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The Best Kids’ Bumper Cars

🕚 Updated March 2022

Do your little ones love adventure? Are you looking to encourage their wild side while still keeping them safe? If you answered yes to either of these questions, take a look at these high-quality bumper cars for your kids.

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6V Kids' Bumper Car
Twin-Motor 12V Kids' Bumper Car
Bumper Buddy
Bumper Car for Kids
Bumper Car for Kids 12V
Electric Bumper Car for Kids
Our SummaryThis is a safe and compact option for your young kids to enjoy indoors or outdoors.Take the fun up a notch with this bumper car.Your child will be safe and secure while enjoying cruising around in their very own car.Let your child enjoy the fun of bumper cars for years!This bumper car is made for your kids to enjoy some independence at a safe pace.
ProsASTM-certified, LED lights, 6V battery, parental control, joystick, 360-degree spin, stickers, several colors, 1- to 6-year-olds, 66-pound max.ASTM-certified, LED lights, 12V battery, dual-speed, steering and joystick, parental control, Bluetooth compatible, five colors, 1 to 6 years old, 66-pound max, 360-degree spin.ASTM-certified, Bluetooth compatible, high back, five-point harness, 12V, 360-degree spin, dual speed, ages 1-5, parental control option, lights.ASTM-certified for safety standards, music features, Ages 1-6, 12V, 360-degree spin, several colors, lights, stickers, durable car and battery, joystick.ASTM-certified, 6V battery, 1- to 6-year-olds, 66-pound max, fun stickers, 360-degree spin, joystick.
ConsLess than 1 mph, 2-point safety belt, louder motor.Battery doesn't hold a charge very long.Loud motor, weight limit is only 45 pounds.No Bluetooth capabilities.No music, two-point safety belt, no parental control option.
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The Best Kids’ Bumper Cars

Two kids riding around on bumper cars inside a playroom.

Bumper cars are a fun, safe way to entertain your kids and let them explore their adventurous energy. They come in various colors, shapes, and designs, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding one that fits your kid’s personal style. Here are some fantastic bumper cars that we recommend.

Buying Guide for Kids’ Bumper Cars

two young kids on mini bumper cars driving around.
Bumper Buddy

Why should you buy kids’ bumper cars?

Bumper cars can be an extra fun way for a child to break away from their usual toys, tricycles, scooters, or bikes. They’re not too big to be stored indoors, and as long as your home has hard flooring, your little one can cruise around no matter what the weather is like outside.

What should you consider when shopping for bumper cars for your kids?

  • Child’s Age or Size: Most bumper cars have a weight capacity of 66 pounds, although some may be lighter. The intended use of this type of bumper car is for 18-month-olds to 6-year-olds. Based on how old your child is, other qualities about the bumper car will be important to consider.
  • Material: To make sure your bumper car will withstand years of rough play, you need to invest in a car crafted with high-quality materials. The shell of your car should be made with sturdy plastic materials that are resistant to cracking. The bumper should be soft yet durable to protect your child and the car from damage when bumping into things.
  • Speed: These bumper cars aren’t designed to zip around, but the speeds vary from less than 1 mph to 2 mph. Generally speaking, these are both slow for super rambunctious children, but that’s what also makes them safe and smart, especially if you’re going to allow your child to use them indoors or without your parental control. That being said, some models do not go above 1 mph, while others have dual speed options.
  • Safety Features: While every bumper car has a seat belt, you can choose one that makes the most sense for your child. Some are a basic two-point system, while others come with three- or five-point harnesses. The age of your child, any special needs, and their size are all different factors for determining which seat belt system is best for you. Most options also come with a parental control feature that allows the parent to be the one driving the child around with a remote control. You can also look for models with anti-flat tires and a light system.

How complicated is it to drive a bumper car?

Based on the fact that a toddler is able to use it, it’s pretty easy! Turn it on, and your child can use the simplified joystick or steering wheel to move around. For models that come with parental control options, after pairing the remote to the bumper car, a parent will be able to take over and steer their child for extra safety or if the child is unable to drive it themselves.

Our Picks for the Best Bumper Cars

Top Choice

Kidzone 6V Kids' Bumper Car

This is a safe and compact option for your young kids to enjoy indoors or outdoors.

Pros: Designed for kids ages 18 months to 6 years old, these bumper cars provide safe and stimulating fun, complete with a 360-degree spin! For the older ones, kids can safely ride independently, but there is also a safe mode, which gives parents control over the rides of younger children. It is ASTM-certified, meaning the product and its features meet certain safety requirements and that it comes with a safety belt. These bumper cars come in several fun and bright colors. A string of LED lights adds extra fun to the experience, especially if the lights are lowered. The bumper car comes with a pack of stickers for your kids to use when customizing a unique design. The maximum weight capacity is 66 pounds.

