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The Best Kids’ Water Shoes

🕚 Updated April 2023

Water shoes for kids are a must-have to avoid unnecessary injuries while playing near a pool, at a waterpark, or along a beach or river. We've uncovered a variety of great choices for you to check out below.

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  Top Choice Most Color Options Best Water Sneaker Best Water Sandal Unique Design
Kids' Swim Water Shoes
Centipede Demon
Kids' Water Shoes
Kids' Slip-on Quick-Dry Water Shoes
Kids' Protective Water Shoes
Kids' Water Shoes
Our SummaryProtect tiny feet on every adventure with these slip-resistant shoes.Breathable and lightweight, your kids can spend all day playing in these quick-drying water shoes.For fun hiking, fishing, and kayaking adventures, these sneaker-style water shoes for kids are a must-have.Great for camping, poolside, and theme park adventures, these comfortable sandal-style water shoes are great for all-day wear.These sneaker-like water shoes are light enough to wear in the water without slowing your kids down.
Pros✓ Durability and protective
✓ Slip-resistant rubber soles
✓ Supportive fit without smelliness or sogginess
✓ Easy to wear and take off
✓ Cute patterns
✓ Comfortable
✓ True to size
✓ Breathable
✓ Quick-drying
✓ Great for wet or dry terrain
✓ Easy for kids to get on and off
✓ Durable
✓ Versatile
✓ Rubber sole
✓ Lightweight mesh material
✓ Extra breathable
✓ Flexible yet sturdy
✓ Protective bump toe guard
✓ Lightweight
✓ Sneaker-like traction
✓ Stylish
✓ Breathable
Cons✗ Sizes run small
✗ Color may fade
✗ Inner soles may come out✗ Not light enough for swimming✗ Colors might be off
✗ Potential smelliness
✗ Tend to collect dirt
✗ High backs may be irritating
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The Best Kids’ Water Shoes

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Buying Guide for Kids’ Water Shoes

Four kids on the beach wearing beach shoes.

Why buy kids’ water shoes?

If your family frequents splash parks or public pools, enjoys lake or beach trips, or loves fishing, kayaking, or other water sports, having a pair of water shoes on may be a good idea. Water shoes do a fantastic job of protecting little feet from harm in wet areas. Most water shoes also help prevent slipping. They’re much safer and protect feet better than most sandals.

What should you consider in kids’ water shoes?

  • Style: Most kids’ water shoes come in one of three styles: sock-style, sneaker-style, or sandal style, with some variations in between. For little ones who will spend most of their time fully submerged in water, sock-style water shoes are an excellent choice since they’re lightweight and stay in place. Sneaker-style water shoes are better for hiking in or near water like creeks or rivers or for playing water sports. Sandal-style water shoes can also be good for hiking, but they do a wonderful job protecting little feet at theme parks and beaches.
  • Colors and Patterns: Many kids love to make a personal statement with every accessory they wear. Their protective water shoes shouldn’t be any different. Water shoes for kids come in various colors and patterns to make your little ones smile.
  • Proper Sizing: Buying water shoes for growing feet can be tricky. Some water shoes for kids are adjustable, so you can purchase a half-size to a size up, hoping they’ll last the whole season. Also, some water shoes are only sold in European sizes, so consult a sizing chart before you buy.

Are water shoes slip-resistant?

Kids’ water shoes are made to keep your little ones safe on slippery underwater surfaces; the soles of water shoes are typically made of materials that provide good traction, such as rubber or non-marking, high-density synthetic materials, to help keep the wearer stable on slippery surfaces. However, the level of slip resistance can vary depending on the specific water shoes you are considering, so it is important to check the product specifications or reviews to ensure that the shoes you are interested in provide adequate slip resistance. If you have a less agile little one, the more traction, the better. And remember, it’s still unsafe for kids to run along the poolside, even if they wear slip-resistant shoes.

Our Picks for the Best Kids’ Water Shoes

Top Choice

Bigib Kids' Swim Water Shoes

Protect tiny feet on every adventure with these adorable slip-resistant shoes.

Pros: If you’re looking for high-quality and safe shoes for your child to wear during indoor or outdoor activities, these shoes are a great choice. They are made with 100% synthetic materials and a rubber sole, which provide durability and protection for your child’s feet. The fabric upper with overlays also ensures a close and supportive fit while preventing any unpleasant smells or sogginess. The slip-resistant sole ensures your child’s safety while running or walking on slippery surfaces. With a smooth neck design, these shoes are easy to wear and take off without causing any scratches. Suitable for both boys and girls, these shoes are perfect for various activities, including beach sports, swimming, walking, and running. And they’re available in several cute, colorful patterns featuring adorable sea creatures like octopi and starfish.

