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The Best Kitchen Cabinet Organizers

🕚 Updated April 2023

If you've ever avoided opening a particular kitchen cabinet because you just didn't want to deal with its contents in disarray, check out these organizers. With simple racks and sliding storage options, you can completely make over the inside of your kitchen cabinets.

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  Best for Tupperware Lids Best Stand-Up Rack Best for Cutting Boards Best Sliding Shelf Best Pan Rack Best for Spices
StoraLid Food Container Lid Organize
Bakeware Storemore Adjustable Rack
Lynk Professional
Pull-Out Kitchen Cabinet Organizer
Lynk Professional
Pull-Out Sliding Shelf
8-Tier Pot Rack
3-Tier 2-Pack Spice Organizer
Our SummaryThis addition to your kitchen cabinet can make finding the right lid an easy and satisfying task.Eliminate the noise nuisance of leaning stacks of bakeware with this adjustable rack.An easy way to keep oversized kitchen items organized and ready for the next use.This roll-out storage option adds extra functionality to your cabinets without difficult installation.No more shuffling through pots and their companion lids when it's time to start cooking.Make finding those more obscure spices easier by adding a little height to your shelves.
Pros✓ No assembly
✓ Five adjustable dividers
✓ Small footprint
✓ Holds square and round lids
✓ Good capacity
✓ Adjustable steel dividers
✓ No tools needed for assembly
✓ Non-slip feet
✓ Grooves for secure storage
✓ Organizes oversized cookware and accessories
✓ Made from commercial-grade steel
✓ Makes items more accessible
✓ Improves accessibility
✓ Quick and easy installation
✓ Can hold heavy items
✓ Made from steel and chrome
✓ Industrial-grade ball bearing gliding system
✓ Adjustable and expandable
✓ Wavy design for secure storage
✓ Rubber-covered wires to prevent scratching pots and pans
✓ Elevated design makes searching for spices easier
✓ Available in two sizes
✓ Available in a wide range of colors
Cons✗ Dividers could be taller and stronger✗ Doesn't fit as much as some would like✗ May not be compatible with all cabinet depths✗ Some installation needed✗ May be too large for some kitchens✗ Doesn't actually increase storage space
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The Best Kitchen Cabinet Organizers

Three different organizers for kitchen cabinets; the first holds cutting boards, the second holds lids to food storage containers, the last holds a stand mixer.

Buying Guide for Kitchen Cabinet Organizers

Pots and pans organized on racks inside a kitchen cabinet.

Why buy kitchen cabinet organizers?

For a small investment, you can add extra organization to your kitchen cabinets to make daily use of the heart of your home less stressful. Organizers can declutter cutting boards, food storage containers, bakeware, cookware, dishes, lids, kitchen gadgets, and more. If you want to open your kitchen cabinets and see organized spaces instead of messy piles, these products are worth considering.

What should you consider when shopping for kitchen cabinet organizers?

  • Items to Organize: What do you need to organize? What cabinets are the messiest or most cluttered? Deciding what needs the most organizational help in your kitchen will help you determine which organizer to start with.
  • Ability to Assemble: Some organizers require drilling into cabinet doors or shelves. Other organizers are only racks and need minimal (if any) assembly. Consider how much effort and time you want to put into assembling your cabinet organizers. If you’re renting, you might want simpler, less invasive solutions. If you’re in your forever home, you might want a permanent solution to the disorganization.

How do you get started organizing your kitchen cabinets?

It can be overwhelming to do a complete overhaul of your kitchen organization. You can follow the Home Edit organization method of “edit, categorize, contain, and maintain” to have a better experience. Get rid of the items you aren’t actually using, organize the items by categories or zones, use the appropriate containers, and try to use a method that you can stick with over time. You can take it one section at a time and prioritize the cabinets that need the most attention. Taking it a cabinet at a time will also make it more affordable, as you’ll be able to pay for it as you go. Plus, the slower approach allows you to be thorough in your planning and execution.

Our Picks for the Best Kitchen Cabinet Organizers

Best for Tupperware Lids

YouCopia StoraLid Food Container Lid Organizer

This addition to your kitchen cabinet can make finding the right lid an easy and satisfying task.

Pros: This simple organizer can solve one of the biggest problems in your kitchen cabinets—finding the right storage container lid! Each organizer comes with five dividers that are adjustable and can hold round or square lids up to 9 inches in diameter. There is no need for tools or assembly, as they sit right on your cabinet shelf and still take up much less space than disorganized lids.

