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The Best Laptop Cooling Pads

hands typing on a laptop that's resting on a cooling pad

To mitigate the overheating of gaming laptops, cooling pads are a great accessory and inexpensive way to drop the temperatures of your computer. Laptop cooler pads are placed under the device to cool the laptop efficiently. These pads come with a variety of features, making them a functional and must-have purchase for heavy-duty computer users.

What Should You Consider in a Laptop Cooler Pad?

The first and most important consideration when purchasing a laptop cooling pad is the size of your computer, as these pads range in computer inch coverage. It is imperative to consider the noise level of the fans of the cooling pad technology, as some are quieter than others depending on their airflow RPM.

Also consider the ability to adjust the height settings of the cooler pad, to provide a comfortable work or gaming environment. Determine if you will need USB ports in the cooling pad, for use of additional equipment.

Best Overall: AFMAT Laptop Cooler

propped up black laptop cooling pad with two blue lit fans

This laptop cooler has a double blower for enhanced cooling, with a maximum speed of 4500RPM. Perfect for 14 to 17-inch laptops, this pad is a great choice for gaming laptops with heat dissipation holes or ventilation holes at the bottom. The sealing rubber ring enhances contact between the laptop and cooling pad while protecting against the loss of air. The wind speed has three adjustments for both cooling effects while playing and low-speed energy-saving. The pad also has colorful atmosphere lighting with four light modes. Adjust the brackets for laptop height with seven levels to choose from.

Best Overall

Best for Budget: TopMate C302 Laptop Cooling Pad

black flat-edged laptop cooling pad with two large fans

Ergonomically designed, this laptop cooler is super lightweight and is easy to carry around. The two fans are quiet and will not disturb you. The pad cools the device with its 1300RPM fans. It can be adjusted to two different height settings and there is an extra USB composite power interface to be used for other devices.

Best for Budget

Best Design: havit RGB Laptop Cooling Pad

propped up, perforated dark gray laptop cooling pad with three fans

Created with a metal mesh surface design, this laptop cooling pad is designed to increase airflow and cool the device. It comes with three high-speed fans and is optimized for 15.6 to 17-inch laptops. The effects include RGB lighting that creates 15 kinds of lights, with just one button to switch. The pad is also ergonomically designed with two adjustments for height. Another great feature is the non-slip baffle to keep the laptop from slipping off. There is also an extra USB port and power switch design to connect more USB devices.

Best Design

Havit RGB Laptop Cooling Pad Cooler for 15.6-17 Inch Laptop with 3 Quiet Fans and Touch Control, Pure Metal Panel Portable Cooling Stand

A laptop cooling pad with three high-speed fans and RGB lighting with 15 different effects.

Also Consider: Pccooler Laptop Cooling Pad

fold up black laptop cooling case with five fans

This laptop cooling pad comes with a 2.5mm metal mesh surface which provides excellent airflow through four ultra-quiet 85mm fans. The additional fifth fan is a silent 110mm fan, which takes heat away quickly. Lit up with 10 red cool LED lights, this cooling pad provides a better gaming environment and experience. Built for 12 to 17-inch laptops, there is also a dual USB interface to increase the power mode. It can be adjusted up to six low-angle settings for working or gaming.

The addition of a cooling pad to your laptop set up will enhance your laptop’s cooling experience. Keeping computers from overheating is important to protecting and extending the life of your technology.

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