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The Best Knife Holders for Kitchen Organization

A hand reaching for black bladed knife on a wooden knife holder block.

Knife holders are a great way to protect your knives in more ways than one! Typically designed with wood, knife holders keep the blades on your knives protected from damage to help keep them sharp and keep others protected from touching the knife blades. Below, we have gathered together the best knife holders to help organize your kitchen and keep your knives — and family — a little safer.

What to Consider When Purchasing Knife Holders

Designed for the safer organization of your knives, there a few things to consider before you purchase one:

  • Size: Since this holder will be holding all of your sharp knives, make sure it is equipped to fit them! It is also important to make sure the knife holder will be able to comfortably fit where you plan on storing it and still give you ample room to remove and store the knives. If you have a smaller kitchen or less counter space, opt for a smaller space-saving design.
  • Magnetic: Magnetic holders hold the blade of the knife against them to keep it tucked safely away. As great as they are, choose carefully with magnetic holders as the magnetic power should be sufficiently strong enough to hold the blades but not so strong that it could damage the knife.
  • Design: Wooden or bamboo blocks offer a space to slide your knife into and keep it concealed. They can take up the most space. Magnetic panels use metal and are much slimmer than wooden blocks but leave the blade exposed.
  • In-Drawer vs. Countertop: In-drawer can offer counter-saving space and, if you prefer your knives in a drawer, an organized way to easily access them. Countertop holders will display your knives on the counter safely and also allow for easy accessibility.

Best Overall: Modern Innovations 16 Inch Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Bar

A stainless steel set of kitchen knives on a magnetic stainless steel bar.

Designed to be modern and elegant, this high-grade stainless steel bar is covered in a satin finish. The full surface is magnetic, thanks to neodymium magnets, and is made to safely hang even the largest knives. It is also versatile enough to hold just about anything, including knives, scissors, keys, brushes, or other tools, and comes in a range of sizes. The mounting hardware is included, although this bar is also compatible with Velcro or mounting tape.

Best Bamboo: Noble Home & Chef In-Drawer Bambo Knife Block

A bamboo in-drawer knife holder with displayed black handled knives.

Made with carved slots, this in-drawer knife block eliminates the worry of injury! Once inserted, the knives do not slide or point up and are securely held in place — even if the drawer is slammed. There are no more jammed drawers or dangerously reaching inside to retrieve the knife you need. Designed to make sure even larger-handled knives fit, this block can hold up to twelve knives and includes a knife sharpener to keep your blades at their best. Made to fit most standard kitchen drawers, this block is also eco-friendly and made of high-grade Moso bamboo.

Best Hidden: LK-Outdoor Home Kitchen Magnetic Knife Block Holder Rack

Black bladed knives displayed on wooden magnetic standing block.

This block holder is equipped with double-sided strong neodymium magnets for added capacity and extra support. Strong absorption and a non-slip base mean you never have to worry about knives slipping or shaking. The block’s surface is treated with natural vegetable oil for a smooth and delicate finish that can be wiped clean with a rag. Easy to move or rearrange, this block is made of solid-wood acacia with warm and fine textures to compliment your kitchen.

Best Hidden

Best Extra Safe: KITCHENDAO Universal XL Knife Block Holder

Three detached pieces of clear barrel knife holder.

If you struggle with storing your non-traditional knives, this block holder has the answer! Designed to be universal, this holder can accommodate almost any knife with up to an 8.5-inch blade thickness and any shape. The barrel itself is see-through for easy and quick knife reference without any guessing. The top and bottom inserts are also completely detachable, making cleaning easy, while the entire holder is lightweight and easy to be moved. Additionally, it is equipped with an add-weight stainless steel plate inside the bottom to keep the holder sturdy and in place.

Best Bag: Noble Home & Chef Waxed Canvas Chef Knife Bag

Canvas colored knife bag displayed with shoulder strap and lock.

Need a way to transport your knives safely? This bag is equipped to help with your knives as well as a number of other kitchen utensils! No more damaged blades or cut fingers, as this bag is made of a durable waxed canvas that offers ultimate strength and water resistance to keep your knives safe. There are lots of pockets, including three heavy-duty stainless steel zippered sections, three large internal compartments, three easy-access pouches, a slot designated just for your meat cleaver, and a covered slot for your knife sharpening steel. All of the pockets come with additional padding for extra protection and a 3-digit customizable padlock for added security. Equipped to hold up to nineteen knives, this bag offers no pictures of knives on the outside for inconspicuous travel, a comfortable handle, and an adjustable shoulder strap. There is even a slot for your business card!

Best Bag

Waxed Canvas Chef Knife Bag Holds 19 Knives PLUS Knife Steel Meat Cleaver and Large Storage Compartments! Our Most Durable Professional Line Knife Carrier Includes Custom Padlock! (Bag Only) (Grey)

Keep up to nineteen of your knives secure for travel with this water-resistant bag that has reinforced padding and adjustable straps.

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