Cons: This bumper car is quite noisy, even though it only runs with a 6V battery. It is a tame option, which is best for safety, but some more daring kids in the older range of this car may find it boring.

Bottom Line: This is not a wild ride, but it’s something different for your child to do when they’re craving some stimulation and movement. The safety features provide peace of mind to parents.


Best Deal

Kidzone Twin-Motor 12V Kids' Bumper Car

Take the fun up a notch with this bumper car.

Pros: This bumper car is made with a little extra oomph. It has a twin engine and a 12V battery. Toddlers and children from 18 months to 6 years old are able to safely use this car as long as they aren’t more than 66 pounds. Children can use the steering wheel for driving outside and the joystick while indoors. There are two modes, including one that is controlled by the parent, adding an extra level of safety, especially for the younger kids. This model comes with a safety belt and is ASTM-certified, so you can feel confident in the protection of your child. It comes in five colors and comes with a pack of stickers for your child to decorate their car to their own personality. LED string lights and Bluetooth music capabilities enhance the fun of this little roadster.

Cons: The battery doesn’t hold a charge as well after a few months of use.

Bottom Line: Switch up some play with this safe bumper car. The car can ride well indoors and outdoors and spin 360 degrees. This is a great “big kid” toy while still safe for most children, especially those who might be hesitant to try something new.


More Footroom

Bumper Buddy Bumper Car for Kids & Toddlers

Your child will be safe and secure while enjoying cruising around in their very own car.

Pros: This bumper car has a high back and a five-point harness system to keep your child sitting upright and secure as they cruise around, bump, and spin. The cushioned rubber bumper protects walls, furniture, and other objects from damage if your little one steers into it. More safety points are awarded for its parent-only mode and ASTM certification, meaning it meets strict safety standards. This 12V bumper car is designed for 18-month to 5-year-old kiddos. It has lights, Bluetooth capabilities, and stickers for extra fun as well.

Cons: The motor is very loud. The weight limit is 45 pounds, and it only comes in two colors as opposed to some other brands that have a wide variety of colors.

Bottom Line: This bumper car is compact enough to be ridden indoors and rides smoothly on solid surfaces inside and outside. The safety features keep your child protected during cruising, bumping, and spinning. This car is best suited for toddlers as the speed is quite slow and may not keep the older ones interested for long.


Premium Choice

Sakee Bumper Car for Kids 12V with Remote Control

Let your child enjoy the fun of bumper cars for years!

Pros: This fun bumper car is available in several bold colors and comes with extra pizazz like lights, music, and stickers. Your little one aged 18 months to 6 years old will love the freedom to drive themselves and spin around indoors or outside in the sunshine. The parental control can help you keep your child safe. This bumper car prioritizes safety with several safety certifications, including the industry’s standard ASTM certification. The maximum weight capacity is 66 pounds. The 12V battery delivers extra power for more prolonged use—around three hours.

Cons: This bumper car has its own music but does not have Bluetooth compatibility like some other options.

Bottom Line: This bumper car has a lot of similarities to other options, but it outperforms in longevity. It’s safe and fun for kids to use without parents being worried about walls getting marked up (no-scuff bumper) or children losing control (parental control mode). While the speed is slower, it can truly grow with your child or be passed down to a younger sibling, cousin, or friend when your child outgrows it, thanks to its durability and quality.


Best Design

TOBBI Electric Bumper Car for Kids

This bumper car is made for your kids to enjoy some independence at a safe pace.

Pros: This bumper car runs on a 6V battery that uses simplified joysticks for the child to independently steer. The compact car is designed for 18-month to 6-year-olds or those up to 66 pounds. Since it’s lined with a soft bumper, your walls are protected while your child races and spins inside or outside. Colorful LED lights on the bumper car add extra excitement to the fun sticker details. A seat belt helps keep your child secure. This fun bumper car comes with the option for a parent to buy a pack of two, knowing that sharing between siblings may not be successful with such a fun toy.

Cons: There is no option for the bumper car to be controlled by a parent. The seat belt is only a two-point system compared to other models with three- or five-point systems. This bumper car keeps driving the focus and doesn’t include music or Bluetooth capabilities in its list of bells and whistles.

Bottom Line: While the low speed is perfect for the younger age group, the seat is not as safe or comfortably designed in a way that is accommodating to those young riders. The bumper car is safe for the child as well as the home, but some safety upgrades (three- or five-point harness and parental controls) are not included. While this does lack some features, it is also a more affordable option and comes in a multi-pack which can save parents even more.

Final Thoughts

Kids’ bumper cars are a great way to switch things up during playtime. From fun lights to music to sensory exploration, a lot of fun goes into such a compact toy. Add one of these bumper cars to your kid’s lineup and watch them get a whole new feeling of excitement.

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