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The Best Kitchen Tweezers for Home Cooks

a hand turning bacon in skillet with tweezer tongs

You don’t have to be a professional chef to appreciate the value kitchen tweezers add to your cooking. They’re just what you need for removing fish bones from fillets, flipping food in a skillet, or placing fragile garnishes on a plate—and, once you have them, you’ll be surprised at how handy they are for so many other things you do in your kitchen. Nothing beats these kitchen must-haves for tasks that require precision or finesse!

Which Kitchen Tweezers Should You Buy?

When it comes to intricate and complicated dishes, kitchen tweezers are essential. But, they can be used to grip almost anything in daily cooking if you choose the right kind for the job.

  • Material: For durability, hygiene, and easy cleaning, kitchen tweezers should be made from stainless steel.
  • Length and Shape: If you want to use your tweezers to do something like flip a steak, place asparagus spears in a pan, remove ingredients from tall, thin jars, or serve twirled pasta like a food stylist, choose tweezers that are long and straight; they will give you greater stability and keep your hands away from the heat when needed. If you want to do closer work, shorter tools are best. Tweezers that have a bend in them, called offset tweezers, are what you need when you’re plating to help you maneuver around the edges of plates and bowls.
  • Tip Width and Shape: Tweezers with broader tips are great for gripping, while sharp tips are best for precision.

Our recommendations for kitchen tweezers cover a wide range of uses for great home cooking!

Best Fish Bone Tweezers: iziusy Fish Bone Tweezers

two pairs of 5-inch fish bone tweezers with straight and slanted tips

The upside of whole fish? They give you more flavor and stay juicier than fillets. The downside? You have to remove the bones! Whether you get your whole fish at the market or catch them yourself, these tweezers will make removing fish bones quick and easy!

These isiuzy fish bone tweezers will quickly remove bones and scales from all kinds of fish with minimum effort. The two stainless steel tweezers in this set are around 4.5 inches long; one has a straight edge at the tip, and the other has a slanted edge to handle different types of bones.

Best Fish Bone Tweezers

2 Pieces Fish Bone Tweezers, Stainless Steel Flat and Slant Tweezers Pliers Remover Tool (4.6")

These tweezers make removing small bones from whole fish and fillets quick and easy!

Best Tweezer Tongs: Tangoowal Rivoean 12-Inch Fine Tweezer Tongs

two pairs of 12-inch long tweezers with two types of tips

Ideal for turning and serving meat, seafood, and vegetables, these kitchen tweezers give you both a great grip and precision control. The set includes two 12-inch-long stainless steel tweezers with two types of serrated tips for a firm hold, whether you’re lifting the last pickle from the bottom of the jar or turning a chicken breast in your skillet.

Best Tweezer Tongs

Tangoowal 2 Pcs 12-Inch Fine Tweezer Tongs,Extra-Long Stainless Steel Tweezers Tongs

These tweezers give you more precision and control than tongs.

Best Plating Tweezers: Mercer Culinary Precision Tongs

single pair of stainless steel offset tweezers

Even the most delicious food can benefit from great presentation—you eat with your eyes first! These 6.5-inch stainless steel offset tweezers have grooved ultra-fine tips that make it easy to handle the most tender of garnishes with precision and care. Tweezers of other lengths and types of tips are also available from this manufacturer.

Best Plating Tweezers

Mercer Culinary 18-8 Stainless Steel Precision Tongs Offset Tip, 6-1/2 Inch

These tweezers will handle the most tender garnishes with precision and care.

Best Value Set: Pinovk 4-Piece Tweezer Set

a set of tweezers that includes one for de-boning fish and three for plating

This four-piece set of shorter stainless steel kitchen tweezers covers a wide range of cooking uses: it includes one pair of fish bone tweezers and three pairs of plating tweezers with different fine tips to help you compose a beautiful plate or decorate cakes and treats.

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