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The Best Keyboard Stands for Comfortable Piano Playing

two different keyboard stands side by side

When buying a keyboard, you’ll need a stand to go along with it. Setting your electronic piano at a customized height for your comfort can really boost the quality of your playing. Stands also come with some useful features that may be better than just propping your keyboard up on a table. Here are some of our recommendations for keyboard stands to help you make your best music.

What to Look for in a Keyboard Stand

Here are the key features to consider before buying a stand for your keyboard:

  • Adjustability: Whether you’re standing or sitting, you’ll want your keyboard to be able to move with your height. If you have a wider keyboard, make sure that it can fit as well.
  • Portability: Certain stands (especially X-shaped stands) are designed to fold up to save space and to be easier to move. If you play in a tight area, you may want to opt for this type.
  • Weight Capacity: Make sure your stand can handle the weight of your keyboard.

Best for Lightweight Keyboards: RockJam Xfinity Piano Keyboard Stand

X-shaped black keyboard stand

This is an X-shaped stand that can handle up to 45 pounds of weight. It’s built with two structures that provide adequate stability for your keyboard. Additionally, this stand comes with locking straps on each side that provide additional support for your keyboard, along with non-slip rubber caps for a stable instrument.

This stand comes pre-assembled, so you won’t have to worry about putting the pieces together. As an X-shaped stand, you’ll be able to fold it and set it aside when not in use. This stand also comes with a height-adjusting mechanism that allows you to increase the height from 4 inches to 38 inches. No matter your height and playing position, you’ll get the perfect stand adjustment you need to jam out!

Best for Lightweight Keyboards

RockJam Xfinity Heavy-Duty, Double-X, Pre-Assembled, Infinitely Adjustable Piano Keyboard Stand with Locking Straps

This is a quality keyboard stand that can hold up to 45 pounds, has a widely adjustable height, and folds up when not in use.

Best Heavy-Duty: Plixio Piano Keyboard Stand

H-shaped black keyboard stand

If you’re looking for a tougher, less-flimsy stand, check out this Z-frame stand from Plixio. This frame comes with a wide range of features to stabilize your keyboard: anti-slip padding, quick-release knobs for height and width adjustment, and anchoring attachments to strap your keyboard in.

Aside from its functionality, it’s incredibly durable. It can support up to 250 pounds and will stay in place with its gripping feet. This isn’t as portable as an X-frame stand, though. You can disassemble this stand tool-free, but it’ll take a little longer than those that fold up. Nevertheless, we recommend this stand for heavier keyboards, be it at home or on stage.

No-Fuss Design: Casio ARST Keyboard Stand

tall, slender, X-shaped, black keyboard stand

For a simple, standard design, the Casio ARST is a single X-frame stand to use for your keyboard. It has an adjustable height setting for up to six different heights. It’s adequately balanced and easily portable as well. It’s got a sleek design that won’t distract from your music.

No-Fuss Design

Casio ARST Single-X Adjustable Keyboard Stand , Black

This standard-shaped keyboard stand is a must-have if you're looking for something simple to get the job done.

Also Consider: ChromaCast CC-KSTAND X-Style Pro

double X-shaped black keyboard stand

This stand from ChromaCast is one of our favorites. It comes with adjustable height and width: make it 23.5 inches to 38.5 inches high and 12 inches to 33 inches wide—whatever is most comfortable in those ranges for you and your positioning. It also comes with 5-inch locking straps to secure your keyboard along with non-slip ends that’ll hold your keyboard firmly in place while you play.

It’s got a durable build as well; it has two X-frame structures for well-balanced support and can hold up to 150 pounds. It can also fold up for easy storage.

Also Consider

ChromaCast GoDpsMusic CC-KSTAND Double Braced X-Style Pro Series Keyboard Stand

This keyboard stand is durable, portable, and adjustable for easy playing.

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