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The Best Kettlebell Sets

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🕚 Updated December 2021

Kettlebells take free weight training up a notch. Most of the movements used in kettlebell training increase strength, enhance cardio, amplify explosive power, and improve balance and coordination. These are our top picks for kettlebell sets.

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  Best Weight Range Best for Beginners Best Adjustable Set Best Weight Options Also Consider
Kettlebells for Strength and Conditioning
Best Choice Products
3-Piece Kettlebell Set with Storage Rack
Titan Fitness
Adjustable Kettlebell Set
Neoprene-Coated Solid Cast Iron Kettlebells
Vinyl-Coated Solid Cast Iron Kettlebells
Our SummaryBring the standards of competition home to reach your fitness goals.This set comes with the three beginning weights and a rack for a complete setup in your home gym.Save space without compromising on variety with this adjustable kettlebell.These versatile kettlebell sets come with two, three, or five different weights.This set has a protective bottom to enhance its durability.
ProsSolid cast iron, powder-coated and painted, color-coded, pound and kilogram labels, flat bottom, wide textured handles.Color-coded large labels, wide handle, oversized, comes with rack, great weights for beginners.Drop cast iron plates, wide handle with angled design, shaped like normal kettlebell.Solid cast iron, covered in neoprene, multiple set options, color-coded, wide textured handle, flat bottom.Solid cast iron, vinyl covering, flat protective bottom.
ConsMay rust over time.Oversized, plastic covering, rack is easy to crack.Needs care periodically, handle is smooth and isn't as comfortable to grip.Not meant to be used on rough surfaces.Protective bottom can be awkward at first.
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The Best Kettlebell Sets

Four people lined up in a gym have kettlebells in front of them about to do an exercise.
Olena Yakobchuk/Shutterstock.com

For such compact pieces of equipment, kettlebells deliver several fitness benefits. Those who try workouts with kettlebells often enjoy their versatility and results. Consider these kettlebell sets for a cost-effective approach to building your home gym.

Buying Guide for Kettlebell Sets

Lots of kettlebell weights lined up on a stand in a gym.

Why should you buy a kettlebell set?

Kettlebells are pretty affordable and effective pieces of fitness equipment. They don’t take up too much room, and they help tone and develop muscle, intensify workouts, improve balance, and more. Buying a kettlebell set, as opposed to different kettlebells at each time of purchase, is a much more cost-effective decision. It also allows for a greater variety of exercises. Most of the explosive movements like a kettlebell swing will recruit larger muscle groups, like the glutes, core, and posterior chain. Therefore, those movements should be done with a heavier weight than one used for a single-arm strict press. For example, a woman who uses a 25-pound kettlebell to swing might use a 5, 10, or 15-pound kettlebell for a single-arm strict press.

What should you consider when purchasing a kettlebell set?

  • Coating: Almost every quality kettlebell will be made of solid cast iron, but the coating is where you will find differences and where you may have a preference for one kind over another. Some of the more rugged styles are only painted and powder-coated, giving them a textured grip but without any soft or grippy covering. Other kettlebells will be coated with vinyl or neoprene, often using colors to help distinguish between different weights. The vinyl and neoprene options protect floors and other surfaces from being damaged by the kettlebell, reduce noise, and provide greater grip comfort when doing exercises that require you to hold the rounded bell instead of the handle. All of the covering options protect the kettlebell against corrosion and damage.
  • Weight: Kettlebell sets have a great range. You can find sets of three, five, or more. Some range from 5 to 25 pounds, while others go all the way up to 53 pounds. This will make it easy for you to pick a set of kettlebells that you can grow into while still being realistic and not wasting money on weights that are unsafe for you to use.
  • Handle: What wouldn’t seem like a very customizable part to the kettlebell can vary from product to product. The kettlebell handle should be comfortable to grip for doing several reps at a time. Smaller kettlebells (5-15 pounds) will usually only fit one hand because they are often used for single-arm exercises. Most larger kettlebells (25 pounds and higher) are designed to use both hands at once since they are used mostly for powerful movements like the kettlebell swing.

What is the best way to store your set of kettlebells?

Despite having a handle, kettlebells are weights and should be stored on a flat and sturdy surface. Buying a stable rack keeps your kettlebells off the floor, making it easier to keep floors clean and uncluttered. However, if you don’t have a rack right away, the floor is fine so that there’s less risk of tipping.

Our Picks for the Best Kettlebell Sets

Best Weight Range

REP FITNESS Kettlebells for Strength and Conditioning

Bring the standards of competition home to reach your fitness goals.

