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The Best Iron Man Toys

🕚 Updated December 2022

Iron Man is a key figure in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and a superhero favorite. Whether you're looking to play with Iron Man's gadgets or looking to don his incredible armor yourself, we've rounded up great toys for all ages.

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  Best Helmet Best LEGO Set Best Infinity Gauntlet Best Action Figure Best Squishy Toy
Marvel Iron Man Flip FX Mask
Marvel Avengers Iron Man
Marvel Endgame Red Infinity Gauntlet
Marvel Store
Iron Man 12 Inch Action Figure
Heroes of Goo Jit Zu
Licensed Marvel Hero Pack - Iron Man
Our SummaryThis flip-up helmet is designed with light effects and an interior designed like Iron Man's holographic inner display.For busy hands, this set features an Iron Man mini-figure and a larger mech suit.Role players and cosplayers will love this Infinity Gauntlet replica inspired by the Avengers movies.This bendable Iron Man figurine bends and moves for lifelike imaginative play.Great for younger kids, this stretchy toy bends, pulls, and offers tons of sensory fun.
Pros✓ Dress-up or role-play
✓ Authentic-looking
✓ Adjustable strap
✓ Light-up effects
✓ Great for LEGO fans
✓ Includes mini character and mechanical suit
✓ 148 pieces
✓ Lights and makes noise
✓ Authentic
✓ Easy buttons
✓ Batteries last
✓ Full-sized figure
✓ Easy to manipulate
✓ Durable materials
✓ Authentic look
✓ Very stretchy
✓ Sensory toy
Cons✗ Potential fit issues✗ Box is not very sturdy
✗ Contains small parts
✗ Only one sound effect
✗ Too heavy for some kids
✗ Kids may be able to pop off the head or joints✗ Paint may rub off
✗ Attracts dirt and hair
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The Best Iron Man Toys

A young boy's hands are putting together an Iron Man Lego figurine.

Buying Guide for Iron Man Toys

A young boy is wearing an Iron Man mask.

Why buy Iron Man toys?

Iron Man is on a whole other level of superhero stardom. His hilariously brash and unpredictable persona, coupled with his witty, sarcastic remarks, makes him a lovable character to many. But what’s most stunning is his iconic suit of armor, which is complete with high-tech capabilities like laser beams and flight. His inventions are the inspiration for many Iron Man-themed toys.

Superhero-themed toys are a classic choice for kids of all ages. And with a dynamic character like Iron Man, the options for toys can come in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

What should you consider in Iron Man toys?

  • Wearable Accessories: If you’re considering a wearable toy designed like Iron Man’s various gadgets, consider the fit of the toy and any other additional features it offers, like light-up effects. Masks, gloves, and even capes can inspire hours of imaginative live-action play.
  • Figurines: Action figures are one of the most common toys for superheroes, and Iron Man figurines are no exception. Consider the range of movement the figurine provides and its design as well. Some are small and buildable, like LEGO figurines, so your child can use their motor skills and imagination to put their favorite hero together. Others are larger, classic action figures that move and bend and sometimes come with accessories.
  • Age: Age is another important factor to consider. Whether it’s clothing size or difficulty of assembly, it’s best to choose a toy that tailors best to the recipients’ wants and needs. Some toys and games are better suited for older children, especially if they come with play weapons. Others can help younger children explore sensory play or develop their fine motor skills.

How long has Iron Man been around?

Iron Man was introduced to the public in 1963 in a science fiction anthology by Stan Lee and company, and in the same year, he fought alongside the Avengers for the first time ever. Iron Man didn’t get his own title debut until 5 years later, in 1968. Since then, he has been cast in comics and films alongside other Marvel superheroes like Spider-Man, Black Panther, and the agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Our Picks for the Best Iron Man Toys

Best Helmet

Avengers Marvel Iron Man Flip FX Mask

This flip-up helmet is designed with light effects and an interior designed like Iron Man's holographic inner display.

Pros: Tony Stark’s helmet, the iconic face of Iron Man, is one of his armor’s most vital components. If your child is ready to become the next Iron Man, this mask is perfect for dress-up and role-play. The mask is designed with an adjustable strap that can fit most head sizes. On top of its classic Iron Man design, its interior is designed like Iron Man’s heads-up display, providing even more of a realistic feel. Additionally, the mask comes with light effects and can flip up and close down.

