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The Best Kids’ Sprinklers for Summer Fun

A child jumps over a sprinkler that is shaped into pink flowers.

Finding new activities during your kid’s summer break can be tough as you navigate toys, electronic devices, and outdoor safety. The overbearing light and heat from the sun can feel like a hindrance to enjoying the great outdoors. But you can beat the summer heat by creating your own backyard water park with the help of a fun sprinkler. These devices can shoot streams of water across your yard in minutes with a simple hose attachment. The spraying water keeps kids cool and entertains them for hours as they run and splash through the flowing water. Here are some fantastic kids’ sprinklers we recommend.

Choosing a Kids’ Sprinkler That’s Right for You

Keep these things in mind when looking for the perfect sprinkler:

  • Safety: Parents can imitate a pool with a splash pad that only holds a thin layer of water. Older children are safe to enjoy a deeper attached pool with parent’s supervision. However, pools and splash pads should be placed on grassy areas. Concrete, rocks, or brick can become slick with the water and cause children or adults to fall. If you want a soft spray that is safe for all children, look for a sprinkler that doesn’t rely on water pressure so that you can adjust the strength of the water stream through the hose. Sprinklers with openings that spray the stream across a wide area are also great for creating a soft splash of water.
  • Height:  For older kids, it is important to measure the height of the spray to ensure that the water stream isn’t aimed at their eyes and noses during play. Water pressure-sensitive sprinklers are great for creating different water stream heights. Inflatable water sprinklers in the shapes of animals or a rainbow also provided overhead spray for taller children to enjoy during their backyard adventures.
  • Material: PVC is the most common material to use in kid’s sprinklers that include a pool or inflatable section. The material is abrasion-resistant and is durable against stretching and tearing. Look for BPA-free or nontoxic PVC to avoid potentially harmful exposure to certain chemicals.

Best with Splash Pad: SplashEZ 3-in-1 Splash Pad

Three young children sit on a blue blue splash pad filled with water.

Mix your kid’s water adventures with a little bit of learning through this educational splash pad. While the water sprinklers create a fountain of fun, kids can splash through the thin layer of water that makes the decorative animals and letters on the pad shimmer. The plastic is BPA- and phthalate-free to ensure that your child has a safe experience while playing in the sprinklers. For children 12 months and older, water sprinklers are their next great sensory adventure that parents can join in on to create meaningful bonding moments.

Best with Splash Pad

Best for Young Kids: Melissa & Doug Pretty Petals Sprinkler

A green and pink kids sprinkler that features flower designs.

If your kids like to run free during the summer months, this flower sprinkler can give them the water park experience without leaving the backyard. The 12 flowers skirt streams of water are responsive to your hose’s water pressure, which allows parents to adjust the intensity and height of the water. A slow water flow is ideal for young children that want to play around in the water without parents having to handle a hose or purchase a pool. The durable plastic stays in place during use, while the petal openings damper the strength of the water stream to sprinkle the water across a wide area.

Best for Young Kids

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Pretty Petals Flower Sprinkler Toy With Hose Attachment

Watch your toddlers safely enjoy the cooling fun of these 12 flower sprinkler spouts that can be adjusted to create low water pressure.

Best Animal Sprinkler: BigMouth Inc. Giant Yellow Giraffe

A nine foot tall giraffe inflatable sprays water out of its mouth and onto two children.

Combine your child’s love for animals and water adventures with this extra-tall inflatable sprinkler. The giraffe stands at 9 feet tall and sprinkles water out of its mouth when inflated with BigMouth Inc.’s  BIG Easy Valve. The vinyl material is durable enough to handle several summers of fun while also withstanding corrosion. Vinyl is also easy to wipe down after you and your kids spend a wet day in the grass and dirt. And if a giraffe isn’t your kid’s favorite animal, consider the skunk, snake, unicorn, ape, or dog that also boasts a large stature.

Best Animal Sprinkler

Best with Pool: 3 in 1 Splash Pad Inflatable Sprinkler Pool

A young child plays with floating toys inside a short pool that features sprinklers spraying water and an inflatable elephant head.

Older kids can enjoy playing in the 7 inches of water this pool can produce without parents having to break the bank for a full-sized pool that isn’t suitable for all ages. This pool also comes with two spraying systems that include the standard fountain sprinklers along the pool’s edge and a heavier spray from the elephant head’s adjustable trunk. With 6 feet of play room, kids can easily create water adventures with friends and family. The PVC is BPA-free and non-toxic, so sensitive kids and pets can enjoy the pool without worry.

Best with Pool

3 in 1 Inflatable Baby Pool Toddler Pool, Splash Pad for Kids, Sprinkler for Kids, Water Toys Fun Gifts for 2 3 4 5 6 Years Old Boy Girl, Gifts for 3-12 Year Old Girl

Create a waterpark in your backyard with an educational pool that includes illustrations of elephants and every letter of the alphabet.

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