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The Best Jeweler’s Saw For Your Next Project

jeweler's saw on a wooden workbench surrounded by other tools

A fundamental tool for jewelry makers is a jeweler’s piercing saw. A D-shaped frame with a saw blade in between the tips, these saws are commonly used for jewelry making with soft metals. It is an essential tool to have in your toolkit, for projects of all kinds.

What Should You Consider In A Jeweler’s Saw?

The blade length is pretty standard, so when purchasing a jewelers saw shoppers should consider the depth of the curve of the “D.” Different curve sizes will impact the user’s ability to saw into metal and cutting out different sizes of shapes. The deeper the curve, the easier it is to cut shapes from a large sheet of metal. The saws come in different types of handle sizes and blade material types.

Best Overall: Megacast German Style Saw Blade

brass-colored jeweler's saw with a black handle

This heavy-duty jeweler’s saw is a heavy-duty tool made in the German-style, with adjustments for various blade lengths. Sold with 144 assorted blades, it can be used for jewelry making, nameplates, solder plates, woodworking, and more. The blades can be secured into the frame with thumbscrews, allowing the user to work with various blade lengths between 3 to 14.4 centimeters.

Best Overall


A heavy-duty jewelers saw with adjustments for 144 blades.

Best For Professionals: SE 3-in-1 Professional Jeweler’s Saw Set

silvery metal jeweler's saw with six extra saw blades and a saw frame

A professional jewelers saw perfect for woodworking or use with metal, this set includes a saw frame to hold the blades. Simply screw the locking screws firmly to lock and secure the blade to make precise cuts. The saw frame is made with a black handle, adjustable for various blade lengths, and is comfortable in the user’s hands. This saw comes with six bundles of saws, 24 pieces each.

Best For Professionals

SE 3-in-1 Professional Jeweler's Saw Set (144 PC.) - 81974SBP3

A professional jewelers saw meant for use on woodworking or metal.

Best Budget: SE 3″ Professional Adjustable Jeweler’s Saw

silvery metal jeweler's saw with a dark blue handle

At an unbeatable price, this jeweler saw is a high-quality product for less. It is adjustable for various blade lengths and is great for jewelry making, woodworking, crafts, and more. It is easy to adjust the blade lengths as the base is sturdy and well made, making it easy to use.

Best Budget

SE 3” Professional Adjustable Jeweler’s Saw Frame - 81970SF

Reasonably priced jewelers saw with adjustable blade lengths.

Also Consider: Rosenthal German Style Jewel Saw Frame

metal jeweler's saw with a black handle and multiple replacement blades

This German-style jeweler’s saw is affordably priced. Adjustable for various blade lengths, the frame length is eight inches and the depth of cut is up to three inches. The thumbscrews to hold the blades in place are high quality and the handle is made from wood. It comes with 144 blades for a lesser price than other options.

Also Consider


A German-style jewelers saw with adjustable blade lengths.

Having a jewelers saw in your toolkit is a fundamental implement for cutting various projects. From jewelry making, woodworking to hobbies, it can be very useful for cutting metals.

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