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The Best King Comforters

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🕚 Updated December 2022

If you're in the market for a new king comforter, whether for your king mattress or to end night-time tug-of-war over smaller blankets, these top-rated comforters can help elevate your sleep game.

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  Top Choice Most Lightweight Best Reversible Choice Best Down Pick Great for All Seasons
8-Piece Pleated Comforter Set
Pure Bedding
Oversized Bedspread
8-Piece Reversible Comforter Set
Premium Grey-Duck Down Comforter
Quilted Down Alternative Comforter
Our SummaryA stylish and ultra-soft comforter set at a great price.Top your bed with sophistication with this stunning comforter.A reversible comforter to match your mood and motif.A high-quality comforter filled with 80% feathers and 20% down.Plop this cloud-like comforter on your bed for a sound sleep.
Pros✓ Lightweight microfiber
✓ Pinch-pleated design
✓ Includes eight pieces
✓ Multiple colors
✓ Solid color and a classic quilted pattern
✓ Lightweight enough to use year-round
✓ Made of 100% microfiber ✓ Fade-, stain-, and pill-resistant
✓ 100% polyester
✓ Reversible design
✓ Eight-piece set
✓ Ideal for cold weather
✓ Choose your color
✓ Hotel-inspired
✓ 100% cotton
✓ Corner ties for duvet
✓ Cruel-free feather and down filling
✓ Soft, breathable, RDS certified
✓ Soft and breathable
✓ Premium polyfill evenly distributed
✓ Maintains heat
✓ Made with secure stitching
✓ Machine-washable and can be dried
Cons✗ Basic set can wear after too many washes✗ Not heavy-duty for warmth✗ May be too warm for year-round use✗ Comforter swishes
✗ Causing some noise
✗ More thin and flat than expected
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The Best King Comforters

A king-size bed with a white fluffy comforter and multiple pillows.
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Bigger isn’t always better, but when it comes to ensuring comfy, sound sleep, a roomy king comforter can make all the difference, especially when it’s made with premium materials, like 100% cotton, feathers, or down. Even science agrees—the right comforter will provide warmth and a sense of security, which aids in a deeper sleep and, ultimately, better brain performance, mood, and health. Check out these high-quality comforters that encourage better sleep.

Buying Guide for King-Size Comforters

A sleeping young woman in bed with a big puffy comforter over her.
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Why invest in a comforter? 

Do you have a king-size bed begging for a new, quality comforter? Or maybe you sleep on a queen bed and need roomier and more substantial covers if you share your bed. King comforters are bigger, heavier, warmer, and feel more secure; you’ll never have to worry about cold feet again (unless you’re one of those leg-out sleepers). Choose your favorite patterns and designs, whether playful or formal, and buy the blanket alone or invest in a full set with bedsheets, pillowcases, shams, a bed skirt, and even decorative pillows.

What should you consider when buying a king-size comforter?

  • Materials: Most importantly, make sure you know whether or not you’re allergic to materials like polyester, feathers, or down. This will decide what types of king comforters you can consider and purchase. Most comforters are constructed and filled with cotton, polyester, silk, wool, or down, and each can create a cozy atmosphere in your bed, but some will be warmer than others.
  • Design: Think about the purpose and aesthetic you want to achieve according to your needs and style. If you’re a modern, function-first sleeper, a simple white down comforter could be perfect. If looks are just as important as feel, try a pleated or gathered comforter in a bright, color. Also remember that duvet covers come in thousands of designs and can slip over your comforter whenever you want to switch things up.
  • Quality: The best way to measure comforter quality is to ensure it’s heavy enough for you to feel its effects and light enough to keep you from waking up sweaty in the middle of the night. Note that real down is deemed one of the highest-quality fills, but down alternatives can still be high-quality. Check for soft material and good stitching.

How much does a quality king-size comforter cost?

It’s safe to apply the age-old standard of “you get what you pay for” when it comes to shopping for comforters. If you want a classic white comforter that delivers basic comfort and warmth, you’ll pay around $30. If you want something that will last longer and feel more luxurious, you’ll pay at least $50—more if you buy one that’s made with real down or that comes in a set. Quality costs money, and quality sleep is one of the most important investments you’ll make.

Our Picks for the Best King Comforters

Top Choice

Bedsure 8-Piece Pleated Comforter Set

A stylish and ultra-soft comforter set at a great price.