Cons: The dividers could be taller and sturdier to help hold lids in place better.

Bottom Line: This is a simple and effective solution to a food storage lid mess in your kitchen cabinet. Without needing any tools, you can transform a messy cabinet into one that’s neat and organized.


Best Stand-Up Rack

YouCopia Bakeware Storemore Adjustable Rack

Eliminate the noise nuisance of leaning stacks of bakeware with this adjustable rack.

Pros: If every time you try to grab a baking sheet turns into a noisy and clumsy experience, this rack could really help you. It’s adjustable to organize different types of bakeware and accommodate different sizes. With neat separation, you don’t have to make such a racket while finding what you need. It has non-slip feet on the bottom for stability and small grooves for your bakeware to rest nicely. The coated steel wires that separate each section won’t scratch your items and are easy to adjust. This organizer doesn’t require tools for assembly, so it will be quick to see and experience your tidier kitchen cabinets.

Cons: It doesn’t provide as much storage as some would prefer. Be sure to measure before buying to ensure it will fit in your cupboard with items inside it.

Bottom Line: The frustrating experience of bakeware clashing together or sliding around when you’re finding what you need can end with this organizer. The adjustable dividers allow you to keep your bakeware organized without scratching against each other.


Best for Cutting Boards

Lynk Professional Pull-Out Kitchen Organizer

An easy way to keep oversized kitchen items organized and ready for the next use.

Pros: There’s nothing more frustrating than having to pull every baking sheet and muffin tray out of the cabinet so you can get to your favorite cutting board. Put an end to this kitchen nightmare by investing in a good vertical storage solution like this pull-out kitchen cabinet organizer. You’ll get three dedicated bays that are designed for larger items with a 21-inch deep tray.

Cons: This option isn’t ideal for renters since it will have to be drilled into place. Be sure to measure to ensure that your cabinets are deep enough to accommodate this slide-out tray.

Bottom Line: Create order where chaos once reigned with this pull-out tray designed specifically for oversized kitchen essentials.


Best Sliding Shelf

Lynk Professional Pull-Out Sliding Shelf

This roll-out storage option adds extra functionality to your cabinets without difficult installation.

Pros: Get to the items in the back of your cabinet easily with these pull-out shelves. After quick and easy installation to the base of your cabinet, you can have a convenient place to store your items that will make them easy to reach next time. These can be incredibly helpful for heavier pots, pans, or appliances like stand mixers. The sliding shelf is made from steel and chrome to last for the long term and endure frequent use. It has an industrial-grade ball-bearing glide system for smooth sliding each time.

Cons: There is a small amount of installation involved in this organizer, and it’s more expensive than other options, but that makes sense for what you get.

Bottom Line: This sliding shelf is easy to install and will transform the functionality of your cabinet storage. It allows you to access heavy items much easier, even if they’re normally stored in the back. The shelves are made of steel and chrome, making them durable to withstand frequent use.


Best Pan Rack

Ordora Pot Rack for Cabinet

No more shuffling through pots and their companion lids when it's time to start cooking.

Pros: There’s something so calming about having a well-organized kitchen. And if you have a more extensive pots and pans collection, you’ll appreciate this adjustable eight-tier organizer that’s perfect for larger lower cabinets. The design features deeper wires to provide added stability, and those wires are covered in rubber to prevent scratching your cookware.

Cons: Because of the larger size, this might not be a practical solution for every household. Always measure before getting your heart set on—and buying—a storage option like this.

Bottom Line: This easy-to-install storage solution can make it easier to get dinner ready every day.


Best for Spices

Copco 3-Tier 2-Pack Spice Organizer

Increase storage in your cabinets and make finding those more obscure spices easier by adding a little height to your shelves.

Pros: While this pick doesn’t technically increase storage capacity, it does make finding your preferred spices and seasonings easier to do. You’ll get two three-tiered storage organizers that make it easier to quickly see all of your available spices at once when you open your cabinet. Choose from a wide range of colors and two sizes—10 and 15 inches.

Cons: This pick, while nice, doesn’t expand your available storage space. So, it might not be a real solution for every kitchen.

Bottom Line: If you’re tired of hunting for spices every time you start cooking, this tiered design makes retrieving your seasonings significantly easier.

Final Thoughts

Adding cabinet organizers to your kitchen is a great way to improve functionality and refresh your kitchen without making a huge investment. After considering which part of your kitchen needs improvement, you can find the right organizer that will make you love your kitchen even more!

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