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The Best Jumpsuits for Women

🕚 Updated September 2023

Jumpsuits are must-haves for any trendy wardrobe. They're easy outfits for the days you don't want to fuss with multiple articles of clothing, and they work in dressy and casual settings. We've gathered some jumpsuits to make you feel put together even on the craziest days.

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  Top Choice Most Design Options Best for Work Most Casual Best Short Jumpsuit
Women's Off-Shoulder Jumpsuit
Women's V-Neck Maxi Dress
Happy Sailed
Women's Casual Jumpsuit
Casual Jumpsuits for Women
Women's Summer Sleeveless Jumpsuit
Our SummaryAn all-purpose jumpsuit that is both cute and comfortable to wear.Lounge around while looking effortlessly cute in this jumpsuit that offers plenty of room and a ton of style.Kick it up a notch with this subtle yet elegant jumpsuit that can help you look more put together.A casual, comfortable jumpsuit that won't shrink or fade even after multiple washes.Be prepared to take on the hottest days in this sleeveless, playful jumpsuit that will keep you cool.
Pros✓ Great for most occasions
✓ Made of comfy, stretchy material
✓ 22 colors
✓ Drawstring waistline
✓ Back keyhole opening
✓ Two pockets
✓ Loose fit throughout
✓ Wide legs
✓ Adjustable straps
✓ Good color selection and tie-dye patterns
✓ Great for business casual
✓ Flattering neckline
✓ Bow creates a cinched waist
✓ Multiple color options
✓ Elevated loungewear
✓ Lightweight fabric
✓ Comes with pockets
✓ Adjustable waistband
✓ Very comfy
✓ Short, casual style
✓ Cute buttons down the front
✓ Elastic waist and adjustable tie
✓ Pockets
✓ Flattering on all body types
Cons✗ Material may be too tight for some✗ May run too large on petite women✗ Flimsy zipper✗ Material is thin
✗ May stretch too much if pulled on
✗ Doesn't run true to size
✗ Uncomfortable waist for some
✗ Stitching doesn't always hold up well
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The Best Jumpsuits for Women

A stylish brunette woman in the city wearing a red jumpsuit.

Buying Guide for Jumpsuits for Women

Woman in light-beige jumpsuit walking in a bathroom.
Look Studio/Shutterstock.com

Why buy a jumpsuit?

Women’s jumpsuits offer the same freedom of movement as pants, but many women find them more comfortable. Yet they’re still super stylish. They’re also less fuss; you get the full outfit built-in rather than picking out a bunch of pieces to put together. Jumpsuits are also flattering to a number of body types and come in a variety of lengths and sleeve styles. They can be as loose or tight as you prefer. Best of all, jumpsuits are an incredibly versatile piece of clothing, able to be dressed up for special occasions or dressed down for casual looks. They can even be professional enough to wear to work.

What should you consider in a jumpsuit?

  • Color: Like most clothing today, jumpsuits come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Jumpsuits that are one solid color tend to offer the most versatility, but there are plenty of patterned options out there, ranging from subtle to bold. You also might choose colors or patterns depending on the season or occasion, like a floral print for warmer seasons or a more subdued neutral look for a formal dinner party.
  • Style: There is quite a range of jumpsuit styles, especially with the top and sleeves. You can find sleeveless, strapless, halter top, short-sleeved, long-sleeved, and even off-the-shoulder options. Jumpsuits can also be as fitted or as loose as you want. Some come with extra decorations or accessories like built-in sashes or bows.
  • Length: Both your jumpsuit sleeves and legs can be long, short, or mid-length, depending on the style. The combination of sleeve and leg length is entirely up to you. You might find a longer leg more flattering for your body type or want to buy a sleeveless jumpsuit for warm weather.
  • Material: You can choose the material of your jumpsuit based on your personal comfort and where you plan to wear it most often. Cotton and denim varieties are better suited to a more casual and utilitarian look while something sleeker and silkier is fitting for a night out on the town or happy hour.

What are some styling tips for wearing a jumpsuit?

Because jumpsuits are an all-in-one cohesive alternative to a top and a pair of bottoms, there may be moments when they could swallow your figure, especially if you are on the petite side. The best way to avoid this is by looking at ones that have belts, adjustable straps, or are made of material that can be easily cuffed if needed. A belt or drawstring will make it easy for you to adjust the tightness and also cinch in the waist for a flattering silhouette. But you can always add a belt if it doesn’t come with one. Adjustable straps can help make the top of the jumpsuit more fitted or loose while cuffing at the bottom can help shorten the length if the legs are too long. These are small details that, if considered, can make a world of difference.

Our Picks for the Best Jumpsuits for Women

Top Choice

PRETTYGARDEN Women's Off-Shoulder Jumpsuit

An all-purpose jumpsuit that is both cute and comfortable to wear.