Pros: Elevate your bedroom with this charming, lightweight microfiber comforter set from Bedsure. At a great value, you’ll own a gorgeous, pinch-pleated comforter, pillow shams, fitted/flat sheets, and a floor-length bed skirt. It comes in unique colors, like teal, pink, and light blue. Its bold geometric pattern instantly adds dimension and interest to your modern or classic space. With important features, including a deep-pocket fitted sheet and easy envelope pillowcases, your new king-size comforter promises space, softness, and sweet dreams.

Cons: This is a great set for a guest bed that doesn’t require weekly washes, as it’s a more basic, lightweight comforter and sheet set.

Bottom Line: For a fair price, you get an attractive and cozy cover for warm months. It’s light, easy to handle, and includes everything you need for a bed in one purchase.


Most Lightweight

Pure Bedding Oversized Bedspread

Top your bed with sophistication with this stunning comforter.

Pros: If you’re wanting a more subdued yet elegant style for your bed, this bedspread from Pure Bedding delivers both. It complements most bedrooms since it’s a solid color and has a classic quilted pattern for a bit of charm. Since it is so lightweight, it can be used throughout the year for curling up in the cold or lounging around when it’s warm. You’ll love that it’s made of 100% microfiber and is more fade-, stain-, and pill-resistant than other fabrics.

Cons: If you’re looking for warmth and something more heavy-duty, you may need to look elsewhere.

Bottom Line: Although this may not provide a lot of heat or plush softness, this comforter can bring your room together in a classy style and help hot sleepers stay cool at night. Give your bed a slight facelift with this lightweight option that gives just the right amount of comfort.


Best Reversible Choice

Bedsure 8-Piece Reversible Comforter Set

A reversible comforter to match your mood and motif.

Pros: Get two aesthetics in one with this eight-piece, 100% polyester reversible comforter from Bedsure. The extra-full set includes all the expected bedding essentials plus a coverlet and pillowcases for a hotel-like experience every night. It’s also an excellent source of warmth with 240-GSM alternative filling. Order your favorite color scheme between black, grey, white, and beautiful blues, then flip it over for darker or lighter vibes, depending on mood and occasion.

Cons: Although it’s advertised as a year-round comforter, its quality materials provide extra warmth and might be better just for colder months. You decide!

Bottom Line: You’re paying for a single comforter and receiving two designs, which makes this an excellent option for the price. Plus, it’s an expanded set that offers high-quality comfort and coziness.


Best Down Pick

Royoliving Premium Grey Duck Down Comforter

A high-quality comforter filled with 80% feathers and 20% down.

Pros: Looking for a luxury-hotel-inspired comforter? This Royoliving 100% cotton blanket (and duvet insert) fully stuffed with genuine, cruel-free duck feathers and down takes quality sleep to a new level. It’s constructed to regulate sleep temperatures throughout the year with ultra-soft, breathable OEKO-Tex Standard fabric verified for safety. You’ll sleep even more peacefully knowing your new feather down comforter is ethically made and RDS Downpass certified.

Cons: You may hear your comforter swishing if you move throughout the night. It’s not 100% noise-free.

Bottom Line: The level of fluff in this hotel-quality comforter is hard to pass up, especially if you enjoy cuddling up with a large, ultra-soft blanket that won’t compromise healthy sleep temperatures.


Pros: Want an out-of-this-world experience when you sleep? Take a look at this down-alternative comforter from EASELAND. It takes soft and breathable to the next level with premium polyfill that is evenly distributed throughout the comforter. You’ll love that it maintains heat no matter what time of the year it is, yet is not too heavy that it smothers you during the warmer months. It’s made with secure stitching, so you have no reason to worry about any filling leaking. Last but not least, you can throw it in the wash in cold water and then in the dryer on low heat.

Cons: It’s thinner and flatter than expected.

Bottom Line: For those who love a traditional and simple taste, this white down-alternative comforter is your new friend. Its fluffy design will have you wrapped in ultimate comfort and provide quality deep rest.

Final Thoughts

Ready to sleep so deep that you’ll hit “snooze” half a dozen times? Think about your bedtime goals and which materials and designs best suit your home, then find your ideal comforter in one of these hot-selling options. Sleep tight!

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