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The Best Jewelry Boxes

🕚 Updated April 2021

A good set of accessories will make every outfit stand out, but shifting through a tangled mess of rings, necklaces, and earrings won't leave you feeling gorgeous. With the right organizer, you can skip the mess and find the beauty in all of your jewelry.

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  Top Choice Best with Mirror Best for Travel Most Unique Also Great
Faux Leather Jewelry Box Organizer
2 in 1 Jewelry Box
Small Jewelry Box Organizer
Stowit Jewelry Box
Jewelry Box with Glass Lid
Our SummaryThis box features multiple pull-out compartments that unveil a large amount of storage space.Take advantage of your vertical space with this extra-tall organizer that has different sized drawers. Take your jewelry almost anywhere with the 2-inch tall travel organizer.This minimalist design features slide-out drawers and a stable lid for display items.A jewelry box with a top view and multiple layers for storage.
ProsSee-through lid, hidden compartment, stain-resistant exterior.Variety of compartments, takes up less counter space, bonus travel case.Optional mirror, waterproof exterior material, removable dividers.Wide drawers are great for long necklaces, stabilizing rubber feet.Unique top layout, clear top view of items.
ConsShallow drawers, difficult clasp.Flimsy construction, necklace hooks can't hold heavy jewelry.No necklace hooks, dividers don't stay put.Not great for chunky jewelry, cracks can happen.Drawer handles are difficult to use, exterior can stain.
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The Best Jewelry Boxes

A white jewelry box is placed on a table next to pearl jewelry wile a woman wearing a white dress sits to the right.

Placing your precious jewelry in an organizer is a great way to protect it and keep it safe when not in use. Depending on the features, a jewelry box can keep your necklaces separate and your rings or earrings perfectly placed so that you’ll consistently be able to find your favorite items. Jewelry boxes are also a great way to add an element of decor to a room. Here are some storage options to keep your jewelry safe and organized.

Buying Guide for Jewelry Boxes

A top view of a wooden jewelry box with white accents holding gold jewelry.

Why should you buy a jewelry box?

Jewelry boxes might seem unnecessary, but if you’ve ever tried to unravel a knot of necklaces, it’s clear that organizing your jewelry will save you time in the long run. An organizer separates each piece of jewelry and gives it a spot where it’s protected and easily accessible. Jewelry boxes are great for keeping accessories in one place and ensuring that they won’t get damaged by rubbing against other earrings, necklaces, or rings.

What should you consider in a jewelry box?

  • Lining: Consider what material your jewelry box is lined with and if it will provide a lint-free and soft touch to keep your jewelry scratch and tarnish-free. Material like velvet, linen, and cotton are commonly used and typically soft enough for mid-range jewelry items.
  • Decor & Storage: Consider a piece of storage that adds a nice aesthetic to your room or closet while also being a safe place to store your jewelry collection. The faux leather look is a popular option and comes in many colors to match your style. If you’re looking for something nontraditional, look for wooden, acrylic, or metal jewelry boxes. Just make sure there’s a protective interior material.
  • Size: Determine the size of your jewelry collection and if it will fit in the intended storage piece. Drawers with more depth will work better for those that have pendants or costume jewelry. Also, choose a jewelry box that won’t take up every square inch of the top of your dresser so that you can put other things there, too.

What should you expect to spend on a jewelry box?

Traditional jewelry boxes with multiple drawers, ring holders, necklace hooks, and dividers will cost you around $50 to $60 due to their complexity. Inexpensive organizers will have fewer compartments and features. Travel jewelry boxes are ideal for those with little jewelry that are looking for a less expensive option. Prices for the portable organizers run from $10 to $20.

Our Picks for the Best Jewelry Boxes

Top Choice

Vlando Faux Leather Jewelry Box Organizer

This box features multiple pull-out compartments that unveil a large amount of storage space.

Pros: Jewelry lovers will appreciate the many layers of this organizer. Along with several drawers, this box has two side panels, a hidden compartment below the mirror, and a ring display. The outer material is made from deluxe synthetic leather, which is stain-resistant, while the interior is covered in velvet and flannel. Along with the soft materials, the ring holders and top have foam beneath the surface to protect your delicate jewelry.

