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The Best King Platform Bed Frames

🕚 Updated October 2021

If you're a king mattress sleeper who demands a bit more sophistication and storage opportunities than you would get out of an everyday box spring, the platform bed frame is waiting for your investment.

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  Best Upholstered Frame Best Wooden Frame Best Vintage Frame Best with Storage Best Low-Key Frame
Shalini Bed Frame
Vivek Platform
Bushwick Metal Bed
Dakota Platform Bed
King Size Bed Frame
Our SummaryEasy on the eyes and soft to the touch, this king platform bed frame features corner-to-corner fabric upholstery and great internal support.Boasting a traditional appearance that's as sturdy as it is visually comforting, this king platform bed frame is an immensely hard-wearing choice.Here's an all-metal bed frame that boasts a lovingly antique style.A lavish king platform bed frame that combines great style and functionality.A subtle but highly effective bed frame that's easy on the wallet while providing amazing foundational support.
ProsSoft fabric exterior, tough interior steel framework promotes stability and longevity, precisely structured slat design prevents sagging.Crafted in a classic design, available in two welcoming colors, solid wood construction.Design resembles an aged antique, features a headboard and footboard, frame can be adjusted between two heights.Features four built-in storage compartments, faux leather upholstery pairs well with additional detailing.Steel frame can withstand up to 3,500 pounds, features nine legs on its underside, simple assembly process.
ConsFabric upholstery and diamond tufts may tear over time, 90-pound frame can be difficult to move once it has been assembled.Headboard doesn't rest well on frame, metal rail legs might bend a bit.Minimal weight limit support, screws are known to unravel over time, can rust if uncared for.Heaviest platform frame on the market, plastic drawer construction can feel flimsy, large price tag.Not the most stunning frame, separate platform frame design doesn't allow for easy attachment of headboards later on, mattress tends to slide on metal slats.
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The Best King Platform Bed Frames

An abstract painting is above a king-sized bed with grey bedding and blue cozy blanket in a bedroom.

A platform frame is an alternative form of a bed base that doesn’t just provide you with foundational support and safekeeping for your mattress, but the kind that looks good and adds storage space, too. Some are thin and sleek; others are massive and content to turn your bed into a piece of multifaceted furniture. Here are a few platform bed frames we think your king mattress could benefit from.

Buying Guide for King Platform Bed Frames

A king bed on a white upholstered platform bed with a headboard and footboard.

Why buy a platform frame for your king mattress?

If you’re looking into a platform frame, it may be because you think box springs are far too bulky and impractical for your needs, but this search goes beyond the limitations of what you don’t want. The platform frame allows for a variety of functions beyond proper support. It can grant you another level of storage as well as a more exciting appearance for your room. The right platform frame may even promote the correct amount of air circulation for the warm sleepers out there.

What should you look for in a platform frame?

  • Design Style: A tremendous part of the fun of your search for the right platform frame is deciding which style suits your surroundings. Are you seeking a look that wouldn’t seem out of place in a warm cottage? What about something that’s a bit more bohemian, or even a choice that embraces the luxury of modern living? Your final design pick should reflect what you value most.
  • Material Construction: On the heels of design style is the construction of your platform frame. Steel platform frames are a go-to choice, given their affordability, simple assembly process, and long usage. However, platform frames made of wood are typically much more attractive, as they are visually exciting and can promote a welcome amount of breathability due to their flexible slats.
  • Sizing: King mattresses are already large, so it’s crucial that you consider the amount of space you can afford to give up. An option that proudly dresses up your king is a sight worth savoring, but if it comes at the expense of getting around your room comfortably, then it’s all for naught. Of course, don’t be afraid to buy something that makes a compelling statement in your room if you can afford to tack a few more inches onto your mattress.

What’s the difference between an integrated and separate bed frame?

Whether it be crafted from solid wood or steel, your platform frame will fall into one of the two categories in question. An integrated frame is an option that includes the likes of a built-in headboard, footboard, or even side rails. Users tend to see this option as the complete choice for their room, as it features worthwhile attachments and not just a base for your back. The separate frame provides a low-key design aesthetic that doesn’t detract or conflict with an established theme in your bedroom; it’s there for the support and nothing more. Some separate frames still include slots for a headboard or footboard, so you can slide them into place rather than replace the whole frame.

Our Picks for the Sturdiest King Bed Frames

Best Upholstered Frame

Zinus Shalini Bed Frame

Easy on the eyes and soft to the touch, this king platform bed frame features corner-to-corner fabric upholstery and great internal support.

Pros: Featuring a combination of trusted materials that are both durable and lush, this platform frame offers maximum bang for your buck. Its exterior surface is draped in a dense yet soft fabric upholstery, while its interior steel framework keeps it together for years on end. In total, this king platform can support up to 700 pounds across its reinforced wooden slats, each of which is spaced just precisely enough to avoid mattress sagging.

