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The Best Lampshades for Chandeliers

Wellmet/Seaside village/Fuloon
🕚 Updated March 2022

Lampshades aren't just for floor lamps and tabletop lamps---almost any light source with an exposed lightbulb can benefit from them, chandeliers included. If you want to buy some chandelier shades for your home, check out our recommendations.

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  Best Modern Look Best Traditional Design Best Classic Shades Best Pattern Best Glass Choice
Small Chandelier Shades for Candle Bulbs
Droplight Chandelier Lampshade Set
Double Mesh Small Lampshades for Candelabra Bulbs
Barrel Metal Lampshades for Chandelier
Seaside village
Clear Glass Shades
Our SummaryModern, drum-shaped chandelier lampshades available in several different colors that mute and warm harsh bulb light.A pack of elegant, bell-shaped chandelier lampshades that resemble silk without the expensive price tag.If you want shades that are essentially smaller versions of classic cone-shaped lampshades, you'll love this cozy fabric set.Made out of metal and shaped with a pattern of trees and branches, these chandelier lampshades are sure to stand out.If your chandelier has a unique bulb shape that you want to show off while still reducing the glare from its light, these clear glass shades will be right up your alley.
ProsEffective light blocking, alternate color options, fits several types of candle bulbs.Distinguished look, silk-like fabric, multiple colors, smaller pack available.Low priced, large size, several color options, heavy linen mesh fabric.Unique look and design, extra-durable material, bigger size.Versatile, matches all styles, heat-resistant glass, individual purchasing option.
ConsWattage limit, expensive, six-pack only.Pointed bulbs only, smaller sized.Sold only in pairs, clips may bend.Not 100% solid, two-pack only, expensive.Bulbs fully exposed, socket rings not included.
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The Best Lampshades for Chandeliers

Three different chandeliers with black, glass, and white lamp shades in different rooms.
Wellmet/Seaside village/Fuloon

Buying Guide for Lampshades for Chandeliers

A gold detailed chandelier with white lamp shades hangs from a ceiling.
L Julia/Shutterstock.com

Why buy lampshades for chandeliers?

Not all chandeliers need shades, but those with exposed bulbs could benefit from shades to help soften and disperse the light and shield your eyes from its glare. Shades also serve a decorative purpose. They can add a new style, texture, and color to a chandelier, whether you’re going for a vintage, classy look, a farmhouse style, or a modern aesthetic. Chandelier shades are a great, relatively inexpensive way to add ambiance and decoration to your dining room, living room, or bedroom.

What should you look for in chandelier lampshades?

  • Design: Chandelier shades can be made out of fabric, glass, paper, acrylic, and even wicker. Some have a metallic lining that helps direct light downward. They can be decorated with beads, tassels, crystals, lace, etc. The multiple smaller shades can be cylindrical, bell-shaped, or empire-shaped. Most will be lighter in color (like white, beige, or cream), dark in color (like black or dark gray), or crystalline, though there are some available in other colors as well. Paper or fabric models may be decorated with patterns as well. Think about what would best suit your living space, and pick accordingly.
  • Compatibility: Before you buy a chandelier shade, you’ll want to ensure that it’s going to fit. Almost every model on the market clips directly onto the bulb, and certain clips aren’t compatible with certain types or shapes of lightbulbs. Be sure to verify what type of bulbs your chandelier has and pick your shades accordingly; most will have torpedo/candle-style lightbulbs, but it’s best to double-check.

How do you pick the right-sized lampshades for your chandelier?

The shades themselves will be sized according to their diameter at the base. Their height should be listed as well. Keep in mind that, unless you’re going for a more minimal or downsized look, you’ll most likely want to buy lampshades that are slightly bigger than the bulbs’ diameter or width. You’ll want to order an inch or so up in the case of both height and diameter/width to get an easier fit.

Our Picks for the Best Lampshades for Chandeliers

Best Modern Look

Wellmet Small Chandelier Shades for Candle Bulbs

Modern, drum-shaped chandelier shades available in several different colors that mute and warm harsh bulb light.

Pros: This pack of six chandelier shades has a nice modern look and is extremely effective at dimming. Each hardback drum-shaped shade has a 5.5-inch diameter and is 5 inches tall. The black fabric exterior effectively tones down harsh lights, while the gold interior makes the glow appear warmer and cozier. The shades clip right onto the bulb for speedy assembly. They’re compatible with traditional, extended, angular, and twisted candle bulbs. If the black and gold don’t match your interior decor or are a little too dark for your liking, there are three alternate color options in lighter hues as well.

Cons: It’s recommended that you don’t attach these shades to lightbulbs above 25 watts. They’re also a bit on the pricey side for chandelier shades. And the set of six is the only quantity option.

Bottom Line: Dark chandelier shades are ideal for creating a muted ambiance or diffusing the light from an especially bright bulb. If you’re in the market for dark chandelier shades or want to buy a set that won’t look too vintage or old-fashioned, consider these black and gold drum-style ones.


Best Traditional Design

Fuloon Droplight Chandelier Lampshade Set

A pack of elegant, bell-shaped chandelier shades that resemble silk without the expensive price tag.

