy beach, hoping to grab it before the waves wash over it.

Why buy an iPhone case?

The main advantage of putting your iPhone in a case is to protect the device from breaking if accidentally dropped. The iPhone’s screen is notoriously sensitive, and by having your phone in a case, you’re giving it the best chance to make it out of a drop unscathed. For the people who prefer the no-case feel to their phones, there are cases available for purchase that retain the slim phone feel.

What should you look for in an iPhone case?

When choosing a new phone case, consider the protection that it provides.

  • Built-In Features: Some phone cases have built-in screen protectors, while others don’t include that option. Choose a phone case with a design that meets your aesthetic desire.
  • Charging Preferences: If your preference for charging your phone is to do so wirelessly, consider whether the case in question will allow this function. Not all materials allow for the transaction of power between the phone and the charging pad, so make sure to check the product’s description.
  • Environment Protection: Some cases also offer waterproof protection so that the crevices in your phone won’t be filled with water when it rains or gets dropped into water. For people who live in hot climates, a phone case that prevents the device from overheating will help maintain the viability of its construction.

What additional features should you consider?

As a bonus, there are many iPhone cases with fun features as well as protective measures for your device. Some phones have built-in charging apparatuses, which are a great feature for people who are constantly on the go and in need of a quick charge. Another great feature is straps or pockets in which to store cash, IDs, or credit cards so that you can have those on hand with your phone without needing a purse. You can also choose from a variety of different material cases, such as silicone, leather, or even aluminum.

Our Picks for the Most Durable iPhone XR Cases

Best Budget

Mkeke iPhone XR Clear Case

A clear case made to protect your iPhone XR.

Pros: This iPhone XR case will protect your phone with its shockproof air absorption, providing your device with additional safety from accidental drops. The clear color allows the natural look of your phone to be seen on a daily basis. Your iPhone microphone and speakers aren’t covered, allowing you to maintain clear volume for listening and talking. It’s easy to charge your phone with the cut-out for the port, and the plastic edging makes for comfortable gripping. The quality is hard to beat at this cost.

Cons: This phone case is utilitarian, with no additional flair or decoration to show off your personal style. A clear case might show dirt and grime more clearly than one with a pattern or decoration. This case will preferably require a screen protector to help protect the screen from breaking since the outer layer of the case is thin.

Bottom Line: This clear iPhone XR case is an ideal choice for showing off the natural look of your iPhone while protecting it at the same time. The acrylic composite material provides additional safety for accidental drops. With easy sides to grip, the case is a great value for its price.


Most Durable

OtterBox Defender Case for iPhone XR

This case has multiple layers of phone protection.

Pros: OtterBox phone cases are known for their exceptional durability and protection. Each layer of defense provides safety features for accidental drops as well as for keeping out dust and debris. This case includes a belt holster for easy access on your person and functions as a stand in order to watch hands-free.

Cons: This case doesn’t have a built-in screen protector for the phone, but it’s compatible with glass screen protectors. While this case provides extra safety, it has a thicker build that will add bulk to your phone.

Bottom Line: OtterBox is many people’s first choice for a multi-layer defense system to protect phones. Combining the internal shell with the exterior slipcover creates a strong defense system to keep your phone safe from accidental drops, daily wear and tear, and dust.


Best Wallet Style

Smartish iPhone XR Wallet Case

A phone case with a slim fit that allows you to attach cash to the back of the phone.

Pros: This iPhone XR case is a great way to carry almost everything that you need for an outing, including cash and up to three cards. The sides have a high-textured grip, making it easier to hold the phone when using it, making it less likely to drop by accident. Each corner has air pockets like a protective airbag for your iPhone. Despite its storage area, this case is also compatible with wireless charging for people who don’t like tangled cords.

Cons: While this iPhone case provides additional features, it adds a bit of bulk to the overall phone. Something to keep in mind when deciding to purchase is that there’s a risk of losing your cards when carrying them in the phone case. It’s also worth noting that this case should probably be used in conjunction with a screen protector to provide additional security.

Bottom Line: This wallet case offers three design options and the choice of additional customizations. It provides a slim fit and allows you to strap cash to the back of the phone. It’s convenient that the case is compatible with wireless charging and provides additional drop protection via the air pockets.


Best Charging

NEWDERY Battery Case for iPhone XR

A phone case with a built-in charger that's good for heavy-duty phone users.

Pros: For people who drain their batteries quickly, having a battery-powered phone case is a great choice. This iPhone XR-compatible phone case provides an additional 150% extra battery life for your phone. While providing all this power, the rest of the case protects your phone from scratches and daily wear and tear.

Cons: While this case is great for charging your phone, it still needs to be recharged after usage. Something to consider is that the battery case can’t be replaced when the charger no longer works, so a whole new case would need to be purchased.

Bottom Line: This portable charging iPhone case is ideal for heavy-duty phone users who are in constant need of a recharge! The case will show you how much juice is left in it before it needs to be recharged.


Best Waterproof

LifeProof FRE Series Waterproof Case

A waterproof phone case with a built-in screen protector.

Pros: LifeProof is a highly reputable phone case brand, and this case will provide the ultimate waterproof protection for your iPhone XR. This phone case comes with a built-in scratch protector and is fully waterproof and snowproof. With this case, your device can be fully submerged into 2 meters of water for up to an hour. This durable case will also protect your device against dust and dirt particles, something that many cases don’t offer. The case is also shockproof, so it can withstand drops of up to 2 meters.

Cons: The value of the case leads to the higher price, which is an important consideration. Because there’s a built-in screen protector, sometimes little bubbles can form beneath the case surface and your phone—and this can be annoying for some people.

Bottom Line: This Lifeproof iPhone XR case is the best choice for people who need to keep water or snow out of the ports, speakers, and buttons. The case encapsulates your phone and provides undeniable protection. The design is robust and doesn’t add too much bulk to your phone, making it the ideal everyday case.

Final Thoughts

Protecting your phone is essential to prolonging its life. While phone cases with bells and whistles aren’t for everyone, they provide a useful function and safety precautions. Whether you’re constantly on the go for your job, working at a desk, or just constantly on your phone, there are many options available for protective and useful iPhone cases.

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