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The Best Jamb Saws for Your Next Home Improvement Job

When installing flooring, there can be some tricky spots to access and get perfect, one of them being door jambs. You’ll want to get the flooring pushed beneath the door casing to make it look flush, complete, streamlined, and professional. To do this, you’ll need a jamb saw (also known as an undercut saw). Here are some of our favorites.

What to Consider in a Jamb Saw

If you’re purchasing a jamb saw, consider these features:

  • Depth of Cut: Make sure you have an adequate depth to slide your flooring in.
  • Adjustability: You’ll want to have depth control capabilities, so you can adjust the depth according to the project you’re working on.
  • Power: More amps will mean more power for longer.

Top Choice: Crain No. 575 Multi-Undercut Saw

This electric jamb saw from Crain is a great saw that’ll get the job done. It’s a 7-amp saw that can cut from flush height to 1 inch. Depth-wise, it cuts from 1 inch to 1/4 of an inch and has a dual-angle depth gauge for straight cuts or cuts at 45-degree angles. You’ll be able to control the gauge as well with 1/8-inch increment adjustments.

Top Choice

CRAIN Multi-Undercut Saw

This is overall a great jamb saw that'll make all your flooring projects go smoothly.

Best Budget: New Q.e.b. Roberts 10-56 Electric Jamb Saw

This saw is a solid budget option if you’re looking for an electric jamb saw. It is an 1100-watt jamb saw that can cut from flush height to 1 1/16 inches and undercut doors that are 1 3/4 inches thick. It’ll collect any debris and dust with its vacuum port, and it has an ergonomic, tail-like handle for leverage and torque. It also comes with a carrying case.

Best Budget

Roberts New Q.E.P 10-56 Electric 6" Longneck Jamb Saw Kit Sale 900 Watts New

Functional and adjustable, this jamb saw is a quality pick at a lower cost.

Best High-End: Crain No. 835 Heavy-Duty Undercut Saw

This saw is a high-quality option for those who install a lot of flooring. It has a strong 13-amp motor and a robust handle for smooth control. You can adjust this saw from flush height to 1 inch, and it can cut through doors as thick as 1 5/8 inches. Undercut walls, jambs, toe spaces, and corners; this saw can do it all.

Best High-End

Crain No. 835 Heavy-Duty Undercut Saw, Formerly Crain 825NEW

This is a great option for anyone looking for a high-quality jamb saw that'll last a long time.

Also Consider: Roberts 17076 Jamb Saw

This is a 6-inch, 900-watt jamb saw that can cut inside corners up to 1/2 an inch and undercut doors up to 1 3/4 inches. You’ll be able to adjust it from flush height to 1 1/16 inches. In addition, you’ll get quieter undercutting when using this saw. Along with the saw, you’ll get a carrying case and a carbide-tipped blade that’s 6 3/16 inches long.

Also Consider

ROBERTS Saw,Jamb,6 in,110v (17076)

This is a reliable jamb saw that's on the quieter side and comes with a carrying case.

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