Pros: This kettlebell set ranges from 17 to 53 pounds, meaning there’s a size for almost every exercise. Each weight is labeled both in kilograms and pounds. The colored bands on the handles follow the international guidelines, which help you quickly identify which kettlebell you’re using. These kettlebells are coated to resist corrosion, and the handles are smooth and accommodating to hold on for several reps in a row. The bottoms of the kettlebells are flat, making them great for stability and storage.

Cons: These kettlebells will need more maintenance than other brands. Wipe them down after use, and note that they’ll last longer in drier climates. After several months or years of use, you may want to repaint them to cover any rust that may develop.

Bottom Line: This kettlebell set has the performance abilities of a quality brand. The grip is comfortable for beginners and seasoned kettlebell users, and the color-coded bands are a useful touch. Their coating isn’t as durable and will require some TLC on your part, but the cast iron will still deliver the results you’re looking for.


Best for Beginners

Best Choice Products 3-Piece Kettlebell Set with Storage Rack

This set comes with the three beginning weights and a rack for a complete setup in your home gym.

Pros: This set includes 5-, 10-, and 15-pound kettlebells and comes with a storage rack to keep your home gym organized. The rack has circular dedicated spaces for each kettlebell to stay put while not in use. The kettlebells are made of concrete and encased in a plastic shell. Large color-coded numbers identify the weights in pounds, and these kettlebells have flat bottoms for stability and easy storage. These kettlebells are oversized, which makes them more comfortable to grip from the handle and the rounded bell.

Cons: Since these kettlebells are oversized, they may limit the range of motion of some exercises intended for smaller weights. The plastic can crack and chip on the rack if you’re not careful.

Bottom Line: This is a very affordable set that’s ideal for beginners. Though they’re not the most durable or heavy, they should work well for someone wanting to get started with kettlebells at home.


Best Adjustable Set

Titan Fitness Adjustable Kettlebell Set

Save space without compromising workout variety with this adjustable kettlebell.

Pros: This adjustable kettlebell gives you the option to train with 10 to 40 pounds, meaning that you can use the weight for almost any type of movement and workout. The kettlebell has six drop cast iron plates, so you can add or remove as many as needed during your workouts. The handle has a nice design to fit both hands comfortably.

Cons: The handle doesn’t have a wide, textured grip like others, so it’s not as comfortable or slip-resistant as other products. The handle is only screwed onto the bell, so it’s worth checking on periodically to see if it needs tightening.

Bottom Line: This adjustable kettlebell has a circular shape just like a normal one, making the swing feel properly smooth. The handle fits two hands well. With a bit of care and attention, this kettlebell can be used safely for the long term while saving lots of space.


Best Weight Options

RitFit Neoprene-Coated Solid Cast Iron Kettlebells

These versatile kettlebell sets come with two, three, or five different weights.

Pros: These kettlebell sets have multiple options so that you can find a set that fits your exact needs and goals without having to pay for weights that won’t benefit you. They are made of cast iron and coated with neoprene for extra grip and protection. The handles have a comfortable curve with texture to assist your grip for several reps. The kettlebells are color-coded and have the weight (in pounds) labeled on the front for easy identification during workouts. They also have a flat bottom for stability.

Cons: The neoprene may become damaged faster if it’s used on rough surfaces like asphalt or concrete.

Bottom Line: These kettlebell sets have enough options that you’re able to choose what will suit your needs and goals best. Find the right set for your home gym without spending money on what you don’t need.


Also Consider

Bintiva Vinyl-Coated Solid Cast Iron Kettlebells

This set has a protective bottom to enhance its durability.

Pros: These kettlebells are made with a protective bottom, so the vinyl covering won’t be damaged whether you work out indoors or outside on rough surfaces. The base also helps to provide a solid flat surface for your kettlebell to stand on during workouts and storage. Each kettlebell is coated in color-coded vinyl to protect the cast iron base. The handle is wide with a textured coating to enhance grip, so you can hang onto your kettlebell for longer without needing to give your fingers a break. There are a few different sets available, so you can choose from a set of three, seven, or ten kettlebells.

Cons: The protective bottom of the kettlebell may make it a little awkward to hold the kettlebell on the rounded bell for specific movements.

Bottom Line: While the protective bottom might make holding the bell a bit awkward, after some attempts, it will most likely go unnoticed, and instead, you can feel the benefits of a flat bottomed kettlebell that doesn’t get nicked or torn from rough surfaces. This large set is well-designed and works well for many.

Final Thoughts

There are endless options for pairing different kettlebell movements to get a heart-pumping workout. You can increase your overall fitness with explosive movements that elicit a cardio response or you can use a kettlebell to isolate muscle groups for strength training. The best way to embrace the kettlebell’s versatility is to buy a set, and these are some great options for your home gym.

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