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The Best Kids’ Mittens

🕚 Updated November 2021

Few things beat a snowy day where kids can play, build snowmen, sled, ski, and enjoy hot chocolate after all the fun. To extend magical playtime in the snow, get a well-made pair of mittens for the child in your life.

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  Top Choice Best Design Variety Best Woven Best Fur-Lined Best Premium
  Zelda Matilda
Winter Waterproof Mittens
Easy-On Mittens
Arctic Paw
Kids' Knit Mittens
N'Ice Caps
Little Kids' Sherpa-Lined Mittens
Kids Mittens
Our SummaryThese gloves cover the bases of softness, warmth, waterproofing, and wrist coverage.Made from warm materials and vegan leather, these gloves can withstand harsh cold weather.These mittens are soft, warm, and dreamy with a thick Sherpa lining to keep little hands toasty.With sizes for tiny babies to first graders, these mittens will cover your little ones in softness and warmth.If your family is into snowy sports, these are a great selection for active kids.
ProsEasy clip closure helps keep mittens secure, warm enough to play snow sports, come in a wide range of sizes.Machine washable for easy cleaning, waterproof, knit cuffs on the base of the mittens.Stretchy, easy to care for, fantastic value, Sherpa lining.Easy to put on, have a Velcro strap, sold in a two-pack, Sherpa lining, made and tested in Minnesota.Completely waterproof, reflectors on the outside, highly rated for very cold temperatures.
ConsSizing may run a little large, the opening might be a little tight, could have trouble fastening the clips.Wrist straps can be tugged off, sizes run small, lining may separate from the outer layer of the mitten.Not available for children younger than 2, not waterproof, might fray.Not waterproof, not adjustable, styles not interchangeable.They run a little large, some buyers find the colors a little off, few color choices.
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The Best Kids’ Mittens

A boy in a hat, snow coat, and mittens plays in the snow.

It’s important to pick the right snow gear, like warm mittens, for your kids so that they stay comfortable while they’re out in the elements forming snowballs and making snow angels. We’ve rounded up a great selection of warm kids’ mittens to choose from.

Buying Guide for Kids’ Mittens

A young girl wears a white coat, a pink beanie, and pink mittens while holding snow and blowing it into the air.
Maria Evseyeva/Shutterstock.com

Why buy kids’ mittens?

Quite simply, mittens keep your kids’ hands warmer than most gloves can. Mittens are designed to keep the heat in and the moisture out. They keep fingers together to retain more body heat. Plus, kids grow out of things quickly, so you’ll likely need to buy them a new pair almost every year.

What should you consider in kids’ mittens?

  • Material: For optimal warmth, be sure to choose a material that is thick and waterproof. Many mittens are made from nylon and polyester, which are suitable for coming into contact with snow. Wool mittens are more stylish and will keep hands warm but perhaps not as dry.
  • Color: Almost every kid has a favorite color. You can find mittens in varying favorite hues, ones that match their jackets, or bold colors to stand out and be easy to find.
  • Wearability: Many pairs come with elastics or drawstrings so that the mittens stay in place and don’t slip off, making it easier for kids to wear them with confidence and enjoy outdoor playtime.

How do you find the right size of mittens for your child?

In the product listings, find the sizing chart to reference. You can measure your child’s hand by centimeters or inches and then compare it to the size chart to get the most appropriate size. Many kids’ products range in size by age group and fit accordingly, so that’s a good place to start if you can’t take measurements. You can also take a look at the reviews to see if they run true to size. Erring on the side of too big is probably better than too small since they can grow into them next year if needed.

Our Picks for the Best Kids’ Mittens

Top Choice

Zelda Matilda Winter Waterproof Mittens

These mittens cover the bases of softness, warmth, waterproofing, and wrist coverage.

Pros: An easy clip closure helps keep these waterproof mittens secured to your child’s hands without letting snow or cold air in. With their multiple layers of material, they are warm enough to stand up to snowy sports. They come in a wide range of sizes, from babies to big kids.

