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The Best Lap Desks

🕚 Updated July 2022

Using a laptop while lying or sitting in an unnatural position can be hard on your body and computer. Check out these top-rated lap desks to optimize your mobile workspace in comfort and performance.

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  Top Choice Best Value Best with Light Premium Choice Also Great
Home Office Lap Desk
Compact Lap Desk
Sofia + Sam
Multi Tasking Lap Desk
Laptop Desk for Bed
Lap Laptop Desk
Our SummaryThis sleek lap desk is perfect for use while sitting or lying down on the couch.This affordable lap desk is great for mini laptops and compact tablets.This spacious lap desk stands out for its sturdy design and nifty features.This premium lap desk has adjustable legs to allow you more freedom to get comfortable.This sleek lap desk is compact and lightweight, making it a great portable option.
ProsNice variety of styles, left/right handed models, great for larger laptops, integrated mousepad.Budget-friendly price, cute and functional, lightweight design, comfortable padding. Sturdy and spacious, lots of neat features, great for larger laptops, works for right and left-handed people.Great for working in bed, adjustable design, more leg freedom, spacious surface.Sleek design, lightweight and compact, comfortable wrist cushion, travel-friendly option.
ConsNot ideal for angled use.Not suitable for larger laptops.Bulky/heavy.Expensive.A little small.
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The Best Lap Desks

rustic lap desk laptop stand

With laptop computers replacing desktops in many households and offices, lap desks are an increasingly useful item to have on hand. For those who prefer to perch their laptops on their lap instead of a desk, lap desks can prevent the laptop from overheating while affording you a comfortable way to use your laptop.

Buying Guide for Lap Desks

sleek extra-large lap desk with laptop and tablet on it

Why buy a lap desk?

Using a laptop while in bed or lounging on the couch can be awful for your body and your posture. A lap desk, however, is an affordable product that will allow you to use your laptop while maintaining a comfortable, healthy posture. Lap desks are great for people who work from home or enjoy using their laptops while lounging around. They are also much cheaper than a standing desk or writing desk, so you won’t have to break the bank to upgrade your time spent on your laptop.

What should you look for in a lap desk?

  • Size: Lap desks come in a wide variety of sizes. Consider the size of your devices to be sure that a particular lap desk is appropriate for you. Don’t forget; if you have devices like a mouse, tablet, or phone that will be used on the lap desk, you’ll probably want to choose a model with an extra-roomy design.
  • Design: Some lap desks are fairly simple; just situate them on a relatively flat surface (such as your lap) and get to work. Others have adjustable designs that allow you to use your laptop in an ergonomic way so that you can maintain a healthy posture. At the end of the day, what’s important is that you select a good lap desk that’s compatible with your laptop as well as your computing style.
  • Features: Some lap desks come equipped with next-level features such as a laptop cooling stand, a tablet stand, and padded surfaces for optimal comfort. While cool features and adjustable settings will usually mean a product costs more, these types of features can be well worth it in the end.

Are lap desks good for working at home? 

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While a lap desk won’t exactly replace your everyday work desk, a great lap desk can become a powerful aspect of your work-from-home routine. Since many lap desks allow your body to achieve a comfortable, ergonomic positioning, you may need to take fewer breaks throughout the day, making you more productive. Investing in a lap desk also means you can get work done from all over the house, so you can enjoy a sporting event on TV from your couch while putting in meaningful hours with your team on an important project.

Our Picks for the Best Lap Desks

Top Choice

LapGear Home Office Lap Desk

This sleek lap desk is perfect for use while sitting or lying down on the couch.

Pros: Featuring a nice assortment of available styles and options for both right- and left-handed users, the LapGear Home Office Lap Desk offers a ton of value for the money. This lap desk sports an integrated mousepad for your cordless mouse and more than enough room for a large, 15-inch laptop. More importantly, though, this highly-rated lap desk is comfortable on your lap while affording your laptop a stable surface to work its magic.

Cons: While this lap desk’s phone holder is pretty nifty, it’s not exactly a functional option for users who prop their legs up and use their laptop at an angle. Also, it’s worth noting that some reviewers mentioned needing good balance in order to prevent their laptops from moving around while working.

Bottom Line: If you’re seeking a full-sized lap desk that affords you more than enough room for larger laptops, this one is as highly-rated as they come. That being said, this product’s dual-bolster cushion works best when you’re sitting or lying in a conventional position, so it might not be an ideal purchase for those who like working at awkward angles.


