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The Best Jobsite Boxes for Tool Storage

Jobsite boxes are excellent alternatives to standard toolboxes for those who prefer a more heavy-duty way of storing their tools or who have larger than average tools. Jobsite boxes tend to be sturdier and offer more protection than standard, everyday toolboxes. Most offer extra storage space for tools as well, some even possessing multiple layers. Jobsite boxes work well for welders, carpenters, and builders to keep their tools organized, secure, and portable. Here are some jobsite toolboxes we recommend.

What Should You Consider in a Jobsite Box?

Look for these things when buying a jobsite box.

  • Portability: Because jobsite boxes are made of such heavy-duty materials, they tend to be quite heavy. Look for something made of lighter material with a handle if you want portability,  a huge steel jobsite box with space at the bottom for forklift access, or a set that comes with a dolly or wheels.
  • Customization: Some jobsite boxes come with extra layers or dividers that allow you to organize your tools in a more orderly fashion.
  • Weatherproofing: If you use your tools for a lot of outdoor projects, it might be wise to invest in a jobsite box that has a weather seal or some other form of added protection against the elements.
  • Size: Though jobsite boxes tend to be used for larger tools, it’s not impossible to find smaller options for more common household tools. There are also extra-large options available for your really bulky, heavy tools.

Most Durable: DEWALT Tough System Tool Box

This extra-large open tote style jobsite box has plenty of storage space for all your tools. The box’s walls are a solid 4 millimeters thick. The central locking mechanism keeps the box secure against the frame, and the two side handles make it easy for you to pick up and carry as needed. The integrated water seal will protect your tools from the elements. The interior vertical compartments allow you to organize your tools as you please and can be removed if desired. A removable tray for your hand tools also comes included. If you choose to buy multiples of this jobsite box, the side latches allow you to stack them seamlessly on top of each other.

Most Durable

DEWALT Tool Organizer, Tough System (DWST08205)

Take a look at this thick, heavy-duty jobsite box that offers plenty of protection and organization.

Best Set: Milwaukee Stackable Tool Box Storage System

This set is a great investment for anyone with a large tool collection, especially if those tools vary widely in size. This set comes with a small, medium, and large jobsite box to all store on a built-in carrier dolly with wheels. Each toolbox has a locking point so you can easily stack them on top of one another without worrying about any of the boxes sliding off during transportation. Both the small and medium boxes can be easily removed and carried on their own. Each of the three jobsite boxes is weather-sealed for outdoor projects and has metal reinforced corners for extra protection.

Best Set

Milwaukee 22 in. Packout Rolling Modular Tool Box Stackable Storage System, Designed for Harsh Jobsite Conditions, Weather Sealed, 250 Lbs. Capacity with Metal Reinforced Corners and Locking Points

Take a look at this triple set of small, medium, and large jobsite boxes that stack easily and come with a built-in wheeled carrier.

Most Portable: DEWALT Toolbox with Wheels, TSTAK, Deep Box


Here’s an excellent option for those who want the sturdiness of a jobsite box but are looking for something easier on the body to transport. It has convenient, durable built-in wheels and a telescoping handle for easy moving on the job. The box offers heavy-duty protection without weighing much itself. It has two anti-rust metal latches to keep it secure, is nice and deep to fit your tools, and is compatible with other TSTAK toolboxes that can stack and latch on top of it should you want to add to your inventory.

Most Portable

DEWALT TSTAK Rolling Tool Box, Mobile Storage, Extra-Deep Storage, Durable, Allows Stacking (DWST17820)

Try this jobsite box that offers protection and durability on wheels.

Also Consider: MILWAUKEE 26 Inch Jobsite Tool Box

The integrated screw mounting bosses of this functional jobsite box can be rearranged as you please, offering nearly unlimited customization and organizational options. The handles on either side are wide, ergonomic, and easy to grip for your carrying comfort. The box itself is impact-resistant and equipped with protected recessed latches so you know your tools will be secure and safe inside. The integrated weather seal offers extra protection from rain and debris alike.

Also Consider

Milwaukee MTB2600 26 in. Jobsite Work Tool Box

Here's a highly customizable jobsite box with wide, easily gripped ergonomic handles.

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