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The Best Kitten Toys

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🕚 Updated October 2022

Kittens are curious creatures, and keeping them entertained 24/7 can be difficult on your own. Having an arsenal of kitten and cat toys on hand is a great way to keep them occupied and having fun.

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24 Cat Toys
Cat Toy Roller
Cat Toys
Cat Toys
Tamu style
Cat Spring Toys
Our SummaryThis versatile toy set features 24 pieces including a collapsible cat tunnel.This cat toy features three tiers of rolling-ball fun for the curious feline.A 360-degree rotating butterfly toy that inspires cats' natures to crouch and hunt.An interactive cat toy featuring a ball track and mouse teaser for self-play.This classic favorite includes 60 cat springs for endless play.
ProsIncludes crinkle tunnel and interactive toys.Lightweight tiered cat toy tower, mimics hunting play, nonslip base, detachable layers.Interactive toy, scratch and hunt instincts, glow-in-the-dark butterflies, comes with replacement toys, rotates 360 degrees.Stimulates senses, mimics hunting, great for self-play.60-pack of spring toys, stimulates interactive play.
ConsPlay should be supervised to avoid ingesting small pieces.Toy balls can pop out easily.Requires batteries, no automatic shut-off.Lightweight, no nonslip base.Small and may get stuck under furniture.
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The Best Kitten Toys

Black and white kitten playing with orange ball.
Josep Suria/Shutterstock.com

Buying Guide for Kitten Toys

Kitten playing with feathered toy.
Casey Elise Christopher/Shutterstock.com

Why buy kitten toys?

Kitten toys will help give your kitten exercise and keep them entertained. Kittens need a lot of stimulation when they’re growing to keep them occupied and out of trouble. There are many small, individual toys to more complex ones that will give them endless options for fun.

What to look for in kitten toys?

  • Type: There is a range of small individual kitten toys like mice and small balls that they will instinctively know how to play with versus more interactive ones that may require supervision. Some others include interactive wand toys, fishing poles, or ball tunnels.
  • Make/Safety: Look for kitten toys that do not have pieces that could become loose and ingested, such as string. Toys should mimic prey animals and possibly feature feathers, wool, and synthetic fur.
  • Inserts: Most kitten toys will have catnip or crinkle features inside, which will add another layer of fun for your kitten to discover.

What kind of movement should kitten toys offer?

Cats are prey animals, and some toys will offer the movement of prey that your kitten will love. Toys such as these will allow your kitten to act on its instincts and stalk, chase, pounce, and ultimately capture its treasure. These toys can be both personal play toys that your cat will find on its own time or ones that require more supervision like wands.

Our Picks for the Best Kitten Toys

Top Choice

Youngever 24 Cat Toys

This versatile toy set features 24 pieces including a collapsible cat tunnel.

Pros: Help your kitten burn off extra energy with this wide assortment of cat toys. This set includes individual toys like fluffy mice, crinkle balls, springs, and a collapsible cat tunnel. It also comes with toys to play with your cats, like a wand and feather teaser.

Cons: This set recommends supervision while playing to ensure your cat doesn’t ingest any small pieces.

Bottom Line: This toy set will bring your cat a variety of fun and activity to keep it busy. There are also plenty of options you can use to bond together.


Great for Mind and Body

UPSKY Cat Toy Roller

This cat toy features three tiers of rolling-ball fun for the curious feline.

Pros: This lightweight cat toy will stimulate your cat’s senses and hunting instincts. The tiered tower is ultrastrong and tear-resistant plastic, with a nonslip base to prevent product rollover. The levels are detachable and feature a cute cat-head shape on the top level.

Cons: The balls of this toy can pop out easily, so replacements will need to be acquired separately.

Bottom Line: This multitiered cat toy provides hours of play for your cat on its own or with a friend. The multiple levels give your cat a challenge for the mind and body.


Best Electric Toy

Flurff Cat Toys Interactive Butterfly

A 360-degree rotating butterfly toy that inspires cats' natures to crouch and hunt.

Pros: This interactive cat toy will inspire your cat’s nature to scratch and hunt. The toy rotates 360-degrees, and the butterflies even glow in the dark. The heavy base will not slide around while your cat plays with it.

Cons: This toy does not have an automatic shut-off. It also requires two AA batteries that are not included.

Bottom Line: This set even comes with two replacement butterflies resistant to scratching and biting. Your kitten will get plenty of exercise with this fun and interactive toy.


Best Two-in-One Option

Pawzone Cat Toys

An interactive cat toy featuring a ball track and mouse teaser for self-play.

Pros: This interactive cat toy includes a tower of tracks to stimulate your cat’s senses and bouncy mice to mimic hunting instincts. This roller cat toy is an excellent choice for kittens to exercise and eliminate boredom. The roller is made of strong, durable plastic.

Cons: This roller is lightweight and may tip over if your cat is an active player.

Bottom Line: This self-amusement toy is an excellent way for kittens to play when owners are not at home. Two or more cats can have fun together while playing with the back-and-forth motion of the mouse in the middle.


Best Bang for Your Buck

Tamu style Cat Spring Toys

This classic favorite includes 60 cat springs for endless play.

Pros: These classic spring toys will stimulate your cat’s senses to swat, chew, attack, and pounce. This 60-pack set includes blue, yellow, and red coils for endless fun. The BPA-free plastic springs are safe for chewing and can be replaced.

Cons: The springs are small and can be easily trapped under furniture.

Bottom Line: These springs may not look like much, but they are a great and easy way to keep your cat active, which is great for mental and physical health.

Final Thoughts

Adding some kitten toys to your home will keep your feline friend busy and happy, whether or not you are there. There are also many interactive toys for you and your kitten to play and bond together, too. Keep your kitty active and healthy as they grow by getting them a toy or two.

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