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The Best Keurig Coffee Makers

🕚 Updated March 2023

With dozens of K-cup flavors available, you are only a coffee pod and a few buttons away from your favorite cup of joe. Here are some of the best Keurig coffee makers you can add to your home or office.

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  Best Overall Premium Model Best Value Most Versatile Best Drip Coffee Maker
K-Elite Coffee Maker
K155 Office Pro Commercial Coffee
K-Classic Coffee Maker
K-Café SMART Coffee Maker with WiFi Compatibility
K-Duo Plus Coffee Maker
Our SummaryThis sleek Keurig brews both hot and iced coffee and allows users to set brew strength.A commercial-sized Keurig with an LCD touch screen interface, huge water tank, and multiple brew sizes.A standard, slightly lower priced Keurig with an auto-off feature to save energy.This highly customizable Keurig coffee is capable of brewing lattes and cappuccinos as well as regular coffee.This two-in-one Keurig is capable of brewing traditional ground coffee in addition to K-cup pods.
Pros✓ Wealth of useful features
✓ Sleek design
✓ Multiple cup brewing sizes
✓ Adjustable brew strength
✓ Can brew hot coffee over ice
✓ Extra-large water reservoir
✓ Variety of cup size options
✓ Hot water on demand button
✓ Designed for commercial use
✓ Works with all K-cups
✓ Lower price
✓ Compatible with all K-cup pods
✓ Reusable basket for tea and ground coffee
✓ Auto-off function
✓ Descaling feature
✓ Versatile and customizable drinks
✓ Built-in milk frother
✓ Large water reservoir
✓ Compact design
✓ Makes both full pots and single cups
✓ Compatible with regular coffee grounds
✓ Coffee pot included
✓ Easy to use and clean
✓ Keeps coffee hot for hours
✓ Drip-free pouring
Cons✗ May not be compatible with all types of K-cups
✗ Less durable
✗ Plastic parts may break easily
✗ Expensive
✗ Lingering taste of coffee in tea
✗ Slightly flimsier
✗ Potential leaking or inconsistent water flow
✗ Harder to clean
✗ Potential reliability issues
✗ Water may not get hot enough for some
✗ Difficulty brewing smaller amounts
✗ Coffee may be on the weaker side
✗ Shorter lifespan
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The Best Keurig Coffee Makers

Keurig Coffee Maker on Bar with Coffee Cup

Buying Guide for Keurig Coffee Machines

Brewing a Starbucks K-Cup Pod at home.

Why buy a Keurig coffee machine?

A Keurig coffee machine is a type of single-serve coffee maker that uses coffee pods, called K-cups, to make a cup of coffee quickly and easily. Keurig machines work by heating up water and forcing it through a K-cup, which contains pre-measured coffee grounds, to produce a single cup of coffee.

The main advantage of a Keurig coffee machine is its convenience. With a Keurig, you can have a fresh cup of coffee in just a few minutes without needing to grind any beans or measure out coffee grounds. Keurig machines also come in a variety of models and sizes with different features and functions. Some Keurig coffee makers allow you to brew tea, hot chocolate, and other hot beverages. Many models offer different brew sizes and strength settings, so you can customize your coffee to your liking. And since they’re designed to heat water only when it’s needed, they’re more energy-efficient than traditional coffee makers that keep a full pot of coffee hot all day.

Basically, if you’re a frequent coffee drinker who values convenience, variety, customization, low maintenance, and energy efficiency, a Keurig coffee machine may be a good choice for you.

What should you look for in a Keurig coffee machine?

