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The Best Keto-Friendly Snacks

Hilo Life
🕚 Updated June 2022

Starting or switching to any new diet or eating regime is challenging, and the ketogenic diet is among the most difficult, especially for beginners. If you're starting the keto diet and on the hunt for some keto-friendly snacks to munch on between meals, here are a few we recommend.

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  Best Snack Bars Best Wafer Treats For Meat Lovers Best Cookies Best Chips
  Munk Pack
Keto Nut & Seed Bars
Rip van Wafels
Chocolate Hazelnut Wafer Cookies
Old Wisconsin
Turkey Sausage Snack Sticks
Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies
Hilo Life
Keto-Friendly Tortilla Chip Snack Bags
Our SummaryGreat for snacking on the go, these nutty, chocolatey snack bars are surprisingly low sugar and low carb.These keto and vegan-friendly wafers are perfect for those times when you're craving something sweet and crunchy.Not all jerkys and dried meats are keto-friendly, so stick with these tasty turkey sticks if you're in the mood for some jerked meat.A bag of tiny, snackable cookies that are keto-friendly and suitable for a range of other dietary restrictions.Tasty keto-friendly chips that help fulfill several different flavors and cravings on one convenient pack.
ProsPortable, sweet and crunchy, multiple flavors available, gluten and soy-free, two pack sizes.Good quantity, individually wrapped, portable, sweet and crunchy, vegan-friendly and soy-free, no additives.Four flavor/meat choices, no preservatives, gluten free, naturally low carb and low sugar, relatively low cost.Excellent flavor and quantity variety, gluten free and diabetic-friendly, no preservatives or fillers, resealable bags.No added sugar, good flavor variety, light and crunchy, two variety pack options.
ConsNot 100% allergen-friendly, small bars.High cost per wafer, stale possibility.Too salty for some, inconsistent quantity.Gritty texture, may crumble in bag.Expensive, very small bags.
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The Best Keto-Friendly Snacks

Keto chips on a plate next to cheese.
Hilo Life

Buying Guide for Keto Snacks

keto-friendly chocolate brownie mix on display for sale at a grocery store

Why buy keto-friendly snacks?

Originally created to help people with epilepsy control their seizures, the ketogenic diet is a way to eat healthier and lose weight that more and more people are turning to. Better known as the keto diet, it’s a high-fat, high-protein, and low-carbohydrate diet that helps people cut their carb and sugar intake. As a result, finding good-tasting snack food while on the keto diet can be a challenging task, to say the least. Fortunately, thanks to the diet’s ever-growing popularity, keto-friendly foods are more widely available than ever. This includes snack food, even types you’d think would be off-limits on the keto diet, like chocolate and cookies.

What should you look for in keto snacks?

  • Flavors: With more choices of keto-friendly snacks come more flavor varieties than ever before. Sweet, salty, spicy, bitter, savory, tart, citrusy, fruity, smoky, cheesy, or even some combination of flavors—all these are options for keto-friendly snacks. You shouldn’t have trouble finding a keto snack that suits your palate or satisfies whatever flavor you’re craving at the moment.
  • Variety: You don’t have to worry about being limited to eating the same one or two snacks over and over again if you’re on the keto diet. As with flavors, there are many different types of keto snacks out there. You should have no trouble finding a keto-friendly version of the same snacks you enjoyed before going on the diet. This includes cookies, granola, snack bars, popcorn, chips, chocolate, and more. Variety packs and snack boxes are an option, too, whether they offer varying flavors of the same type of snack or an assortment of different snacks.
  • Quantity: Like many snack foods, keto snacks can be bought in large bulk packs or small, even individual, quantities. If you’re trying out a keto snack for the first time, you may want to buy a smaller quantity to make sure you enjoy it. If you’re buying for the whole family or a bigger household, a bulk pack might be the way to go. Buying in larger quantities can also help save money in the long run, though an extremely large bulk pack might be a bit too much for one person or a couple.

How do you know if a snack is keto-friendly?

