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The Best Kites

Carefree senior couple flying a kite in an autumn nature at sunset.

It’s kite-flying season! There’s nothing better than gathering with a few friends or family members at the park or beach and working together to fly a colorful kite. It’s fun even when the kite nose-dives and you have to start over again. The weather has its effect and the landscape, too. One of the most relaxing park and beach activities is to lie back and watch kites pitch and soar. So here are some pretty kites we recommend.

What to Consider in a Kite

Before you make your kite-flying plans, think about the following:

  • Skill Level: Is this kite for a beginner or more experienced flyer of kites? Do some quick research, and you’ll soon discover numerous skill-level options. If you or the kite flyer are beginners, get a beginner kite: no shame if you’re an adult. There’s nothing worse than the disappointment you may experience if you’re unable to fly it successfully.
  • Style Preference: Kite style and color are fundamental to the art of kite flying. You will be making a statement, so get a kite you like to look at. If you have no shame, try a pizza kite!
  • Flyer’s Age: In reality, age isn’t a crucial factor. But if you’re buying for a young child, kindly consider that they want to have a successful experience.

Best Beginners: Mint’s Colorful Life Delta Kite

clear crossbody bag with sunglasses and other accessories

Let’s go fly a kite! It’s the season, and this is hands down the best kite for beginners. And the colors catch the eye, which is part of the whole kite-flying fun. It takes just minutes to assemble if you follow the easy instructions. Open your door and go!

Best Beginners

Mint's Colorful Life Delta Kite for Kids & Adults, Extremely Easy to Fly Kite with 2 Ribbons and 300ft Kite String, Best Kite for Beginner

The attractive, green color scheme of this easy-to-use kite will make your successful kite-flying day a pleasant event.

Most Unique Design: aGreatLife Cool 3D Pizza Kites

It’s hard to know what to say. This is a perfect-for-kids kite. Perfect for kids who LOVE pizza! Now that we’ve put that on the table, let’s talk specs. The pizza kite comes with a premium flat line winder, which prevents the kite from twisting around, and a 328-foot string. Oh, and you get two slices, not just one.

Double the Fun: Listenman Rainbow and Mollusc Octopus Kites

Man flying the mollus octopus kite, boy flying the rainbow kite

If you’ve ever flown a kite or even seen a kite being flown, you know the magic of the colorful show. Now, imagine the sight of a flying red mollusc octopus! Next, envision that it’s you flying the octopus kite, and in your other hand, you’re gripping the handle of a triangle-shaped rainbow kite. This dream can be yours, for you alone, or to share with family and friends. It comes with thorough instructions, so no need to worry.

Double the Fun

Most Color Options: Delta Kite in Stunning Colors by StuffKidsLove

Blue, purple, white, and black triangle-shaped delta kite

Brace yourself because you will grab attention with this classic triangle-shaped kite with a wingspan of nearly 5 feet! Keep your eye on it because once it’s in the sky, this awesome kite can fly 200 feet from you. The kite comes in blue, purple, green, mauve, and black.

Best for the Beach: HENGDA KITE Classical Dragon Kite

Classic dragon kite aloft in a blue sky

Ready to get your geek on? HENGDA’s majestic dragon kite is made in the International Kite Capital: Weifang, China. There’s an annual, international kite festival there, too. So, this kite flies as one of the great dragon kites in the Weifang lineage. Where the heck can you fly a kite of this prestige? At the beach, of course, against a dark blue sky and the ocean below—beautiful!

Best for the Beach
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