  • Brewing Options: Look for a Keurig coffee maker that offers different brew-size options, so you can make a single cup or a larger mug of coffee. Some Keurig machines also offer strength control settings, which can allow you to adjust the strength of your coffee as needed. And not all models are capable of brewing an alternate hot beverage, such as hot chocolate or tea, so keep an eye out for this feature if that’s something you want. Others can make more intricate coffee drinks, like lattes or cappuccinos.
  • Water Reservoir: One of the advantages of having a larger water reservoir in a Keurig coffee maker is that it can make multiple cups of coffee before needing to be refilled. This is particularly convenient for people who drink more than one cup of coffee throughout the day or for those who want to avoid the hassle of refilling the reservoir frequently. With a larger reservoir, you can enjoy several cups of coffee without having to interrupt your day to refill it. Additionally, this feature can be helpful for households or offices where multiple people use the coffee maker and want to make coffee without having to refill the water reservoir after every use.
  • Compatibility: Be sure to check the compatibility of the Keurig coffee maker with different types of K-cups, especially if you have a preferred brand or type. Some Keurig machines are only compatible with Keurig brand K-cups, while others are compatible with a wider range of K-cups, including reusable K-cups that allow you to use your own coffee grounds. You don’t want to buy a new Keurig coffee machine only to realize your reserve of favorite K-cups isn’t going to fit inside it.

How do you use a Keurig coffee machine?

The specifics may vary based on the model of the Keurig coffee machine and its capabilities, so always be sure to read the manual and any other instructions that come with your Keurig before you use it. That said, the overall basic steps are usually as follows:

  1. Fill the water reservoir of the Keurig machine with cold water. Be sure to fill it up to the desired level based on the amount of coffee you want to make.
  2. Turn on the machine and allow it to preheat. This usually takes about one minute, rarely much longer.
  3. Choose a K-cup that will make the type and flavor of coffee you want to brew.
  4. Lift the handle of the Keurig machine and insert the K-cup into the chamber, then close the handle securely.
  5. Choose the desired brew size by pressing the appropriate button on the Keurig machine. This will depend on the size of your coffee mug, how strong you want your coffee, and if it’s going to require a milk frother (if your machine has one).
  6. Place your coffee mug underneath the spout and press the brew button to start the brewing process. The machine will heat the water and force it through the K-cup to make the coffee.
  7. Enjoy your coffee!

Our Picks for the Best Keurig Coffee Machines

Best Overall

Keurig K-Elite Coffee Maker

This sleek Keurig brews both hot and iced coffee and allows users to set brew strength.

Pros: There’s a lot to love about this Keurig K-Elite coffee maker. Many reviewers have praised its adjustable temperature settings and automatic shut-off feature, as well as its sleek design and convenient size. The larger water capacity makes it great for households with multiple coffee drinkers, as you can easily choose multiple cup brewing sizes (between four and 12 ounces) and increase the strength and boldness of the brew at the touch of a button. If you’re in the mood for iced coffee, you can brew a hot cup over ice. It even has a hot water-on-demand button, perfect for oatmeal or instant soups. And the ability to program the machine to brew coffee before you wake up is a particularly useful feature for busy mornings.

Cons: The main drawback of this Keurig is that it may not be compatible with all types of K-cups, reusable or otherwise. And despite its overall reliability, it’s not the most durable product, and thus might not last as long as other coffee makers.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a reliable and easy-to-use coffee maker that will also look great on your kitchen countertop, it’s hard to go wrong with this particular Keurig model. It comes in sleek, elegant colors and can make both hot and iced coffee. With a variety of options and settings, the Keurig Elite is a reliable and convenient coffee maker that will consistently brew you delicious coffee.


Premium Model

Keurig K155 Office Pro Commercial Coffee Maker

A commercial-sized Keurig with an LCD touch screen interface, huge water tank, and multiple brew sizes.

Pros: The Keurig K155 coffee maker is a great choice for those who are looking for a reliable and easy-to-use machine, especially for high-volume usage. It boasts an extra large water reservoir (90 ounces total), which means less frequent refilling, as well as a variety of cup-size options. The machine is simple to set up and clean and has a sleek design that will suit most kitchens and office spaces alike. It’s designed specifically for heavy, commercial use, making it a perfect option for office break rooms or households with multiple coffee drinkers. It works with any and all K-cups and also sports a hot water on-demand button for making other hot beverages, like tea or hot chocolate.

Cons: Some buyers noted that the plastic parts of this coffee machine aren’t particularly sturdy and can break easily, which may prove extra frustrating given its higher price point and intention for heavy use. If you ever use it to make tea, some users also reported a lingering taste of coffee in their tea over time.

