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The Best Keyhole Router Bits for Woodworking

three keyhole router bits side by sideKeyhole router bits are handy tools to have on hand for homeowners and professional woodworkers alike. The main use for keyhole router bits is for mounting pictures, plaques, shelves, and other home accessories. Many people like these tools because they’re relatively simple to use and don’t necessarily require extra hardware. They also don’t show the mounting screws once their shelf or picture frame is in place. Keyhole router bits are handy because the holes they create allow you to make sure your home decorations are tight against the wall instead of sticking out slightly. Take a look at these keyhole router bits we recommend for you.

What to Look for in a Keyhole Router Bit

Make sure you consider these things before buying a keyhole router bit:

  • Size and Diameter: Be sure that the keyhole router bit in question creates holes that will fit the screws you’re using for your project as well as your table router if you plan to use them in tandem.
  • Drill Compatibility: While it’s not necessary for usage, some people like to mount their keyhole router bits on drills. Not all are drill-compatible, however.
  • Versatility: Most keyhole router bits work on solid wood as well as plywood, particleboard, and other similar materials, but it never hurts to double-check.
  • Material: The harder and more durable steel or metal keyhole router bits the better, as harder metals tend to give you cleaner cuts.

Top Choice: ZokMok Carbide Keyhole Router Bits

two blue-gray keyhole router bits with yellow heads

These keyhole router bits have a blade diameter of one-quarter of an inch each and work equally well handheld or attached to a table router. This particular set offers you two routers of different sizes, one with a head length of three-eighths of an inch and half an inch. This way you know you’ll have two routers on hand for projects that require different sizes, slots, and holes. Both routers are made of high-quality hardened steel alloy to give you nice clean cuts.

Top Choice

ZokMok 1/4 Shank Roundover Router Bits, Prevent Tear-Out, Perfectly Suitable for Light Work (Keyhole Bit)

These are hardened steel keyhole router bits that come in two sizes for different projects.

Best Kit: KOWOOD Router Bits

multiple assorted keyhole router bits in a wooden boxThis kit comes with router bits of 24 different shapes and sizes for any woodworking DIY or professional project you might work on. Every router bit is made of hardened steel to last with an anti-kickback design to protect you during use. They’ll work great with all woods as well as MDF, particleboard, and plywood. And the included study wooden carrying case protects your tools when they’re not being used and makes storage and portability a cinch.

Best Kit

KOWOOD 24X Router Bits Set 1/4 Inch Shank Made of 45# Carbon Steel C3 Alloy Blade for Professional Woodworking

Here's a set of keyhole router bits in 24 different shapes and sizes that comes with a convenient wooden carrying case.

Best Value: Shank T-Slot Keyhole Router Bits

two metallic silvery keyhole router bits with yellow heads

Low cost does not mean low quality with these two router bits, as their bodies are made of the highest quality hardened steel to give you clean, smooth cuts every time. The anti-kickback design protects you while you work. These router bits can be used to cute long T-slots in addition to the classic keyhole cut. Works well with portable and desktop engraving machines as well as handheld.

Best Value

1/4 Inch Shank Keyhole Router Bit Set, SellyOak T-Slot Router Bits- 3/8 & 1/2 Inch Blade Diameter

Try these two different-sized high-quality steel keyhole router bits that won't break the bank.

Also Consider: Bosch Carbide-Tipped Keyhole Router Bit

metallic silvery keyhole router bit with a half blue, half gray head

This keyhole bit can be used to create mounting slots in plaques and picture frames, as well as creating plunge and slot cuts. When attached to a table router, this tool is also useful for edge forming as well. It’s made of carbide with an extra micro-grain carbide tip to offer extra resistance against wear and tear. It’s able to create holes and cuts up to three-eighths of an inch and works on materials like plastic as well as wood.

Also Consider

BOSCH 85608MC 3/8 In. Carbide-Tipped Keyhole Router Bit

Take a look at this carbide-tipped keyhole router bit that works on plastic as well as wood.

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