The Best Laptop Backpacks for Organization and Protection

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People with laptops often take them places. Depending on the distance, they may carry the laptop by hand or toss it in a tote or briefcase. Instead, use a laptop backpack specifically designed to protect and organize your laptop and accessories during transport.

Care About Your Laptop? Get a Laptop Backpack!

Here are some things to consider:

  • Technology: Most laptop backpacks are designed for 15.6-inch size laptops max. If you want to carry other devices, look for backpacks with extra compartments for tablets, USB portals, room for headphones, and pockets for chargers.
  • Use: Are you a businessperson who needs to carry a laptop and other items to meetings or conventions? Are you traveling to a tropical island? There are laptop backpacks made for just these purposes.
  • Personal Belongings: What do you usually carry in a backpack, aside from a laptop? It’s important to be aware of your habits, as laptop backpacks vary considerably in terms of volume or the number of compartments and pockets. If, for example, you like to carry a change of clothes, keep your eye out for products that have enough space.

Most Popular: Matein Durable Laptop Backpack

Silver-gray backpack shown at an angle

This laptop backpack by Matein provides several compartments and pockets, making it a functional and accommodating carrier. The laptop compartment is separated and houses laptop sizes 13 to 15.6 inches. There’s also a middle compartment for daily necessities such as toiletries, books, and headphones. In the front compartment, there’s space for phones, wallets, keys, purses, and more. There are side pockets, a theft-proof back pocket, and a USB charging port. The backpack is made of durable water-resistant material.

Most Popular

Matein Durable Laptop Backpack

This best-selling laptop backpack features three main compartments, lots of pockets, and a USB charging port.

Best for Students: Modoker Laptop Rucksack

a gray backpack with leather straps, buckles, zippered outer pockets, and a phone plugged into a charger

Take your laptop and other gadgets and belongings to school safely and fashionably with the Modoker vintage rucksack. It offers all the common features of a quality laptop backpack such as a USB charging port, pockets, compartments—all of that. But the Modoker’s laptop compartment also has a sleeve for tablets. And it’s quite spacious. The backpack can expand to fit 35 liters of your stuff, so it’s a good thing the ergonomic shoulder straps are padded. Made of durable, lightweight canvas, the backpack features vegan leather trim and brass hardware.

Best for Students

Modoker Laptop Rucksack

This spacious backpack will keep your belongings and you better organized. It's great to look at, too.

Best for Travel: TZOWLA Laptop Backpack

Gray backpack at an angle, small photos of headphones, iPhone, etc

Unquestionably, a travel laptop backpack should have extra protection against threats on every level than comparable carrier products. This backpack by TZOWLA features 360-degree protection, a padded interior, a water-resistant nylon exterior, and protective ridges around the zippers. There are several compartments and pockets, with a separate space for a 13- to 15.6-inch laptop and USB and headset portals. Most importantly, the anti-theft design features a fixed password lock and durable metal zippers.

Best for Travel

Travel Laptop Backpack Water Resistant Anti-Theft Bag with USB Charging Port and Lock 14/15.6 Inch Computer Business Backpacks for Women Men College School Student Gift,Bookbag Casual Hiking Daypack

Your laptop and belongings will be safe as they travel in this laptop backpack. It features 360-degree protection and an anti-theft password lock.

Best Anti-Theft Design: NUBILY 45L Laptop Backpack

Black backpack, image of laptop on top left, image of open backpack on lower left.

It’s a good thing the NUBILY laptop backpack features five back anti-theft pockets for your valuables and an antitheft zipper on the outermost pocket. The water-resistant polyester material protects the interior from spills, dirt, and weather. Speaking of the interior, this might be the laptop backpack with the largest volume on the market—45 liters. Here are other notable specifications: 17.3-inch maximum laptop size, more than 15 pockets, and an airflow back panel. To make use of the TSA-friendly design, simply unzip at the middle to open it flat for easy scanning.

Best Anti-Theft Design

NUBILY 45 L Laptop Backpack

With five anti-theft back pockets and an anti-theft zipper on the outermost pocket, your stuff will be safe. It also opens for easy scanning at the airport.

Best for Business: Samsonite Kombi Laptop Backpack

Backpack opened to show interior organization design

How does one make a laptop backpack functional and smart-looking for business use? Samsonite has the answer with its Kombi backpack. The padded laptop compartment protects a device up to 15.6 inches in size. The interior business-tailored organization design features multiple compartments for items like a planner and notebook. The separate, outermost compartment features pockets for pens, mobile phones, and chargers. Importantly, the exterior fabric is made of ballistic nylon, a fabric that was originally used in flak jackets for World War II airmen! That’s superior protection looks great, too, with leather details.

Best for Business

Samsonite Kombi Laptop Backpack

This backpack has a place for everything! And that's a good thing for professionals who need organization and protection.

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