Cons: Sizing may run a little large, so be sure to try them on your child when you receive the order. The opening at the base of the mitten may be a little tight for some kids, making it more difficult to slip onto your child. Some people had trouble fastening the clips that keep the mittens in place.

Bottom Line: These are solid mittens made with several layers of thick and warm materials. They’re an excellent choice if you’re looking for warm and waterproof mittens that will stay in place.


Best Design Variety

Miaowoof Easy-On Mittens

Made from warm materials and vegan leather, these mittens were made to withstand harsh cold weather.

Pros: These mittens are machine washable for easy cleaning. They are completely waterproof, even after several washes and lots of wear. There are knit cuffs on the base of the mittens to keep your child’s wrists warm. Plus, they come in super cute designs that will make your kiddos smile.

Cons: The wrist straps aren’t strong enough to keep the mittens in place on smaller children who like to tug at them. Sizes run small, so you might want to size up. The lining may separate from the outer layer of the mitten and may be difficult to replace.

Bottom Line: These mittens come in adorable designs. They’re also a great value considering the care and the materials they’re made from. When they fit properly, they’re a fun choice to keep your child’s hands warm during snowy play.


Best Woven

Arctic Paw Kids' Knit Mittens

These mittens are soft, warm, and dreamy with a thick Sherpa lining to keep little hands toasty.

Pros: The material of these mittens is stretchy to accommodate in-between sizing. They’re machine washable and easy to care for. Plus, they’re pretty! They’re made from a knit material with a Sherpa lining to keep hands cozy and looking nice. They come in many colors and patterns, and they’re a fantastic value since you get three pairs in a pack.

Cons: These are not available for children younger than 2. Since they’re made from a knit material, they aren’t waterproof. Keep an eye out for frays in the thread.

Bottom Line: Super cute and warm, these mittens are a nice everyday option but aren’t great for playing in the snow. Kids will appreciate the cute designs and the soft lining. And the sweater-like material adds that extra-special homemade look to your child’s outerwear.


Best Fur-Lined

N'Ice Caps Little Kids Sherpa-Lined Mittens

With sizes for tiny babies to first graders, these mittens will cover your little ones in softness and warmth.

Pros: The baby-sized mittens are made without thumbs, so they’re easy to put on your baby. They have a velcro strap that helps keep them in place while being easy enough for older children to remove. Sold in a convenient two-pack, these mittens are a nice value. They’re also made and tested in Minnesota during the cold months, so you can feel confident that they will keep little hands toasty in frigid temperatures.

Cons: These mittens aren’t waterproof, though they are thick enough to withstand moisture for a short time. Though the Velcro straps work to keep them in place, they are not adjustable. And unfortunately, your two-pack comes as is; the styles are not interchangeable.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for two pairs of soft and warm mittens for a great price, these mittens are a fantastic option. They stand up to bitter cold temperatures beautifully and are great for everyday use.


Best Premium

MCTi Kids' Mittens

If your family is into snowy sports, these are a great selection for active kids.

Pros: These mittens are completely waterproof since the outer layer is made from nylon and faux leather. They also have reflectors on the outside to help keep your children safe. They’re extra-long to keep snow away from little arms and hands. They’re also highly rated for standing up against freezing temperatures while skiing, sledding, or snowmobiling.

Cons: They run a little large in the smaller sizes. The colors could vary from the photos. They only come in a few colors and one style.

Bottom Line: For mittens that will stand up against cold, wet, and snowy conditions, these mittens are a must. The extra-long design keeps children’s hands, wrists, and arms warm while repelling snow. They’re highly durable and will keep your kid comfortable during snowy sports.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to buying mittens for your favorite kids, it helps to understand their needs. If you’re buying for a baby or toddler, be sure you choose a selection that will stay in place. If you live in frigid conditions, choose mittens that will stand up against the weather. And if your child is an avid fashionista, choose the color and style that will make them smile.

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