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The Best Laptop Backpacks

🕚 Updated April 2022

Not all computers can be easily carried from A to B, but laptops can. If you're either a laptop person who wants to transport it safely or a backpack person who would like to tote their laptop, read on.

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  Top Choice Best Vintage Design Best Sporty Look Great for Kids Also Great
Laptop Backpack for 15.6-Inch
Vintage Laptop Backpack
Amazon Basics
Laptop Backpack, Up to 17 Inches
Rolling Laptop Backpack for 15-Inch
Laptop Backpack for 15.6-Inch
Our SummaryAn all-around great quality laptop backpack with lots of colors to choose from.A real eye-catcher, this durable vintage laptop backpack comes in green, black, and grey.A large-capacity laptop backpack decked out with pockets and compartments galore.This cute rolling laptop backpack comes in several colorful designs for kids and adults.A minimalist style 15.6-inch laptop backpack for light transport.
ProsFor laptop sizes 13 to 15.6 inches, separate laptop, middle, and front compartments, side pockets, USB charging port luggage strap, durable polyester, water-resistant material, metal zippers.Six compartments including a 15.6-inch laptop compartment, an external USB charging port, set-in charging cable, tear- and water-resistant 600D nylon fabric.For 17-inch laptops, extra-large interior, multiple compartments, designed for organization, sturdy nylon material, unassuming look.Roller option relieves weight from shoulders, can be transformed to backpack, 30-pound capacity, for a 15-inch laptop, polypropylene bottom molding for protection, adjustable 18-inch telescoping aluminum rod and handle, several graphic designs.For 15.6-inch laptop, simple and modern look, durable and water-repellant polyester fabric, quilted back panel, adjustable shoulder straps, padded protective interior, hand pockets, separate laptop compartment.
ConsBackside padding may not be sufficient.Pockets and compartments may not meet standards for organization.Seams are not durable.If packed full, may be too heavy for some kids.Backside padding may not be sufficient.
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The Best Laptop Backpacks

Small gray textile city backpack with laptop or ultrabook, power bank and wireless headphones.

Buying Guide for Laptop Backpacks

Woman packs her computer in a backpack.

Why buy a laptop backpack?

You may get away with putting your laptop in a tote bag or briefcase for a while. But if you start to travel more or need to be away for longer than a few hours, a laptop backpack makes sense. The products we review here all have extra room for snacks, cell phones, wallets, charging cables, notebooks, etc. Again, laptop backpacks are unique in design because they must protect, allow easy access, and offer room to stow personal items while looking good.

What should you look for in a laptop backpack?

  • Design: Most laptop backpacks are designed for 15.6-inch size laptops max. If you want to carry other devices, look for backpacks with extra compartments for tablets, USB portals, room for headphones, and pockets for chargers. Some laptop backpacks are set up for travel with wheels and a telescoping handle; others are more school-friendly. Such a backpack may have two or three large compartments for other electronics and books.
  • Materials: At the very least, a laptop backpack should be water-resistant. Common fabrics include polyester and nylon. Look for high abrasion resistance, too, and metal zippers. Also essential is quality padding for laptop protection, shoulder strap comfort, and back panel ventilation.
  • Extras: Strategically placed pockets are a luxury that should be standard features. Great laptop backpacks will have pockets for pens, keys, cell phones, and USB chargers. Many have side pockets to hold a water bottle, umbrella, and thermos. Travel laptop backpacks often have hidden anti-theft pockets, which can come in handy.

What else should you be aware of when selecting a laptop backpack?

For some, it’s a no-brainer, and for others, completely unimportant, but overall, look, and color are something to consider. Your entire back is taken up when you wear a backpack, so you might as well wear something you like. Several products we review come in multiple colors. Another consideration is style. If you’re a business professional, it may be good to choose a backpack with a subtle expression, not sporty or cutesy, but classic.

Our Picks for the Best Laptop Backpacks

Top Choice

MATEIN Laptop Backpack for 15.6-Inch

An all-around great quality laptop backpack with lots of colors to choose from.

Pros: This laptop backpack by Matein provides several compartments and pockets, making it a functional and accommodating carrier. The laptop compartment is separated and houses laptops sized 13 to 15.6 inches. There’s also a middle compartment for daily necessities such as toiletries, books, and headphones. There’s space for phones, wallets, keys, purses, and more in the front compartment. There are side pockets, a USB charging port, and a luggage strap. The backpack is made of durable polyester water-resistant material and has metal zippers.

