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The Best Laptop Stands to Declutter Your Space

If your home is your headquarters, you may need it to function not only as a living space, but also as an office and a classroom, and probably all three at once. That means you need to organize it so that it’s a place where you can get a lot done and still relax and have fun.

Achieving optimal tranquility and productivity in your home may require a decluttering process with many “spark joy” tests along the way, but why not start with the simple step of controlling the clutter caused by your electronic devices?

A vertical laptop stand is an indispensable solution for making the most of the room you have. A laptop takes up a lot of desktop real estate, so when it’s not in use, storing it with a good vertical stand will open up your desk or dining table. Some stands will also give you a handy spot to keep things like your tablet or phone, making your life even more organized and stress-free.

Here are some great vertical laptop stands that will help you carve out some free space—and do it with style.

How to Pick the Right Laptop Stand

Here’s what you should consider when looking for a laptop stand:

  • Measurements: Before purchasing your stand, get the measurements of your device’s length, width, and, especially, thickness, because when the laptop is stored, it will rest on its side. Some stands are one size, made for specific devices, and some can adjust to various sizes. You want the stand to cradle your laptop securely but not squeeze it.
  • Quality: The stand should ideally be made of a material that’s sturdy and durable with a finish that won’t scratch your devices. The design should be balanced and stable and include padding on the bottom to prevent your laptop and the stand from sliding or scratching surfaces. You don’t want it to block your laptop’s ports, and it should allow for airflow to prevent overheating.
  • Extras: Having more than one slot on your stand is essential if you own and use many electronics. Some vertical laptop stands can also serve as charging stations. A cable catcher for your cords can be a handy feature as well.

Best Multi-Tasker: OthoKing Charging Stand


This stand, made from elegant and eco-friendly bamboo, allows you to store and charge up to five devices in a compact 6-inch by 5.5-inch space. The device slots are 0.8 inches wide, but you can remove the baffles to create a wider space for thicker laptops if needed. The five USB ports fit various devices, with a 2.4-amp fast-charging port for devices that use more power.

Best Adjustable: ARGIGU Three-Slot Aluminum Stand


This laptop stand holds up to three devices. The middle slot has a single width of 0.59 inches that will hold a MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Microsoft Surface, Dell XPS series, and HP ENVY series. The two outer slots’ widths can be adjusted from 0.43 inches to 1.49 inches by using the simple double-nut mechanism on the sides. The slots are coated with a non-slip silicone mat, and the aluminum alloy material has the same surface finish as a MacBook.

Best Adjustable

Best Value: OMOTON Double Desktop Stand



This OMOTON laptop stand holds two devices with thicknesses between 0.55 inches and 1.65 inches. You can adjust the laptop cradles with two sets of nuts that you access on the bottom of the stand. The grooves are coated with non-slip silicone matting to protect your devices from slips and scratches, and the design is attractive and straightforward with a durable, scratch-resistant finish.

Best Value

Best Design: Urbo Zee Vertical Laptop Stand



What stands out about the Uber Zee stand is its sleek, modern design. It holds a single device with a cradle width that can be adjusted from 0.39 to 1.5 inches to hold a wide selection of laptops. You can change the width with an included hexagon key. The design includes grooves to hold the laptop’s cable. Anti-skid silicone mats on the base and anti-scratch rubber tabs on the grips keep your laptop safe.

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