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The Best Kids’ Toothpastes

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🕚 Updated October 2021

From classic spearmint to spiced cinnamon and every flavor and formula in between, there are so many toothpaste options available not only to adults but to children, too.

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  Best with Fluoride Best Fluoride-Free Best Protective Paste Best Bundle Most Unique Flavor
  Tom's of Maine
Natural Children's Fluoride Toothpaste
Paw Patrol Toddler Training Toothpaste
Kid's Cavity Protection Toothpaste
Kid's Toothpaste Pump
Tanner's Tasty Paste
Children's Toothpaste
Our SummaryA three-pack of natural toothpaste that promotes cavity protection.Here's a toothpaste option that's child-friendly in regard to its ingredients and the beloved K9 mascots on its packaging.Backed by a highly regarded name that makes good on its dental defense, this is a top-of-the-line toothpaste option that works well for most.Here's a huge haul that offers over 26 ounces of cavity-fighting, bubble gum-flavored, sugar-free toothpaste.This chocolate-flavored toothpaste option brings a lot of fun to kids when brushing their teeth.
ProsAvailable in several flavors, bundled in a three-count, anti-cavity, features fruit juice to enhance flavors.A fluoride-free recipe, safe if swallowed, ingredients are gentle on the teeth.Crafted in a highly armored formula that protects against cavities and plaque, comes in a three-count.Packs the largest amount of toothpaste across six tubes, pump design allows kids to dispense with ease, sugar-free.An exciting deviation from standard tastes, ensures safety from allergic reactions, features cavity protection.
ConsContains small amounts of fluoride, not all children will find the taste or smell appealing.Its fruity flavor and safe recipe may tempt to children to swallow the paste too often, small capacity.Fluoride content can be harmful if ingested in large amounts, not everyone will love the taste.A pricier option than some may be willing to pay for toothpaste, cap design is easy to break, not for children under six.Fluoride recipe means parental supervision when brushing, sweet flavor may tempt a child to swallow.
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The Best Kids’ Toothpastes

A toddler and her mom brush their teeth looking at the bathroom mirror.
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Just like when you’re shopping for yourself, finding the right toothpaste for a child depends on a variety of factors that shouldn’t be overlooked. What your kiddo thinks matters too, and when you take their preferences into consideration, you’ll find the option that they’re bound to ask for time after time. If you’re in the market for a new kind of toothpaste for your child, then here are a few options that we think you should give a squeeze.

Buying Guide for Kids’ Toothpastes

A toddler brushes her teeth and holds a small tube of toothpaste.
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Why buy a particular type of kids’ toothpaste?

Developing the habit of brushing their teeth should start young. It’s essential that kids learn to care for their teeth properly by brushing them regularly. But run-of-the-mill and adult toothpastes aren’t ideal for young kids to use. Kids have different needs and different tastes, so not every option will work for or appeal to your child. Sure, some kids can work with pretty much anything, but others will have more specific preferences on taste. Other kids may take to the texture of a specific option better than another. Ultimately, whatever the texture or flavor, the toothpaste needs to care for their sensitive teeth and gums. So buy with multiple factors in mind.

What should you look for in kids’ toothpastes?

Consider these factors when searching for your kiddos ideal paste:

  • Ingredients: The most important factor to look into when buying your kid’s next batch of toothpaste is the contents of its paste. Again, while some standard choices agree with kids, not everyone’s teeth are built the same way. For instance, the use of fluoride in certain children’s toothpaste is appreciated for its strength, but it’s also avoided at times because it’s not good to swallow it, and young kids can be unpredictable in that regard. Additionally, some toothpaste recipes make better use of all-natural ingredients, as compared to those that favor artificial and overly sugary means.
  • Capacity: It’s also worthwhile to remember how much toothpaste you’re getting out of a single purchase. Many people only buy one tube of toothpaste at a time, and while kids tend to use only a pea-sized amount, you could definitely be tossing cash down the drain if the tube doesn’t feature ample capacity. Regardless of age, you should look to larger options or those that come in packs to decrease your odds of pulling out your credit card too soon after your first purchase.
  • Taste: Of course, it’s important to consider which flavor of toothpaste your kiddo enjoys the most. The classics are reliable, but some children can’t use mint- or cinnamon-flavored options because of allergy-related concerns. Fear not, as the toothpaste market is brimming with exciting flavors that taste just like fruits, bubble gum, and kids’ favorite sugary treats.

What are the most severe side effects of improperly using toothpaste with fluoride?

It’s vital to stress that fluoride is only negatively impactful when used incorrectly, so children are safe to use it if monitored and given a small amount per morning and nightly brushing. However, when used improperly, children leave themselves susceptible to one too many preventable worries. If ingested in large amounts, fluoride can cause issues as simple as an upset stomach or as dangerous as causing a dip in calcium in the body. If excessive amounts are applied to the teeth over too long of a period, your child can run the risk of developing the likes of dental or skeletal fluorosis.

Our Picks for the Best Kids’ Toothpastes

Best with Fluoride

Tom's of Maine Natural Children's Fluoride Toothpaste

A three-pack of natural toothpaste that promotes cavity protection.

Pros: Available in three kid-friendly flavors, this children’s toothpaste brings back a real sense of excitement to brushing your child’s pearly whites. This product brings you not one but three toothpaste tubes, each holding 5.1 ounces of silly strawberry, blueberry, or grape. To achieve a natural fruity taste outside of artificial ingredients, each toothpaste is created with multiple types of fruit juice to enhance the flavor and subsequent enjoyment for kids.