Cons: The biggest issue with these is sizing. They tend to run small and fit snugly on wide feet. Considering sizing up and checking the product measurement chart to ensure a proper fit for your little one. You also may notice color fading after repeated use.

Bottom Line: These children’s water shoes are cute, comfortable, and durable, a great overall option for most kids. They’re versatile and can be used for indoor and outdoor water activities, making them equally ideal for the water park, hotel pools, or a day at the lake.


Great Variety

Centipede Demon Kids' Water Shoes

Breathable and lightweight, your kids can spend all day playing in these quick-drying water shoes.

Pros: Consider these if you are looking for comfortable and lightweight water shoes for your kids. They come in bright and vivid colors, adding extra protection for beachwear. The shoes are soft, flexible, and dry quickly, making them super comfy for your kids. Thanks to the Velcro closure, they are also easy for your kids to put on and take off by themselves. These shoes are great to wear in water or sand, as they keep feet from stepping on hot sand or sharp objects in the ocean. They also come at a great value for the money.

Cons: Because these are lightweight, they may not be durable enough for rough water activities, and the thin fabric may wear out quickly. In addition, there are noted issues with the shoes falling apart or showing signs of wear after only a few uses. Some users also noted that the sizing chart was not accurate.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for an adorable pair of water shoes for your kids, look no further. These are lightweight and affordable for most water activities.


Best Water Sneaker

ALEADER Kids' Slip-On Quick-Dry Water Shoes

For fun hiking, fishing, and kayaking adventures, these sneaker-style water shoes for kids are a must-have.

Pros: Perfect for your little athlete, these water shoes can tackle any terrain, wet or dry. With some stretch, they’re easy for your kids to get on and off. There are several sporty colors to choose from, and they are lightweight and comfortable. Plus, these shoes are easy to clean and dry quickly. And they’re durable, lasting through many adventurous days of outdoor fun.

Cons: Sizing can be tricky, so it is best to consult the size chart or try it on before ordering. These can be difficult to put on and remove when wet, sometimes requiring help from others. In addition, some found that extended wear caused blisters.

Bottom Line: These are an adorable pair of sneaker-style water shoes for your kids that fit well and stay on during water and land sports. These shoes are perfect for summer water park fun and vacation trips to the beach.


Best Water Sandal

Nautica Kids' Protective Water Shoes

Great for camping, poolside, and theme park adventures, these comfortable sandal-style water shoes are great for all-day wear.

Pros: This pair is a great option if you’re looking for a durable and comfortable water shoe for your child that offers extra breathability and foot freedom. With a rubber sole and protective bump toe guard, these shoes keep your child’s feet safe while playing. The soft material will keep their feet comfortable, while the lightweight mesh material is perfect for summer activities. These shoes are also designed with a flexible, slip-resistant, anti-collision, durable, and sturdy rubber soles, making them great for active children. Additionally, they are breathable, so your child’s feet will stay protected while still being able to breathe in water and on land.

Cons: You may find that the colors of the shoes you receive don’t perfectly match the colors advertised, and they don’t run true to size. They also tend to collect dirt and become slippery on smooth surfaces, meaning they’re not the safest, especially for less agile or coordinated kids.

Bottom Line: If you are looking for a breathable mesh water shoe for your little one that is lightweight and has a flexible, soft, slip-resistant, anti-collision, durable, and sturdy rubber sole, these water shoes are worth considering—especially if you or they prefer sandals over closed shoes.


Unique Design

CIOR Kids' Water Shoes

These sneaker-like water shoes are light enough to wear in the water without slowing your kids down.

Pros: These water shoes are a must-have for any summer adventure. The rubber sole provides excellent traction and protects little feet from sharp rocks and stones, while the stretchy, breathable fabric keeps feet cool and healthy. The cushion insoles are made of soft EVA materials, reducing muscle fatigue and providing extra comfort. These water shoes are perfect for various activities, including beach trips, swimming, sailing, boating, etc. They are also versatile for casual wear, such as jogging, walking, and gardening. With their durable construction and comfortable feel, these water shoes are a great choice for any family outing.

Cons: The high backs on these shoes may irritate some children. Others have experienced slipping even while wearing the shoes, defeating the purpose of their non-slip sole. Some customers have also reported discomfort and blisters from wearing the shoes, while others have complained about the shoes falling apart after only a few wears.

Bottom Line: If you are looking for stylish hybrid water shoes for your kids, these may be an excellent choice. These water shoes for kids combine the lightweight feel of a water sock with the traction of a sneaker.

Final Thoughts

Unlike most sandals, water shoes are built to play in the water and on land, making it easy for your little one to play near the water and make your life easier. Kids’ water shoes can protect little feet, and they do so while remaining comfortable enough for running and playing. From the vast ocean to the neighbor’s pool, your kids will get tons of use out of their water shoes.

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