Foods and snacks made specifically for the keto diet will generally be labeled as such, but otherwise, it can be tricky to figure out if a food or drink is keto-friendly or not. There are obvious choices to avoid, like non-keto cookies, potato chips, etc., but what about other foods and drinks? Foods that are high in fat and/or protein and low in carbs will generally be a good choice since that’s the signature of the keto diet; you’re not supposed to exceed more than 40 grams of carbs a day.

Snacks that are labeled sugar-free or paleo will usually be a good choice as well, though it never hurts to double-check the label and look at the fat, carb, and protein content. Pretty much all nuts and nut butters are a good choice for the keto diet for this very reason. Also keep in mind that any grams of fiber are considered to “balance out” the carb content. For instance, if you pick up a snack that has 10 grams of carbs and 8 grams of fiber, the net carbs for that food are 2 grams rather than 10. Check the food’s ingredients too. If it mentions sugar, syrup, or honey anywhere in the ingredient list, you’ll probably want to skip it. Look for snacks with natural sweeteners like stevia or monk fruit instead. Also try to avoid starchy filler ingredients, like corn and rice, if you can.

Our Picks for the Tastiest Keto Snacks

Best Snack Bars

Munk Pack Keto Nut & Seed Bars

Great for snacking on the go, these nutty, chocolatey snack bars are surprisingly low in sugar and carbs.

Pros: These keto-friendly snack bars, which are also free of gluten and soy, provide you with the flavor and texture of classic snack bars without the added sugar and carbs. They’re plant-based, so they have less than a single gram of sugar, no added sugars, and 3 grams of net carbs per serving. And they offer 4 to 5 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber per serving, thanks to the seeds and nuts they contain. They’re sweetened with allulose instead of sugar alcohols to not affect your blood sugar as much and even aid in digestion. These snack bars make for a great post-workout treat or a little nibble in between meals to tide you over, one that you can simply grab and head out the door when you’re in a rush or traveling. If you’re having trouble choosing between the seven flavors, there’s a variety pack option as well.

Cons: Since these bars are full of nuts and seeds, they’re obviously not nut-free and thus aren’t an option for those allergic to peanuts, pine nuts, or any other kinds of nuts. The bars themselves are also on the small and thin side, so they may not be filling enough for some people.

Bottom Line: When you think of low-carb and low-sugar snacks, snack bars probably don’t spring readily to mind, especially those that contain chocolate. However, these nutty, chocolatey snack bars are both low in sugar and net carbs, making them a great keto-friendly snack to bring on the go.


Best Wafer Treats

Rip van Wafels Chocolate Hazelnut Wafer Cookies

These keto- and vegan-friendly wafers are perfect for those times when you're craving something sweet and crunchy.

Pros: You might think cookies, wafers, and the like are off the table when you start the keto diet, but these crispy wafers ensure that’s not the case. You’ll receive a 16-pack of sweet and crunchy hazelnut and chocolate wafers that will taste so good that you’ll be amazed to learn they are keto-friendly. Each of the 16 wafers comes individually wrapped, ideal for portion control, freshness, and taking a cookie or two on the go if needed. Despite their sweetness, each wafer only has 2 grams of sugar and 4 grams of net carbs, with no additives whatsoever. They’re also free of any animal byproducts, so they’re vegetarian and vegan-friendly. A vanilla-flavored set of these wafers is also available if you prefer.

Cons: Though you’ll receive a pretty high quantity of cookies with your purchase, the cost per cookie is a bit on the high side.

Bottom Line: Regular chocolate is not keto-friendly, so if you ever get a craving for chocolate but don’t want to break your keto or low-carb diet, these wafers have you covered. They’re easy to pack in your lunch or take on the go, and the alternate vanilla flavor is an equally good option if you’re not a chocolate lover or have a hazelnut allergy.


For Meat Lovers

Old Wisconsin Turkey Sausage Snack Sticks

Not all jerky is keto-friendly, so stick with these tasty turkey sticks if you're in the mood for some protein.

