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The Best Ladders for Above-Ground Pools

an above-ground pool in a backyard with a ladder going up into it

Above-ground pools are a popular alternative to the costly and space-demanding in-ground options we often associate with backyard fun. However, it’s important to note that above-ground pools tend to come as is, meaning swimmers will have to climb over the side of the pool wall to get into the water. If you’re looking for a way to get in and out of your above-ground pool with a lot more ease, then here are a few accompanying ladders worth the climb.

What to Look for in Your Next Pool Ladder

Consider these factors when making a selection:

  • Height: You want to get in and out of your pool with ease, and while any type of ladder can get you there, not every type of ladder may be appropriate for your style of above-ground pool. Seek out options that either meet the deck or lip of the pool exactly or that have a decent height adjustment window.
  • Traction: You and yours will no doubt be in and out of the pool constantly, and when you’re wet, that can spell trouble for slick surfaces. Seek out pool ladders that combat potential slippage with ideal traction pads and contoured designs across its handrails and steps.
  • In-Water Safety: Additionally, it’s also important that your next pool ladder be able to stand the test of time against those pool conditions. If an option features any metal, make sure it’s built to withstand exposure to chemicals that may rust its surface. If it’s plastic, make sure it features ventilated step surfaces that reduce algae growth and allow the chlorine to circulate freely.

Best Overall: Vinyl Works NE120T Premium Frame Above-Ground Pool Ladder

A 84.5 inch tall, taupe-colored A-Frame ladder straddles the edge of an above ground pool in a backyard.

A taupe-colored, resin-molded step ladder that’s adjustable to serve above-ground pools between 48 and 56 inches, this Vinyl Works Premium Frame Ladder brings pool users the right balance of safety features and simplicity. Its extended handrails provide easy entry and exit, while its narrow A-frame design prevents the pool-side half of the ladder from taking up too much space in the water.

Best Overall

Vinyl Works SLA A-Frame 48-56 Inch Adjustable Above Ground Swimming Pool Ladder Entry System with Slide Lock Barrier and Handrails, Taupe

A traditional A-frame pool ladder that ensures the protection of users in and outside of the pool.

Best Height Capacity: Confer Plastics Above-Ground Swimming Pool Ladder

The side profile of an 81-inch, white four-step ladder with grey pads on each step.

A step ladder that can be mounted on above-ground pools as high as 60 inches, this Confer Plastics Swimming Pool Ladder takes a different approach to the entry and embraces an edged-up, modern look. The biggest perk to having a ladder that can be tacked onto the lip of a pool or deck, rather than a ladder that’s taller than the pool itself, is no longer having to worry about a potential tip over. With this option, you’re getting a secure ladder with the benefit of mounting brackets for additional support.

Best Height Capacity

Confer Plastics Above Ground Swimming Pool Ladder | Heavy Duty | White Frame with Blue Steps | Deck Height Up to 60 Inches | Makes Getting in & Out of Pool A Lot Easier…

A sturdy step-up ladder that accommodates above-ground pools as high as 60 inches, while featuring an anti-tip design.

Best Design: Confer CCX-AG 4 Step Above-Ground Swimming Pool Ladder

A 77-inch tall, beige-colored four-step ladder that features contoured handrails and steps for convenient water runoff.

Designed in a humorously dubbed “wedding cake” style, this Confer Above-Ground Swimming Pool Ladder features curved, swooping handrails and pool steps that keep water at bay and allow you to climb with ease. Each step is 27 inches wide and 10 inches deep, providing ample foot room with every step. Additionally, each step features multiple dips that collect and disperse water to prevent any type of slippage while climbing.

Best Design

Confer Curve Above Ground Swimming Pool Steps with Blue Treads…

This 'wedding cake'-style ladder features contoured rails and steps to repel water.

Best In-Pool Ladder: Blue Wave Premium Stainless Steel In-Pool Ladder for Above-Ground Pools

A glimmering, 72-inch stainless steel ladder is mounted onto the side of a pool and submerged in the water.

A highly durable choice that will not rust, fade, or crack even in constant submersion, this Blue Wave In-Pool Ladder for Above-Ground Pools offers swimmers reinforced stainless steel rails with a 300-pound capacity. Like the best options, this ladder features extra-wide spacing (24 inches) between its rails and non-skid stainless steel treads for maximum foot traction. For sloped pools, users can easily pivot the bottom of the ladder for a perfect fit.

Best In-Pool Ladder

Blue Wave NE1145 Premium Stainless Steel In-Pool Ladder for Above Ground Pools, Silver

This submerged ladder is crafted from sleek stainless steel materials and works perfectly in squared or sloped pools.

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