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The Best Key Tags for Label Lovers

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If you’ve got a kitchen drawer full of unidentifiable keys, you know why you need key tags. But, key tags offer more than a simple way to defeat random key clutter—they can bring order, efficiency, and even a little decorative beauty to so many things in your life!

People who love labels can use key tags for just about anything. Here are a few ideas:

  • Keep track of what’s in your storage baskets and bins with a key tag on the handle.
  • Use handy color-coded key tags as a way to quickly identify backpacks, lunch boxes, and luggage.
  • Label your flash drives (especially key-shaped USB drives!) and your equipment cases with key tags.
  • Take key tags into the kitchen to organize Ingredients and storage containers.
  • Try key tags for an attractive, reusable way to label gift boxes and bags.

And don’t forget—they’re a great way to organize your keys!

What to Consider When Choosing a Key Tag

When deciding how you want to use key tags, consider the following:

  • Material: The type of material you need depends on how durable you need the tag to be. Temporary uses or uses without a lot of wear and tear don’t require especially tough material.
  • Colors: Key tags with various colors are a great option for efficient organization because people can recognize color faster than they can read text. If you primarily need to recognize the text on a label, a white tag is the best option.
  • Shape: Rectangle or round? The shape will determine how much text you can put on the tag.
  • Attachment: Most key tags come with a split ring. If you need a chain or some other way to attach your tag, you may have to purchase it separately.

These are our recommendations for key tags that are great tools to organize your keys and organize your life.

Best Plastic Key Tag: Cuttte Key Tags with Label Window

Cuttte’s set of 50 plastic key tags come in ten bright colors for great color-coded labeling options. Packaged in a sturdy plastic container that can be used to store keys, the tags themselves are made from flexible, durable plastic, and the metal split rings are easy to use. The size of this lightweight tag is 1.9 inches by 0.8 inches. The label window, paper label, and plastic cover are 1.2 inches by 0.6 inches. Organize your stuff using the rainbow method and Cuttte key tags!

Best Plastic Key Tag

Cuttte 50 Pack Plastic Key Tags with Container, Key Labels with Ring and Label Window, 10 Colors

These key tags come in ten bright colors for a rainbow of color coding options.

Best Multipurpose Key Tag: VIC VSEE Key Tags With Split Ring

The VIC VSEE white round key tags are 1.25 inches in diameter and are lightweight, durable, and water-resistant. The 100 tags come with 200 white labels—you can label the tags on both sides or keep the extra tags for relabeling. These key tags are a simple, long-lasting, and effective organizational solution for a wide variety of uses.

Best Multipurpose Key Tag

100 Pack Round Key Tags with Split Ring, Tough Plastic Key Tags 1.5 Inch White Key Tags Writable Key Identifiers Tags with 200 Pcs White Label Stickers

These lightweight, water-resistant key tags are a simple and effective solution for a wide variety of organizational uses.

Best Paper Key Tag: Fanrel Metal-Rimmed Key Tags

Fanrel 100-piece round key tags are 1.22 inches in diameter and made from heavy paper reinforced by aluminum rings attached to 0.7-inch diameter, easy-open split rings for plenty of space for multiple keys. These key tags are especially great for crafts and use as gift tags.

Best Paper Key Tag

100 Pieces Metal Rimmed Key Tags Round Paper Tags with Split Rings (31mm)

These heavy paper key tags reinforced by aluminum rings are especially great for crafts and for use as gift tags.

Most Durable Key Tag: Stark Anodized Aluminum Tags

Stark anodized aluminum tags, available in 12 colors, are perfect for engraving or stamping, or you can identify them using a clear printer label. These rectangular tags measure 1.97 inches by 1.14 inches, and the hole is 0.14 inches in diameter. Both corrosion- and scratch-resistant, these highly durable tags are just what you need for tough wear-and-tear uses.

Most Durable Key Tag

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