Pros: These shades will bring a touch of vintage elegance to your home. While the fabric is not made of actual silk, it is designed to resemble silk. Your guests won’t be able to tell the difference, so you get the same elegant look for a more reasonable price. The light golden fabric will soften the harsh flow of bulbs for a muted, romantic look; there are three alternative color options available as well. No matter which color your choose, the raised embroidery along the top, bottom, and sides adds a touch of panache without taking away from the elegance of the design. These shades clip directly onto the lightbulbs and are sold in packs of either two or six at a time, giving you more purchasing flexibility than many other small chandelier shades.

Cons: Lovely as the shades might be, they are a touch on the smaller side. If you have more standard-sized bulbs, they will probably be a bit too small to properly fit your chandelier. Keep in mind that these shades are designed to only clip onto tip or pointed lightbulbs.

Bottom Line: This set of lovely, classic yet fashionable chandelier shades will match many different decor styles and bring a simple sophistication to your home. Whether you want to match and enhance the appearance of an already-elegant crystal or gilded chandelier or spruce up a simpler one, you’ll love these chandelier lampshades’ distinguished, refined look.


Best Classic Shades

ALUCSET Double Mesh Small Lampshadesfor Candelabra Bulbs

If you want shades that are essentially smaller versions of classic cone-shaped lampshades, you'll love this cozy fabric set.

Pros: You likely won’t have to worry about these cone-shaped, clip-on chandelier lampshades not being large or tall enough for your lightbulbs. The top diameter is 4 inches, the bottom opening diameter is 6 inches, and each shade is 7 inches tall, plenty big enough to fit most lightbulbs. While they’re designed for candle-style bulbs, you may be able to slightly stretch out the clip and thus get away with using them on rounded bulbs if said lightbulbs are on the smaller side. Regardless of which of the three color options you pick, these shades are made out of a sturdy linen mesh fabric that’ll mute the hardness of lightbulbs despite the shades’ lighter colors.

Cons: Keep in mind that these chandelier lampshades are only sold in pairs. The clips aren’t the sturdiest and may bend or twist out of shape over time.

Bottom Line: Cone-shaped shades are considered the classic shape for a reason, and this set of small shades allows you to bring that style to your chandelier’s bulbs. They’re great if your tabletop and/or floor lamps have cone-shaped shades and you want them to match each other, or if you simply want a look that will suit almost every type of interior decor and never go out of style.


Best Pattern

ALUCSET Barrel Metal Lampshade for Table Chandelier

Made out of metal and shaped with a pattern of trees and branches, these chandelier shades are sure to stand out.

Pros: If you want a truly unique set of chandelier lampshades for your home, these tree-patterned metal shades are ideal. The beautiful tree design and spindly branches are very different from the usual solid fabric lampshades. And since they’re made out of metal rather than the usual fabric, you know that these chandelier lampshades are extra-strong and durable for a longer service life than the average set of shades. As a bonus, these chandelier shades have a top diameter of 5 inches, a bottom diameter of 8 inches, and a height of 7 inches tall, so they can fit around almost any candle-style lightbulbs, large or small.

Cons: Thanks to their dark metal exterior and golden interior, they do dim the light to a certain degree, but the glare will escape through some of the gaps at certain angles. If you need more than two lampshades, you’ll have to order more than one set, and this will drive the overall cost up considerably.

Bottom Line: You probably don’t think of metal as an option in terms of lampshades, but it can make for a set of beautiful and eye-catching chandelier shades, as this pair aptly proves. These shades are unique statement pieces.


Best Glass Choice

Seaside village Clear Glass Shades

If your chandelier has a unique bulb shape that you want to show off while still reducing the glare from its light, these clear glass shades will be right up your alley.

Pros: If you have poor eyesight or find fabric chandelier lampshades too stifling, you’ll love these bright, clear, rounded glass shades that allow more light to shine through than most but still mute it to some degree. Since the heat-resistant glass is clear and the style is so minimalist, they’ll suit nearly any design style. These shades attach to chandelier lights via socket rings instead of clipping directly onto the bulbs, so unlike most chandelier lampshades, they’re compatible with all styles and shapes of bulbs and can be fixed to chandeliers with upside-down lights. And while the base pack is a set of four, you can also buy these shades individually.

Cons: The bulbs will be fully visible whether the lights are switched on or off, and you will see close to the full glare if you look directly into the light. Also keep in mind that each shade requires an E26 socket ring to screw into, and the rings are not included in your purchase; you’ll have to buy them separately. They also won’t work with ceiling fan chandeliers that require fixed screws.

Bottom Line: While most people buy chandelier lampshades to reduce the light and glare from their chandelier’s lightbulbs, some may find that classic fabric shades may dim the light too much. These clear glass shades offer a nice compromise, as they allow for more and brighter light to shine through the room while slightly reducing the glare.

Final Thoughts

You may think chandelier shades are a bit outdated, but there are plenty of sleek, modern designs available. Whether you want your house to look sharp and contemporary or lean into a more vintage, historical, or even royal style, there are chandelier lampshades that flawlessly complement pretty much every type of home decor.

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