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The Best Knockout Sets for Electricians

two knockout sets side-by-side, one blue and black and one yellow and blackA great knockout set can make an electrician’s life much easier by providing a fast and effective way to punch clean holes in various rugged materials. However, with so many knockout sets on the market today at a variety of price points, finding one that is right for you can be difficult. We compiled this guide to help you find the perfect knockout set for you.

Shopping for a Knockout Set

There are plenty of factors to consider when shopping for a new knockout set. Cutting capacity is important, so be sure that the knockout set you pick can reliably cut what you need it to. Slug removal can be a pain with less efficient models, so ensure that the model you buy makes slug removal simple and fast. Finally, the die sizes included with various models will vary, as well as the number of dies included, so be sure that the knockout set you choose has dies suited for your own unique needs.

Top Choice: TEMCo TH0037 4″ Hydraulic Knockout Punch

knockout set with a blue carrying case and tool

The TEMCo TH0037 is a true 13-ton hydraulic knockout punch kit that comes with ten dies and a rugged storage case. The dies are designed for easy slug removal that leaves a rounded hole with clean edges. With a steel punching thickness capacity of 1/8 inches, the TEMCo TH0037 is ready for many electrician jobs and deals well with stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminum, fiberglass, and plastic.

Top Choice

TEMCo TH0037 4" Hydraulic Knockout Punch Electrical Conduit Hole Cutter Set KO Tool Kit 5 Year Warranty

This punch features impressive cutting power and two types of included dies.

Best Value: Yescom 10-Ton Hydraulic Knockout Punch Hole Driver Kit

knockout set with a yellow carrying case and tool

The Yescom 10-Ton Hydraulic Knockout Punch Hole Driver Kit comes with six interchangeable dies and punches, as well as a rotatable activation switch for added safety. This knockout punch works admirably on a variety of materials, from steel to plastic. It also features a plastic grip at the end of the long steel handle for added comfort. For a robust knockout punch kit that offers great value for its budget price tag, this kit is a great choice.

Best Value

Yescom 10 Ton Hydraulic Knockout Punch Hole Driver Kit Complete Tool Set with 6 Dies

This knockout punch hole driver kit features six interchangeable dies and punches and a rotatable activation switch for added safety.

Best Manual: TEMCo TH0390 Manual Knockout Punch Driver Kit

knockout set with a short, wide blue carrying case

The TEMCo TH0390 features laser-engraved alignment marks for simple and precise positioning and easy slug removal thanks to its secondary cutter that slices slugs into two parts. This manual knockout punch driver kit contains six different conduit punch sizes that are perfect for a wide array of jobs. Those prone to losing parts will also appreciate the storage case, which does well to keep the knockout punch driver kit organized.

Best Manual

Also Great: Klein Tools 53732SEN Knockout Punch Set

knockout set in a flat black carrying case

The Klein Tools 53732SEN Knockout Punch Set includes a 1-inch ratcheting wrench, knockout punches, dies, and draw studs. With a cutting capacity of 10-gauge mild steel, it is ready for a multitude of jobs and punches holes cleanly and accurately. This knockout punch set also splits slugs for easy removal, and its impressive durability makes it a great pick for the price.

Also Great

Klein Tools 53732SEN Punch Set, Knockout Punch Set Punch Down Tools with Ratcheting Wrench for 10 gauge Mild Steel, Fiberglass and Plastic

This knockout punch set offers a cutting capacity of 10-gauge mild steel and fantastic durability.

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