Cons: The backside padding may not be thick enough.

Bottom Line: This laptop backpack is practical, attractive, and equipped to keep your electronics safe. That it can fit laptops between 13 to 15.6 inches is an appealing aspect.


Best Vintage Design

Modoker Vintage Laptop Backpack

A real eye-catcher, this durable vintage laptop backpack comes in green, black, and grey.

Pros: You may want this backpack for its voguish appeal at first sight, but that’s not all you’ll be buying into. There are a total of six compartments for ideal organization and storage. You get one roomy compartment for books and clothes, a smaller one for notebooks and magazines, a front pocket for pens and keys, a showcase laptop compartment that fits up to a 15.6-inch laptop, and two side pockets. There’s also an external USB charging port and set-in charging cable for ultimate convenience. Walk and charge simultaneously. And we can’t overlook the fabric of this retro laptop backpack. It’s durable 600D nylon, which is scratch-, tear-, and water-resistant.

Cons: The side pockets are too small.

Bottom Line: Don’t let the good looks of this laptop backpack stop you from taking it off-road. It makes a great satchel for day hikes and bike rides as well.


Best Sporty Look

Amazon Basics Laptop Backpack, Up to 17-Inch

A large-capacity laptop backpack decked out with pockets and compartments galore.

Pros: Amazon Basics has your 17-inch laptops covered. With a 12- x 4.5- x 17.5-inch (L x W x H) interior, this backpack is large. In addition to the large padded sleeve for your computer, there are organizational compartments for pens, keys, and cell phones. There are also mesh water bottle pockets on each side, which you can use for water or an umbrella, anything that you forgot to put inside and won’t damage easily. This black nylon backpack is suitable for professionals and students.

Cons: The seams may come apart over time.

Bottom Line: A practical laptop backpack that meets basic standards and excels in capacity, this Amazon Basics product deserves a look. It’s sporty but passes as professional and academic.


Great for Kids

Tilami Rolling Laptop Backpack for 15-Inch

This cute rolling laptop backpack comes in several colorful designs for kids and adults.

Pros: It’s well known that kids haul a ton of stuff to school these days, setting them up for chronic back pain. This large storage capacity laptop backpack can hold up to 30 pounds of belongings, including a 15-inch laptop for school, vacation, or sleepovers. For a backpack with wheels, it’s important to have a solid structure of quality materials. The base of the Tilami backpack comprises polypropylene molding to protect it from all sides, stand feet for stability, and smooth-rolling and quiet wheels. It can be easily transformed by tucking the wheels and base into a protective pocket for comfortable carrying. Of course, having a rolling laptop backpack means nothing without a sturdy handle, which this backpack does. Its 18-inch telescoping aluminum rod can be adjusted to different lengths.

Cons: Because the backpack holds so much weight, it can be too heavy for some kids to maneuver from class to class.

Bottom Line: The Tilami rolling laptop backpack covers far beyond the basics. With storage capacity, transformability, handy pockets, and fun designs, this product is a winner, especially among those who love fun colors.


Also Great

Lenovo Laptop Backpack for 15.6-Inch

A minimalist style 15.6-inch laptop backpack for light transport.

Pros: Where some laptop backpacks appeal to lovers of colorful fabrics and designs, this product’s design aims to please those with greater interest in a simple, modern look. Because it’s modest in appearance, the Lenovo is great for professionals, students, and travelers alike who want to transport laptops up to 15.6 inches. The backpack features durable and water-repellent polyester fabric, a quilted back panel, adjustable shoulder straps, and a padded interior for protection. With pockets for mobile devices and other daily necessaries, and a protective laptop compartment, this streamlined backpack has you prepared for whatever responsibilities on your schedule.

Cons: The padding could be thicker.

Bottom Line: The Lenovo may be suitable if you’re looking for a lean, no-nonsense laptop backpack. It offers space for daily essentials, including a 15.6-inch computer, inadvertently limiting superfluous items and weight.

Final Thoughts

As technology advances, so must the luggage we use daily to protect it. Now that you know what to look for in a laptop backpack and have a few products to consider, there’s no reason to wait to give your laptop the best care.

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