Bottom Line: A stylish Keurig with an LCD touchscreen interface, this coffee maker is an ideal choice for heavy usage, whether you have a larger family who all drink more than one cup a day or an office break room that sees lots of daily traffic. Just be sure to handle it carefully when refilling the water reservoir to avoid breaking the pieces made from plastic.


Best Value

Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker

A standard, slightly lower priced Keurig with an auto-off feature to save energy.

Pros: This Keurig coffee maker is an excellent choice for those seeking a reliable and easy-to-use machine that offers a hot, fresh cup of coffee quickly– without the typical Keurig price tag. Thanks to its good-sized water reservoir and several cup size options, this machine won’t require frequent refilling and it offers the same flexibility in cup sizes as its more expensive cousins. It’s compatible with all K-cup pods and also comes with a reusable basket for tea and ground coffee, providing a wider range of options in terms of the hot drinks it can brew. In addition to these handy functions, this coffee machine has an auto-off function for safety, plus a descaling feature to help maintain its longevity.

Cons: You may find that this coffee maker feels lighter and flimsier compared to older or higher-priced Keurig models or experience issues with leaking or inconsistent water flow. And while the water reservoir is a good size, its design– namely the smaller corners and depth– may make it difficult to clean.

Bottom Line: With a more reasonable price tag and a good-sized water reservoir, the Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker is a great option for those who don’t want to drop a couple of hundred dollars on a new Keurig. While it’s not inexpensive per se, it’s a lot more affordable than many Keurig coffee makers, and you’ll still get a lot of the same convenient features that many pricer models offer.


Most Versatile

Keurig K-Café SMART Coffee Maker with WiFi Compatibility

This highly customizable Keurig coffee is capable of brewing lattes and cappuccinos as well as regular coffee.

Pros: This Keurig coffee machine offers versatility, ease of use, and a large water reservoir, making it a convenient option for pretty much any coffee lover. Since it’s capable of making lattes and cappuccinos in addition to regular black coffee—thanks to the built-in milk frother—so you’ll save money by making those types of drinks at home instead of going out to buy one at your local coffee shop. You’re able to further customize your drinks by adding different syrups or types of milk to the machine as well. And the compact design makes it a great option for those with limited kitchen or countertop space.

Cons: As versatile as this Keurig coffee machine might be, you may experience some issues with its reliability and functionality. Some users had problems with the milk frother not working properly, the machine not turning on, shutting down unexpectedly, or the water not getting hot enough.

Bottom Line: Even with the occasional bump or problem, the Keurig K-Café coffee machine has a lot to offer. With its versatility, ease of use, large reservoir, and quality of drinks, it provides a convenient and enjoyable coffee experience that will save you lots of time and money on your weekly coffee budget.


Best Drip Coffee Maker

Keurig K-Duo Plus Coffee Maker

This two-in-one Keurig is capable of brewing traditional ground coffee in addition to K-cup pods.

Pros: Unlike most Keurig coffee machines, this classic drip coffee maker-style model offers you the ability to make a full pot of coffee as well as single cups; it’s compatible with regular coffee grounds, not just K-cups, and even comes with its own coffee carafe. Thus it’s better suited for larger households and office break rooms than many other Keurigs. It’s easy to use and clean and will keep your pot of joe nice and hot for hours without burning the carafe, thanks to its sturdy metal (rather than glass) construction. And whether you brew a full vat or a single cup, the tank and the pot should pour and serve your coffee without dripping.

Cons: While this coffee maker’s carafe is nice and sturdy, you have difficulty brewing smaller amounts of coffee and weak coffee. Additionally, some customers reported that it does have a shorter lifespan compared to other Keurig models or brands of coffee machines, and the coffee it produces may be on the weaker side.

Bottom Line: While the Keurig K-Duo Plus Coffee Maker has some issues with leaking and design quirks, but the convenience of having both a regular coffee pot and a single-cup option in one machine should outweigh any other drawbacks of this product. Especially since you can use your favorite coffee grounds with it instead of being restricted solely to K-cups.

Final Thoughts

Coffee makers are a staple in plenty of kitchens, whether at your home or office, and play a key role in the daily routines of many people. Keurig coffee makers are a great option for those who like to control the cup size, brew strength, and brew speed of their daily dose of caffeine.

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