Cons: Though it contains mere amounts, some parents may feel opposed to this toothpaste option because of its use of fluoride, as it can be harmful if swallowed in large quantities. Not all kids will love the fruity flavors.

Bottom Line: If you’re seeking a decently-priced bundle that offers a unique variety of kid-favorite flavors, this three-pack of Tom’s of Maine Natural Children’s Fluoride Toothpaste should satisfy most kiddos.


Best Fluoride-Free

Orajel Paw Patrol Toddler Training Toothpaste

Here's a toothpaste option that's child-friendly in regard to its ingredients and the beloved K9 mascots on its packaging.

Pros: For parents who’d like to avoid the stress of potential fluoride effects, this toothpaste forgoes the chemicals in favor of a fluoride-, alcohol-, and dye-free concoction. The absence of fluoride makes this toothpaste entirely safe if in the event it is swallowed. It’s crafted with a multitude of ingredients that are easy on a kid’s teeth, like water, glycerin, sorbitol, and cellulose gum, all of which stand alone without a sugar-laced flavoring to counteract their benefits.

Cons: An unintentional drawback to combining a safe-to-swallow paste with a “fruity fun” taste is a kiddo’s craving to swallow the toothpaste every time they brush. It’s fluoride-free, so there isn’t much worry around ingesting too much, but it can lead to a few tummy aches down the road if done too often. This tube’s small size is also concerning, as its 1.5-ounce toothpaste capacity means spending more money over time.

Bottom Line: A safe toothpaste recipe that features a big promotion from childrens’ favorite K9 crew, this Orajel Paw Patrol Toddler Training Toothpaste is an inexpensive choice that’s totally free of the harmful chemicals that can irritate a young brusher’s gums.


Best Protective Paste

Crest Kid's Cavity Protection Fluoride Toothpaste

Backed by a highly regarded name that makes good on its dental defense, this is a top-of-the-line toothpaste option that works well for most.

Pros: Balancing its child-forward properties with maximum dental safeguarding, this toothpaste choice is ideal for parents seeking optimal protection against the formation of cavities. Its dependence on fluoride means your child’s teeth will be protected against the buildup of plaque and tooth decay brought on by bacteria and acids, amounting to an overall stronger enamel. It comes in a three-pack, each of which contains 4.2 ounces of paste, which is great for longevity.

Cons: Parents run a risk when supplying their children with this option because of fluoride’s propensity to harm digestion and enamel if used in excess. This toothpaste isn’t suitable for children younger than 2 years old, so you’ll need to look elsewhere when it comes to finding the perfect training paste. Some users have noted that this paste features trace amounts of mint despite not reflecting so on the box, which can lead to trouble for those with an allergy to the ingredient.

Bottom Line: Another great value that offers ample toothpaste capacity in its three-count packaging, this Crest Kid’s Cavity Protection Fluoride Toothpaste makes a strong case to be the only strawberry-flavored shield your child’s teeth will need.


Best Bundle

Colgate Kids Toothpaste Pump

Here's a huge haul that offers over 26 ounces of cavity-fighting, bubble gum-flavored, sugar-free toothpaste.

Pros: This is a terrific value bundle that packs some serious toothpaste capacity. Within it are six toothpaste tubes, each holding 4.4 ounces of paste, so you’re getting just over 26 total ounces. However, these aren’t just tubes but toothpaste pumps, allowing kids to apply the gel to their brush with ease and significantly less mess than capped choices. Its mild bubble fruit flavor is enjoyable to taste while remaining sugar-free for further protection.

Cons: Upfront, it’s a pricier option than some may be comfortable paying for toothpaste, even if they’re getting a solid bang for their buck. Unlike most options for kids, this toothpaste is not suitable for children under the age of 6, so you’ll have to buy an alternative option for younger kids. Some users have noted that while the pump design is easy to squeeze, it’s also easy to break the top off of the dispenser.

Bottom Line: For the parents who appreciate a value that will keep them from heading to the store for quite a while, this Colgate Kids Toothpaste Pump brings you a robust amount of toothpaste that knows how to fight cavities while remaining gentle on your child’s enamel.


Most Unique Flavor

Tanner's Tasty Paste Children's Toothpaste

This chocolate-flavored toothpaste option brings a real sense of excitement to kids when brushing their teeth.

Pros: Tired of the classic mint and fruity flavors? Here’s a more exciting option. On its surface, it’s a fluoride toothpaste that aids in the prevention of early cavity growth. Allow a kid to make a few swift brushes, and they’ll quickly discover that this option is flavored like one of their favorite treats: chocolate ice cream. This departure from the average flavors is ideal for kids with an aversion to anything mint-flavored.

Cons: As expected with options that feature fluoride, a parent will need to monitor a child’s usage, as using more toothpaste than necessary can lead to damaged teeth, and swallowing it can result in an irritated stomach or worse. Moreover, the repeated issue with toothpaste options that attempt to replicate a sweet flavor that kids will want to brush their teeth with is actually succeeding, and this paste’s rich chocolate taste may tempt a child to eat it.

Bottom Line: If you have a kiddo who’s previously been fussy about the idea of brushing their teeth, this Tanner’s Tasty Paste Children’s Toothpaste comes in a flavor they can’t refuse while keeping their pearly whites in tip-top condition.

Final Thoughts

There’s a multitude of reasons why you should care about the toothpaste that your children are using to brush their teeth. Both children and toothpastes are unique, so put some real consideration into the next option you pick up.

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