Pros: It can be a challenge to find women’s clothes that are cute and comfortable, but this jumpsuit succeeds at both. Available in 22 different colors and patterns and made of soft, stretchy fabric, this jumpsuit will feel light and airy throughout the whole day. The high drawstring waistline will add to your feelings of comfort and flatter almost all body types. The small keyhole back is stylish and makes the jumpsuit easier to get on and off, and the two side pockets allow you to stash your phone and keys. Whether you wear this jumpsuit to work or the beach, as streetwear or to a party, it will look good and fit the moment.

Cons: While comfortable and stretchy, the material tends to conform to every curve of the body, which may not be your preference.

Bottom Line: Pop on this off-the-shoulder jumpsuit for a casual, laid-back feel that you’ll be able to wear with ease. It makes a fashion statement yet shows off your figure in a tasteful, flattering way.


Most Design Options

BUENOS NINOS Women's V-Neck Maxi Dress

Lounge around while looking effortlessly cute in this jumpsuit that offers plenty of room and a ton of style.

Pros: Once warm weather rolls around, you don’t want to get caught in anything too tight or restricting that can throw off your vibe. Instead, slip on this jumpsuit and you’ll feel like you’re wrapped in a cloud. It’s made completely of rayon and has a loose fit throughout the stomach and bottom areas, while the wide legs give you ample wiggle room. It’s simple to pull on with no zipper or strings you have to fiddle around with, and the straps are adjustable to easily customize the length and tightness to your liking. It comes in multiple colors and patterns, from tie-dye to floral to solids, so you can pull them out for varying occasions.

Cons: It may overwhelm those who have a petite frame, so you’ll want to size down if that’s you.

Bottom Line: You may get lost in the comfort and coolness against your skin that this jumpsuit offers. It’s the perfect addition to your beach wear that you’ll barely feel is there on hot days.


Best for Work

Happy Sailed Women's Casual Jumpsuit

Kick it up a notch with this subtle yet elegant jumpsuit that can help you look more put together.

Pros: Who says dressing for a day on the job has to be boring? This jumpsuit from Happy Sailed may make you reconsider. It is the ideal combination of classy and trendy, with a more conservative neckline that drapes beautifully across the decolletage and a wide-leg fit that still hugs in all the right places. The top and bottom tie together in a bow to give you a cinched-in waist so you won’t feel frumpy or boxed in a plain silhouette. It comes in multiple colors—some neutral, some bold, depending on your taste and plans for the day.

Cons: The zipper is a bit flimsy and difficult to work with.

Bottom Line: For those days you have in-person work meetings or want something different than a traditional cocktail dress, this jumpsuit gets the job done. Your routine for getting ready for work just got way simpler with this all-in-one solution that has a professional chic style.


Most Casual

LAINAB Casual Jumpsuits for Women

A casual, comfortable jumpsuit that won't shrink or fade even after multiple washes.

Pros: Here’s a comfy and stretchy jumpsuit for those days when you feel like staying in but want to wear something a little nicer than pajamas or sweats in case you have to answer the door or get the mail. The fabric is lightweight but not see-through, and it won’t shrink or fade even after multiple washes. It comes with pockets, and a button keyhole closure at the back keeps the neckline securely fastened while making the jumpsuit easy to pull on and off. The adjustable, elastic waistband and wide pant legs provide further room to roll around in.

Cons: The material is on the thinner side and may stretch too much if pulled on, so you’ll want to take care when wearing it and not put too-heavy or too-bulky items in its pockets to help prevent stretching.

Bottom Line: With the coziness this jumpsuit has to offer, you may not ever want to take it off or end up wearing it to bed. Lounging around in this outfit will elevate your casual days or nights in without sacrificing comfort.


Best Short Jumpsuit

ANRABESS Women's Summer Sleeveless Button Down Solid Short Jumpsuit Rompers with Pockets 2A20heise-S 46

Be prepared to take on the hottest days in this sleeveless, playful jumpsuit that will keep you cool.

Pros: This breathable, tank-style polyester/rayon/spandex jumpsuit may be the cure for those headaches you get over what to wear when all you want is something to relax and chill in during the warmer months. Its short style and the buttons down the front make it adorably casual and flattering for all body types, so you can wear it by the pool as a cover-up, wear it out to lunch after you hit the beach, or toss it on for running errands or a shopping trip with friends. It comes with an adjustable tie at the waist and has pockets on either side for convenience.

Cons: Check the sizing chart carefully before you buy, as this jumpsuit doesn’t run true to size and the fabric is a bit on the clingy side. The stitching may come apart after a certain number of washings, and some customers found the elastic waist uncomfortable.

Bottom Line: Instead of your typical tank top and shorts, why not grab a one-step solution and throw this jumpsuit on? It can be paired with sandals, wedges, or sneakers for your more-casual looks that take way less effort but still deliver in style.

Final Thoughts

Getting ready in the morning just got easier and more enjoyable with jumpsuits on the fashion scene. Rock the grocery store or your office space with the incredibly cute convenience that a jumpsuit has to offer.

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