Pros: Jerky is a popular snack food, and these particular dried turkey meat sticks were designed specifically to be keto-friendly. Their carb and sugar count is extremely low, at only 1 gram each per serving. They’re preservative-free and slow-smoked to bring natural flavor without unhealthy sauces, sugary flavorings, and glazes that some jerkies and meat sticks have. This also means they’re gluten-free, so you can still follow the keto diet even if you have celiac, are gluten-intolerant, or have a wheat allergy. If turkey isn’t your favorite dried meat or you want an alternate flavor, there are three other flavors and meats from which to choose. And while this may not be the least expensive jerky on the market, it’s a relatively inexpensive purchase compared to a lot of other snacks designed specifically for the keto diet. The resealable bag makes them easy to pack in a backpack or tote bag and bring to school or work for snacking, too.

Cons: Though low in carbs and sugar, these jerky-like snacks do have a high sodium content, so they may be too salty for some. Several users also noted that the number of sticks per package is inconsistent.

Bottom Line: Most meats are a great option for the keto diet since they’re high in protein and fat and low in sugar and carbs. But the additives and flavorings of many jerkies and dried meats often increase both, making them not keto-friendly. These snack sticks, however, are designed to fit the keto diet, so you can still get your dried meat snacking fix.


Best Cookies

Highkey Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies

A bag of tiny, snackable cookies that are keto-friendly and suitable for a range of other dietary restrictions.

Pros: Cookies are another snack food you may have expected to give up when you started the keto diet, but this bag of miniature chocolate chip cookies will put that concern to rest. They’re made from almond flour and coconut oil rather than wheat flour and cane sugar, which means they lack most of the carbohydrates and sugar that traditional baked cookies contain. This also means they’re grain-free and gluten-free, with only 1 net carb and 1 gram of sugar per serving. This ensures that they’re not only keto-friendly but diabetic-friendly as well. They don’t contain any added preservatives or fillers and are made with natural sweeteners. You’ll receive three bags of cookies with your purchase, with around 2.5 servings per container. Single packs are also available if you prefer. Each bag is re-sealable for more convenient on-the-go snacking. And if chocolate chip cookies aren’t your favorites, there are plenty of other options as well. They’re available in nine other flavors, from snickerdoodles to lemon to shortbread and more. There’s also a large nine-bag variety pack if you want to buy in bulk or try out more than one flavor at once.

Cons: As is common with many gluten-free products, these cookies have a bit of a gritty and crumbly texture. You may also find that some of them crumble in the bag, especially if you shove them into a tote or backpack and carry them around rather than eat them right out of the pantry.

Bottom Line: Whether you’re on the keto diet or are simply trying to watch your carb and sugar intake, you’re still going to get a craving for something sweet from time to time. Indulge your sweet tooth now and then with these mini chocolate chip cookies.


Best Chips

Hilo Life Keto-Friendly Tortilla Chip Snack Bags

Tasty keto-friendly chips that help fulfill several different flavors and cravings in one convenient pack.

Pros: If you’ve been craving corn or tortilla chips since starting the keto diet, these keto-friendly chips are an excellent substitute for the real thing. They’re made with almond flour rather than wheat or corn, so they have a decent bit of protein while being low carb. They still come with the satisfying crispiness and crunchiness as regular corn or tortilla chips, and they’re nice and light, so they’ll fill you up without feeling heavy in your stomach. There are zero grams of sugar in total. With six possible flavor options, you can pick whichever pack best suits your palate. Regardless of your flavor combination choice, you’ll receive 12 bags of chips with your purchase. There are also two different variety packs available.

Cons: Foods and snacks designed specifically for the keto diet can run on the pricey side, and these chips are no exception.

Bottom Line: You probably don’t think of chips or cheese as keto-friendly, but these Dorito-like chips are flavorful and cheesy while fitting well into your keto diet. They’re a healthier alternative to help satisfy your craving for potato, corn, or tortilla chips and are a worthy substitute for crackers and croutons in your soups or salads.

Final Thoughts

It never hurts to have a few tasty keto-friendly snacks on hand, especially when you’ve just started. Keto snacks can help fill a craving and sustain you between meals without cheating on your new diet or ruining your progress.

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