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The Best Kitchen Shears

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🕚 Updated October 2022

Kitchen shears can replace a knife and cutting board in dozens of food situations, including chopping vegetables, cutting herbs, and even deboning poultry. Here are some convenient kitchen shears we recommend for your everyday kitchen needs.

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  Best Overall Best Heavy-Duty Best for Herbs Best All-Purpose Best for Poultry
All Purpose Shears with Protective Sheath
Kitchen Shears
Herb Scissors Set
Kitchen Scissors
Poultry Shears
Our SummaryThis household essential is great for little jobs all over the house, but especially in the kitchen.For tough jobs in the kitchen, trust these stainless steel shears.With these multipurpose, stainless steel herb scissors you can cut your herbs quickly and efficiently.These dishwasher-safe kitchen scissors are made for the tough jobs.With spring-loaded action, these kitchen shears can tear through poultry in a snap.
Pros✓ Durable stainless steel
✓ Micro-serrated for premium cutting
✓ Comfortable soft grip
✓ Safety guard included
✓ Two for one
✓ Seafood scissors
✓ Durable
✓ Dishwasher safe
✓ Keeps herbs fresher
✓ Faster cutting
✓ Precise
✓ Great packaging
✓ Two-pack
✓ Soft comfort-grip handles
✓ Ergonomic grip
✓ Cute colors
✓ Spring-loaded design
✓ Easy on hands and wrists
✓ Come apart for easy cleaning
✓ Rust-resistant
Cons✗ Handles aren't ergonomic✗ Tight alignment makes them harder to open✗ May rust at the pivot point✗ Too long for some people✗ Not as comfortable for left-handed people
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The Best Kitchen Shears

Hands cutting green onions into small pieces with kitchen shears.
Brandy McKnight/Shutterstock.com

Buying Guide for Kitchen Shears

A man uses kitchen shears to cut a lobster claw.

Why buy kitchen shears?

Kitchen shears have about a million uses. For small jobs in the kitchen, they’re sharp, precise, and cut right through most things. They can make quick work of herbs, butcher’s twine, food packaging, crustacean shells, excess pie crust, pizza, and poultry, among other things. They’re faster than a knife, easier to use, and create less of a mess to clean up later. They’re also great for simple household tasks like cutting old cloths, snipping a snagged thread, or quickly cutting out coupons.

What should you consider in kitchen shears?

  • Handles: A comfortable set of handles is so important when buying kitchen shears, especially if your hands cramp up easily. Some are coated with a softer silicone or rubber-like material for a better, cushier grip. And some kitchen shears are even made with bright and colorful handles to match your kitchen decor or make them easier to find in a drawer.
  • Left- or Right-Handed: Most standard kitchen shears are made with symmetrical handles so that they’re comfortable for both lefties and righties to use. However, some specialty kitchen shears may be left-handed or right-handed. Be sure to double-check before you order your kitchen shears that they will work for your dominant hand.
  • Versatility: Some kitchen shears are meant for one specific job. These include herb scissors, poultry scissors, and shellfish shears. But most standard kitchen shears are fairly versatile. They’re made with one set of standard, sharp blades that can cut through anything from the most delicate herb to the heartiest cut of meat.

What makes kitchen shears different from other scissors?

Kitchen shears have shorter, sharper blades than regular scissors and are often more heavy-duty. Most are made from strong, water-resistant metals, such as stainless steel, because they’re meant for heavier cutting jobs and to be cleaned and thoroughly sanitized often. They pivot closer to the blades for precision cutting without hurting your hand. And they’re often made with more comfortable, thicker, easier-to-grip handles than crafting scissors.

Our Picks for the Best Kitchen Shears

Best Overall

KitchenAid All Purpose Shears with Protective Sheath

This household essential is great for little jobs all over the house, but especially in the kitchen.

Pros: When you buy from a kitchenware brand you trust, you know you’re getting a great product. The blades on these shears are made from durable stainless steel that’s also rust-resistant. They can easily cut through twine, thick veggies, meat, and all your toughest food prep items. Each blade is micro-serrated for premium cutting performance and added strength. And the handles are coated with a comfortable soft grip, perfect for sore or tired hands. These kitchen shears include a plastic safety guard, perfect for families. And best of all, these kitchen shears are dishwasher safe.

Cons: While the handles are comfortable, they’re not exactly ergonomic.