Cons: Since there are so many compartments packed into this jewelry box, the three drawers are somewhat shallow. If you have chunky bracelets that need over a half-inch of room, they won’t fit well in this organizer. Some users can experience difficulties with the large lid clasp.

Bottom Line: This organizer works best for those that have a large variety of accessories as it has features for rings, bracelets, necklaces, and more. It won’t fit chunky jewelry items but is ideal for delicate pieces.


Best with Mirror

Homde 2-in-1 Jewelry Box

Take advantage of your vertical space with this extra-tall organizer that has different sized drawers.

Pros: This foot-tall jewelry box allows you to store all your jewelry while taking up less counter space. The five drawers feature different dividers so that you can fit watches to sunglasses to dainty bracelets. The side compartments give your necklaces plenty of space to hang and are designed with small pockets at the bottom to keep extra-long jewelry from hanging out. The lid’s mirror will give you a last look at your accessories to make sure everything is on point. Best of all, it comes with a matching travel case!

Cons: The frame of this box is made from MDF board, which can feel lightweight and unstable when handled. Additionally, the ring slots and jewelry hooks aren’t durable enough to hold items with large pendants or costume jewelry. The materials weren’t of high enough quality for some.

Bottom Line: The vertical-focused design of this box might help you save some counter space while keeping a wide variety of accessories organized.


Best for Travel

Vlando Small Jewelry Box Organizer

Take your jewelry almost anywhere with the 2-inch tall travel organizer.

Pros: You can easily take your favorite jewelry pieces along with you on your next vacation with this compact organizer. The faux leather is waterproof and dustproof, and the inside features a soft lining to avoid scratches. The dividers are removable, so you can fit the exact pieces you want. In the black, blue, and grey colors, you can opt for a mirror that allows you to check out your look while on the road.

Cons: This box doesn’t have any hooks for necklaces as other travel jewelry organizers do. Instead, there’s a pouch attached to the lid, which can lead to some tangling as they jostle during travel. The removable divider also tends to move around.

Bottom Line: While this box won’t hold every type of accessory, it’s ideal for taking your most beloved pieces on a trip. The optional mirror and customizable dividers allow you to select a box that will fit your unique pieces.


Most Unique

Umbra Stowit Jewelry Box

This minimalist design features slide-out drawers and a stable lid for display items.

Pros: Your organizer can be just as beautiful as the jewelry it holds with the beautiful tones of this wooden jewelry box. While this box only has four compartments, it departs from other designs with its extra-wide spacing, allowing those with large pieces to fit their items with ease. The top lid is designed to display your most used jewelry as it stays balanced even when you open the compartments. For stability, this box features rubber feet on the bottom and soft linen on the interior of the drawers.

Cons: The simplicity of this jewelry box makes craftsmanship really stand out, and some have experienced a variety of construction issues, including lost screws and cracks. Additionally, the design is very wide but not tall. Those looking for a box that has a lot of depth for chunky pieces will want to look for a different option.

Bottom Line: The modern design of this jewelry box is striking, and the hidden compartments are uniquely equipped for holding wide accessories. It’s missing the usual hooks and dividers of other options, but it’s a great find for those who love more modern designs.


Also Great

SONGMICS Jewelry Box with Glass Lid

A jewelry box with a top view and multiple layers for storage.

Pros: This glass-top jewelry box stores your favorite accessories under the clear lid so that you can find your things with a glance. The outside is durable engineered wood and quality synthetic leather, and the soft velvet inside will protect your gems. This box features three layers, seven rows, and 19 compartments for storage. The brushed handle also adds a bit of shine to a room.

Cons: The drawer handles are narrow and extremely smooth, making it difficult to open the drawers, particularly if you have long nails. They can also stick when you attempt to pull them out.

Bottom Line: This box combines simplicity with plenty of dividers to create a culmination of great characteristics. If you can get past the difficult handles, this jewelry box can be a great addition to your accessory organization.

Final Thoughts

If you’re tired of losing your jewelry in your bathroom drawers and struggling with tangled necklaces, a jewelry box can help you. Depending on the bulk and number of your pieces, a jewelry box can provide you with roomy drawers, plenty of ring holders, and necklace hooks. Even if you don’t have a large amount of jewelry, a compact case can protect your items from scratches or loss. Jewelry boxes are a great option for keeping your favorite pieces exactly in their place.

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