Best Value

LapGear Compact Lap Desk

This affordable lap desk is great for mini laptops and compact tablets.

Pros: If you’re looking for a cute and efficient lap desk that’s great for compact laptops, notebooks, and tablets, the LapGear Compact Lap Desk offers you the best bang for your buck. This lap desk comes in a nice variety of colors spanning cute and conventional offerings and sports a flat, smooth surface that’ll help keep your laptop from overheating. Factor in this product’s budget-friendly price tag, lightweight design, and comfortable lap padding, and you can see why it’s such a popular pick.

Cons: Unfortunately, this budget lap desk’s biggest drawback is also one of its strong suits. While users of larger laptops may want to take advantage of this product due to its cute aesthetics and alluring price point, it’s not exactly suitable for laptops that exceed 13.3 inches.

Bottom Line: If you’re in the market for something compact and functional, this just might be the product for you. Measure your laptop to ensure your device will be a good fit. There are plenty of creative ways you can use this lap desk, making it a great option at its price.


Best with Light

Sofia + Sam Multi Tasking Lap Desk

This spacious lap desk stands out for its sturdy design and nifty features.

Pros: Featuring a roomy design that can accommodate many 15- to 17-inch laptops, the Sofia + Sam Multi Tasking Lap Desk is a great option for those seeking something sturdy and spacious. This lap desk comes equipped with quite a few nifty features, including a comfortable wrist rest, a slide-out mousepad, and an LED light that will help you type in the dark. This product does well to keep your wrists comfortable while working and keeping your laptop stationary, making it a solid option for most people.

Cons: While this is a great lap desk for getting some work done while lying in bed, it’s probably a bit too bulky and heavy to bring to the office so that you can work on a comfy couch instead of your desk. Also, some reviewers noted that it’s less comfortable than some alternative lap desks when used for hours on end.

Bottom Line: While this might not be the most comfortable lap desk on the market for your lap, it’s a versatile option that can be used with a wide range of laptops and other devices. Those who don’t mind this product’s extra bulk will likely appreciate its smooth finish and nifty features, which really go above and beyond other products at its price point.


Premium Choice

NEARPOW Laptop Desk for Bed

This premium lap desk has adjustable legs to allow you more freedom to get comfortable.

Pros: Featuring five adjustable height settings and four viewing angles, the NEARPOW Laptop Desk is an excellent option for those who like to get some work done from the comfort of their bed. This product’s sturdy legs allow for a wider variety of body positions than other laptop desks, so you can work while sitting cross-legged or lying back with your knees propped up. This lap desk also stands out for its spacious surface and integrated storage drawer, solidifying it as a premium choice for those in the market for a premium product.

Cons: This product’s biggest drawback is its hefty price tag, especially when compared to the wide variety of budget-friendly lap desks on the market. While this product is probably more durable and sturdy than a vast majority of lap desks, it’s also worth noting that it’s not a very travel-friendly option for those who work on the go.

Bottom Line: If you work from home and need a lap desk that will help you stay productive, this offering from NEARPOW offers a ton of versatility for the price. While this is one of the more expensive lap desks on the market, its sturdy, functional design will likely outlast most budget-friendly lap desks in terms of longevity.


Also Great

HUANUO Lap Laptop Desk

This sleek lap desk is compact and lightweight, making it a great portable option.

Pros: Rounding out our guide is the HUANUO Lap Laptop Desk, which differentiates itself from the pack thanks to its sleek, modern design and nice touches to maximize comfort. This travel-friendly lap desk is incredibly light, so you can use it comfortably for hours on end. While it’s slightly small for use with full-sized laptops, its comfy wrist padding and handy storage pocket make it a convenient option to bring to the office so that you can work on a couch or beanbag. If you use a compact laptop, this lap desk is worth considering.

Cons: While this lap desk feels fairly roomy when used with a 13-inch laptop, it runs out of real estate quickly when paired with a 15-inch or larger laptop. Also, its compact size isn’t ideal for those who plan on using a wireless mouse.

Bottom Line: Those seeking a compact and travel-friendly lap desk will love this one’s comfortable wrist cushion and portable design. That being said, this lap desk won’t be large enough for many users, so be sure to measure your devices to get an idea of how much workspace you’ll need to stay productive.

Final Thoughts

Being comfortable while working is important, so investing in a lap desk can be a great choice that boosts both your work quality and productivity. However, it’s important to do your research before you buy so that you can invest in a lap desk that meets or exceeds your unique needs.

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