Cons: Some kids experience fit issues with this mask, and it can be difficult to adjust.

Bottom Line: This Iron Man mask makes a wonderful gift, and kids’ faces light up (quite literally) when they wear it. It’s great for a costume or dress-up play. And though some kids have fit issues with this mask, it’s not harmful and doesn’t cause injury to the face.


Best LEGO Set

LEGO Marvel Avengers Iron Man

For busy hands, this set features an Iron Man mini-figure and a larger mech suit.

Pros: LEGO fans, this is a great LEGO set for any Iron Man or Avengers fan to build. When fully assembled, this set offers an Iron Man mech figurine and Iron Man mini-figure. The Iron Man mech is designed with a cockpit, adjustable arms and legs, and a LEGO stud shooter. There are a total of 148 pieces for this build, so little hands can stay busy for hours. This set was recently updated for authenticity. And it’s recommended for kids ages 6 and older.

Cons: The box is not very sturdy. And it contains small parts which may be dangerous around younger children.

Bottom Line: Imaginations can take off with this Iron Man LEGO set. Your kiddos can replicate the movies or get extra creative building it their own way. It’s best practice to keep LEGOs stored in a safe place away from younger children and curious pets.


Best Infinity Gauntlet

Avengers Marvel Endgame Red Infinity Gauntlet

Role players and cosplayers will love this Infinity Gauntlet replica inspired by the Avengers movies.

Pros: Get ready, Avengers! This Infinity Gauntlet Electronic Fist has bright lights and realistic sounds so your kids can step into the role of their favorite movies. It’s easy to push the buttons and work the glove, so your kiddo can imagine controlling the fate of the universe without fumbling. The glove is designed to fit most hand sizes for children ages 5 and up. And it takes AAA batteries, but it doesn’t chew through them quickly.

Cons: The glove only makes one kind of sound. Also, it can be a bit heavy for younger kids.

Bottom Line: Is your child preparing to take over the universe (look out!)? Or is he out to protect it? This Infinity Gauntlet glove will make a great gift! It has all of the Infinity Stones on the knuckles in bright colors that light up. And it’s easy enough for younger kids to operate.


Best Action Figure

Marvel Store Iron Man 12 Inch Action Figure

This bendable Iron Man figurine bends and moves for lifelike imaginative play.

Pros: This is a 12-inch Iron Man action figure designed in his signature red- and gold-colored armor as seen in the Iron Man and Marvel Avengers movies. A Hasbro classic, this action figure is full-sized and easy for little fingers to manipulate. The arms and legs move at the hip and shoulder joints, so your child can pose and move the figure easily. It’s recommended for kids ages 4 and up, and it’s durable enough to survive aggressive play with rough-and-tumble kiddos. Whether your child is imagining a fight or keeping it as a collectible, it’s a great choice.

Cons: Kids may accidentally pop off the head or joints. While they can be re-attached, it can be a bit difficult.

Bottom Line: For those who prefer a full-sized action figure, this is a great find. It’s poseable for kids to enjoy and collectible for older kids and adults. And it’s made from durable, long-lasting hard plastic.


Best Squishy Toy

Heroes of Goo Jit Zu Licensed Marvel Hero Pack - Iron Man

Great for younger kids, this stretchy toy bends, pulls, and offers tons of sensory fun.

Pros: This squishy toy looks like Iron Man from the movies, with his red and gold super suit and unmistakable mask. But you can squish him like he’s made of goo because he is! You can also stretch him to three times the size of his body, and he bounces right back to his original form. Squish toys like this may help kids cope with stress, explore their senses, and even help them focus on sensory issues.

Cons: The painted-on design can rub off with regular use. Also, these toys can attract hair and dirt, but they’re easy to clean with running water.

Bottom Line: If your kiddos love or need squishy sensory toys, this may be a great option. This toy bends, stretches, and squishes, helping to add hours of fun to your child’s day or relieve stress. Just be aware that with extended use, the paint may chip away.

Final Thoughts

If you have loved Iron Man through the years, from his comics facing off against the Cold War to the undeniably charming movies starring Robert Downey Jr., then it may be worth exploring some Iron Man toys, especially if your kids love him, too. Imaginations can go wild with LEGO toys, action figures, and cosplay items. So get ready to hear your kids announce, “I am Iron Man!”

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