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The Best Lamp Sets

🕚 Updated August 2022

Lamps provide illumination, ambiance, and balance to a room. Some people prefer them to built-in overhead lights since they tend to be softer and less overpowering. Check out our picks for the best lamp sets.

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  Best Bedroom Set Best Living Room Set Best for Small Spaces Best Modern Design Most Elegant
Touch Lamp with 2 Phone Stands, Set of 2
Lamp Set 3-Piece Modern Bronze Finish Lamps
Bedside Table Lamps - Small Nightstand Lamps Set of 2
Set of 2 Touch Control 3-Way Dimmable Table Lamps
Regency Hill
Exeter Traditional Style Table Lamps
Our SummaryThese modern bedroom lamps with soothing grey lampshades come with USB plugs built-in.Great with traditional or transitional decor, these three lamps work beautifully in a living room.These simple and modern lamps are great for illuminating a desk, an end table, or a nightstand.Adjust the ambiance in your bedroom, living room, office, or den with three levels of light.Amp up your decor with these wood and bronze-finished table lamps.
ProsBuilt-in standard outlets, USB plugins, mobile phone docks, stylish, dimmable.Solid packaging, giftable, quick and easy to assemble, elegant.Minimalist, durable and sturdy, easy to assemble, good size.LED bulbs included, dual USB ports, soft light, touch controls.Stylish, smooth cream fabric, great option for a bedroom or a living room, looks expensive.
ConsNot reversible.The shades have construction issues.Packaging not very sturdy.Don't work with a wall switch.Not compatible with a 3-way bulb.
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The Best Lamp Sets

A modern living room with three matching lamps set up in different spots by the sofas.

Lamps come in various shapes, sizes, and colors to match and enhance a room’s decor. The style choices are nearly endless, so you can design your space to fit your style and match your furniture, walls, favorite pieces, and color palette.

Buying Guide for Lamp Sets

A classic style living room with two fancy table lamps.
Regency Hill

Why buy a lamp set?

More often than not, buying your lamps as a set will be more cost-efficient than buying them individually. Buying a set rather than individually is also the best way to ensure that your lamps complement each other in design and style, granting your living room or bedroom a more cohesive appearance.

What should you consider in a lamp set?

  • Design: The number of different lamp designs and styles is almost unlimited. This extends to both lamp’s base and its shade. The bases may be rounded, long and skinny, rectangular, square, hollowed out, and much more. They can be made of metal, porcelain, see-through crystalline material, or several other things. Shades also come in a range of shapes, sizes, and colors. Think about what you might prefer. Whether you like a modern, vintage, traditional, or some other style, you should be able to find a design that fits your home’s rooms and decor.
  • Type: Most lamp sets you’ll find will be made to rest on dressers, desks, nightstands, and TV or bedside tables. It is certainly possible to find floor lamps that come as a set, however. You may even find a lamp set comprised of a table lamp and a floor lamp. Consider which type or types of lamp you want for your living space and purchase accordingly.
  • Quantity: Knowing how many lamps you want or need for your home will make a difference while shopping. This may depend on the size of the room or rooms you’re buying for, how much space is available, the overhead and natural lighting available, or other factors. Most lamp sets will be sold in pairs. While dual lamps are by far the easiest to find, sets of three are not uncommon. Sets of four or more will be trickier to find.

How can you make your lamps last longer?

First, be sure to pick a long-lasting bulb. LED bulbs are more energy-efficient and tend to last longer than the standard alternatives. Smart LED bulbs are also a great option because you can turn them on and off with smart technology. That way, you don’t have to waste a moment of energy.

Our Picks for the Best Lamp Sets

Best Bedroom Set

lifeholder Touch Lamp with 2 Phone Stands, Set of 2

These modern bedroom lamps with soothing grey lampshades come with USB plugs built-in.

Pros: This is a great set of office or nightstand lamps because of the built-in standard outlets, USB plugins, and mobile phone docks. They’re also sleek and stylish, with a modern and muted gray shade. The shape of the lamps is timeless, so they can light up your space for years to come. These lamps are dimmable, yet they can be very bright on the highest setting.

Cons: They’re pretty lightweight, so they can tip over.

Bottom Line: With a three-way touch switch, it’s easy to adjust these lamps to the exact setting you need. They have a number of convenient features, and they look chic in just about any room.


Best Living Room Set

Tangkula Lamp Set 3-Piece Modern Bronze Finish

Great with traditional or transitional decor, these three lamps work beautifully in a living room.

Pros: First, these lamps come in solid packaging, so your lamps should not become damaged in transit. Also, the packaging is nice enough that you can give these lamps as a gift without re-packaging them. They’re quick and easy to assemble and come with two table lamps and one floor lamp. Plus, they have an elegant look, particularly for the price.

Cons: The shades have some construction issues.

Bottom Line: These lamps are nice and sturdy, perfect for just about any living room. Plus, they have a smooth finish that adds a touch of class to your decor.


Best for Small Spaces

HAITRAL Bedside Table Lamps Set of 2

These simple and modern lamps are great for illuminating a desk, an end table, or a nightstand.

Pros: If you love minimalist lamps, this set is a great pick. They’re durable and sturdy. And they’re easy to assemble; the only thing you’ll need is a good set of lightbulbs and a place to plug them in. These lamps give off a warm, subtle ambiance. And they’re nice and small—perfect for a nightstand or a desk.

Cons: The packaging could be sturdier.

Bottom Line: For small spaces, these are fantastic lamps. They work with E26 bulbs, Max 60W, 110V, or any LED or smart bulb alternative. And the muted lampshades add a warm ambiance to a room.


Best Modern Design

Bosceos Set of 2 Touch Control Dimmable Table Lamps

Adjust the ambiance in your bedroom, living room, office, or den with three levels of light.

Pros: One of the best things about this pair of lamps is that they come with LED bulbs included. They each have dual USB ports for all your smart device charging needs. The soft rectangular shade emits a soft light in your bedroom or office, and the sleek modern shape of the base adds a touch of modern flair. Plus, they have easy-to-use touch controls to switch between three lighting levels.

Cons: These lamps don’t work with a wall switch.

Bottom Line: These three-way lamps are built to save on energy costs. They have practical features like a touch switch and handy USB ports. Plus, they have a cool, contemporary look.


Most Elegant

Regency Hill Exeter Traditional Style Table Lamps

Amp up your decor with these wood and bronze-finished table lamps.

Pros: First, these lamps get an A+ for style points. The finish alone is exquisite, and the lampshades have sleek rectangular shapes and smooth cream fabric. They’re 30 inches tall, so they’re a great option for a bedroom or a living room, depending on your needs. And the detailing makes them look far more expensive than they are.

Cons: These lamps do not allow for a three-way bulb, and lightbulbs are not included.

Bottom Line: If you’d like to decorate your room in a beautiful, classic style, this set of two lamps is for you. The cream shades have decorative finials that add an extra touch of class. And they have long cords, so you can plug them into any room without trouble.

Final Thoughts

Instead of buying individual lamps to fill your rooms, it may be a good idea to purchase a matching set. A matching set will balance your bedroom, living room, office, or den and save you money in the process. Plus, matching lamps take the same size and wattage of lightbulbs, so you will only need to purchase one kind.

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