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The Best Kitchen Mincers for Cooking

a handheld mincer resting on a cutting board by garlic cloves, cilantro, and a red onion

Top Chef competitors may only need sharp knives and a cutting board to perfectly mince herbs, but those people are professionals. Even the best home cooks could use a mincer, and for several reasons. It saves time, kitchen space, and stress. Brand new cooks, individuals who want to increase their consumption of fresh vegetables and nuts, and amateur chefs could all benefit from a quality mincer.

What to Look for in a Mincer

What do you need to consider?

  • The Food: If you’re looking to mince and mash garlic cloves, then look for a garlic mincer. However, if you want to mince, dice, slice, and chop vegetables and herbs, look for a multifunctional tool. If you’re clear on your cooking goal, then you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect mincer.
  • What You Have: Maybe you’ve already got a garlic mincer for fresh alfredo sauce. So then you can look for something to mince those onions for salsa or those nuts in your pantry for some cookies. Do an inventory on your current kitchen gadgets, then go from there.

Most Compact: Geedel Food Mincer

a teal mincer with a button on the top to make the blades go down; there are chopped red onions resting inside

The Geedel Mincer is a truly compact little guy! The streamlined design makes mincing, chopping, grinding, and dicing delightfully easy. Amazingly, this miniature mincer is equipped with an inner stainless-steel blade that rotates 24 degrees every time you push down on the top button. That’s a lot of power! With this compact kitchen tool, you can mince veggies, nuts, herbs, and more. It’s easy to disassemble and dishwasher safe.

Most Compact

Geedel Food Chopper, Manual Hand Chopper Dicer, Slap Press Chopper Mincer for Vegetables Onions Garlic Nuts Salads and More - Save Your Prep Time

This mincer has a smart design. For every push on the top, you get six times the mincing power you would with an ordinary knife.

Best for Herbs: Harold Import Co. Gourmet Fresh Herb Mincer

a handheld white rolling mincer on table with fresh herbs and garlic

HIC’s herb works like magic with herbs. It’s a simple, handheld tool with nine stainless steel blades. Just hold it in one hand, press down with the other, and roll. Being in control of the mincer is empowering; it’s all you, with no machine needed.

Best for Herbs

HIC’s Gourmet Rolling Fresh Herb and Multipurpose Kitchen Mincer, with 9-Stainless Steel Blades

What a great, uncomplicated tool to have in the kitchen. Just hold it over your herbs and roll.

Best for Garlic: ORBLUE Stainless Steel Mincer

two young women cooking in the kitchen with a garlic mincer nearby

Has crushing ginger root with your hands left you with sore hands and wrists? The Orblue stainless steel garlic press crushes and minces cloves and roots so that you don’t have to. Well, you do need to squeeze the handles, but the ergonomic stainless steel tool allows you to mince your way around the kitchen with ease. The product even comes with a garlic peeler rocker—a long, silicone tube that rolls the peel off and keeps your fingers free from the lingering garlic scent.

Best for Garlic

ORBLUE Garlic Press Stainless Steel - Premium Professional Grade Garlic Mincer, Crusher & Peeler Set - Easy Clean, Dishwasher Safe & Rust-proof

It's clear this stainless steel, rust-free kitchen tool plans to stay. Prepare yourself for a lifetime mincer tool.

Most Versatile: Mueller Austria Pro-Series

a mincer and chopper container completely full of chopped onions.On the side is an image mashup with the various blades that come with it.

Are you an extremely busy person who feels torn because you want to spend more time in the kitchen making fresh food? The Mueller Austria slicer, mincer, chopper, dicer, cutter, and container combo may have a solution for you. Just get veggies and herbs and make yourself comfortable in a spot in the kitchen with a clean countertop. The product comes with five interchangeable blades and three different-sized chopper blades. Simply insert the blade most appropriate for your recipe (small dicer for onions, for example) and press down on the lid. Your perfectly diced onions fall into the container, ready for use.

Most Versatile

Mueller Pro-Series 10-in-1, 8 Blade Vegetable Chopper, Onion Mincer, Cutter, Dicer, Egg Slicer with Container

Have little time but a lot of drive to cook with fresh herbs and veggies? Check out this powerful, versatile mincer.

Unique Design: NexTrend Garlic Twister Mincer

Two palms holding a transparent disassembled mincer with garlic cloves inside.

This little kitchen gadget is one powerful tool. For one, you can use it to mince so many things: garlic, ginger, nuts, herbs, peppers, and so on. You just place your food item in the chamber, set the top in place, and twist! The NextTrend twister is made in the USA and comes and several colors.

Unique Design

Nextrend Garlic Twister 4th Gen - Ginger, Herb, Nuts, Garlic - Handheld Kitchen Mincer, Easy to Clean! (Clear)

This contraption has an intelligent design. With just a few twists, the mincer will process nuts, garlic, herbs, seeds, and more.

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