Cons: While it takes great pride in the details of its construction, there’s a potential for greater damage because of that. This platform bed’s fabric is kind to the touch, but there’s a likelihood that it can tear and expose its inner steelwork. Its button stitching on each diamond pattern may also come loose or fall off over time, creating a safety hazard for young children and animals. Its 90-pound frame can also be tough to move when finally pieced together.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a platform frame that immediately makes your room cozier, this Zinus Shalini Bed Frame does so with delicate stitchwork, cushioned padding, and three soothing colors.


Best Wooden Frame

Zinus Vivek Platform Bed

Boasting a traditional appearance that's as sturdy as it is visually comforting, this king platform bed frame is an immensely hard-wearing choice.

Pros: Adding a classic feel to your sleeping quarters, this platform frame, from its legs to its paneled headboard, is forged entirely from real wood that bears an antique espresso or rustic pine hue. Its solid wood construction pairs nicely in almost any style of home while also supporting almost every style of mattress. Its 12-inch rise off the ground also provides suitable support without the help of a box spring.

Cons: Its solid wood construction is stunning, but some users have noted key issues that come with its use. To some, the frame’s headboard rests a bit lower than expected, in a way that doesn’t mesh with the overall presentation with the rest of the unit. And unlike padded alternatives that you can lean up against with ease, a wooden headboard won’t grant you the same amount of comfort. Additional users have also noted that the metal rail and legs in the middle of the frame can bend over time.

Bottom Line: A traditionally gorgeous setup that features plenty of reliable support, this Zinus Vivek Platform Bed is crafted from genuine wood that would appeal to fans of the rustic look and those who want a solid framework.


Best Vintage Frame

Novogratz Bushwick Metal Bed

Here's an all-metal bed frame that boasts a lovingly antique style.

Pros: Available in five fan-favorite colors and one brilliantly timeless design, this platform frame provides stability, durability, and attractiveness. It’s crafted from metal and is complete with a headboard, footboard, and decorative bulbs on each of the final posts. This frame can also be adjusted to between a 6- and 11-inch clearance, which allows for a greater sense of firmness or under-bed storage.

Cons: Despite its steel framework and promise of reinforced support, you may be surprised to find that this platform frame should not exceed a 450-pound weight limit, which is several hundred pounds less supportive than other options on the market. Unlike wooden frames, some users have noted that the screws can often unravel and fall out of place in this metal frame. You’ll also need to be wary of rust because once it starts, it’s hard to stop.

Bottom Line: An ideal option that taps into our love for the throwback looks, this platform frame features an antique edge that’s backed up by modern enjoyments, like an easy setup, lightweight design, and welcome detailing.


Best with Storage

DHP Dakota Platform Bed

A lavish king platform bed frame that combines great style and functionality.

Pros: For those with more attire and valuables than their closet can contain, here’s a platform frame that can support your backside in more ways than one. As a piece of foundational support, its large frame and wooden slats are encased in a body that features fashionable faux leather with button-tufted diamond detailing across its headboard and footboard. Encased within the frame, however, are four plastic drawers that can be wheeled in and out of the underside of the bed, supporting up to 40 pounds of storage per drawer.

Cons: Of course, all of its support inevitably weighs it down. In total, this platform frame has a weight of 131 pounds, and that’s when the drawers are empty, so you should be absolutely certain of placement before you start settling in. While light enough to be pulled in and out with ease, the drawers’ plastic construction can leave much to be desired in terms of support the heavier they get. This option also carries one of the heftiest price tags on the market.

Bottom Line: If you’re unafraid to spare no expense, this DHP Dakota Platform Bed provides a premium level of comfort and convenience, as it functions as more than a bed frame but as a genuine piece of home furniture.


Best Low-Key Frame

COMASACH King Size Bed Frame

A subtle but highly effective bed frame that's easy on the wallet while providing amazing foundational support.

Pros: With one of the strongest foundations around, this platform frame is light on overall style but big on unmatched weight support for the sturdiest slumber. Its body is forged from durable steel that features nine heavy-duty legs that cover the corner and the center of the frame so as to maintain stability and prevent sagging. Underneath each leg is a plastic cap that preserves the integrity of your floor, all without making a sound. Its integrated structure also makes the assembly process a breeze.

Cons: Understandably for some users, this platform frame may lack a certain sense of panache that others possess. Its simplicity is appreciated for the assembly process, but it’s hardly the most stylish option you could set up in your room. Some users have also mentioned that, despite the frame’s inclusion of headboard and footboard holes, not all secondary attachments will pair well with the frame. Additional users have noted that the mattress tends to slide across the frame’s steel slats.

Bottom Line: If you’re seeking an option that provides strong weight capacity, then this COMASACH King Size Bed Frame will help you avoid shaking, squeaking, and slipping across the floor.

Final Thoughts

If you’re seeking the perfect level of foundational support for your bed but want an ample amount of style, prop your king mattress on top of one of these luxurious platform bed frames.

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