Bottom Line: For a great pair of standard kitchen shears that you can trust, these are an excellent pick. They’re durable and long-lasting, and they can easily cut through just about anything you’d need them to.


Best Heavy-Duty

Gildi Kitchen Shears

For tough jobs in the kitchen, trust these stainless steel shears.

Pros: If you love seafood as much as the next guy, this set is perfect for you. The standard kitchen shears are made from heavy-duty stainless steel, so you can cut fish, chicken, poultry, cooked and raw meat, vegetables, fruit, herbs, and anything else you need for your meal. As for the seafood scissors, they make quick work of shells on shrimp, prawns, crab legs, lobster shells, and more. Each pair has ergonomic handles for a comfortable grip. And each pair is durable and dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

Cons: The alignment on these scissors is tighter than on some other brands, making them a little more difficult to open and close.

Bottom Line: This set of kitchen shears is heavy-duty and durable when used properly. They will last a lifetime if properly cared for and frequently sharpened. But best of all, the included seafood scissors make quick work of all your favorite crustaceans.


Best for Herbs

Chefast Herb Scissors Set

With these multipurpose, stainless steel scissors, you can cut your herbs quickly and efficiently.

Pros: Gardening enthusiasts, these may become your new favorite pair of kitchen scissors. You can do your home-grown herbs justice and keep them as fresh as possible for your hungry guests. Because after you’ve picked your bounty, you’re faced with the arduous task of pulling the leaves apart by hand, smashing them with a kitchen knife, or slicing them with typical kitchen scissors. With their premier TPR grip, you can cut in comfort every time without worrying about slippage or injury. And with its cleaning comb and protective cover, plus two drawstring herb bags, this sleek, attractive package contains everything you’ll need to make the most of your cool new kitchen tool. As a bonus, this pair of herb scissors comes in beautiful, giftable packaging.

Cons: These may show a little bit of rust around the pivot screw after multiple uses and cleanings.

Bottom Line: This set of kitchen shears is truly unique and makes fast, efficient, and clean work of cutting herbs. It comes with a cover that not only stores them but gets bits of stuck-on herbs off the scissors with ease. This set makes an awesome gift for avid cooks.


Best All-Purpose

iBayam Kitchen Scissors

These dishwasher-safe kitchen scissors are made for the tough jobs.

Pros: It never hurts to have a backup pair of kitchen shears, and that’s what makes this two-pack ideal. Both pairs are large, heavy-duty, and have soft comfort-grip handles. They can handle all sorts of jobs in the kitchen, around the house, and even in the garden. The blades are made from high-quality stainless steel that shreds through cardboard, twine, food, meat, vegetables, chicken, poultry, fish, herbs, seafood, food packing, and more. And the handles are ergonomically designed for comfort and feature a soft grip coating for stability. They’re dishwasher safe, so cleanup is a breeze. And they’re available in several cute colors.

Cons: These kitchen shears are a little bit too big for some people to handle.

Bottom Line: Lightweight and durable, these kitchen shears make prepping food a breeze. Though they may be a bit long for some, they’re easy to grip, so you can cut precisely. And they come with matching sheaths for safety.


Best for Poultry

Gerior Poultry Shears

With spring-loaded action, these kitchen shears can cut through poultry in a snap.

Pros: This is a great pair of kitchen shears for those with grip issues. The spring-loaded handle prevents strain on the hands and wrists. They come apart easily for cleaning, so you can toss them in the dishwasher and know that every cranny will be properly sanitized. And though these kitchen shears are intended for poultry, they can also be used for chopping herbs and veggies, removing butcher’s twine, cutting through fatty steaks, and cutting cardboard packaging. For safety, these kitchen shears lock and feature an anti-slip grip. Plus, the heavy-duty construction means they’re built to last a lifetime, especially since they’re made of strong, durable, and rust-resistant stainless steel.

Cons: These aren’t as comfortable for left-handed people.

Bottom Line: For heavy-duty cutting jobs, particularly if you deal with a lot of poultry, these kitchen shears are a great buy. They can cut through tendons and even small bones with ease. And they’re easy to clean and maintain.

Final Thoughts

Kitchen shears are built to be strong, reliable, and long-lasting tools if you find the right pair and if you take good care of them. Sharpen them at least once every six months, and you should enjoy their convenience in your kitchen for years.

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