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The Best Laptop Stickers

a closed Apple laptop covered in stickers
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Laptops are one of the most used electronics and it can be fun to decorate them to match your personality or style. Stickers are a great way to proudly express your likes and embellish your device.

What to Consider in Laptop Stickers

When choosing stickers to buy, consider if you will ever want to remove the stickers in the future. Some stickers come with adhesives that allow them to be easily moved and not leave behind residue. Also consider the durability of the stickers, as many are made to last and withstand water or sun.

Best Branded Stickers: Cool Brand Stickers 101 Pack

a pack of stickers with lots of popular brand logos, including Starbucks, MTV, and Dickies
Cool Brand

With 101 unique designs, this pack of stickers is made from vinyl and is 100% waterproof. A great way to decorate laptops, MacBooks, and more. Many of the stickers are popular brands and logos. The adhesive is strong but will not leave residue behind and the color is long-lasting. The stickers will make your life more colorful and add a personal touch wherever you stick them.

The Office Set: The Office Stickers Pack of 50

a cluster of funny stickers from the TV show The Office

A must-have for “The Office” fans, this 50-pack of stickers decorates your laptop with quotes and characters from your favorite show. Featured characters include Michael Scott, Dwight Schrute, Kevin Malone, and more. These high-quality stickers are waterproof and well-made and will not fade. They are crated with non-marking glue, which means you can take them off and readjust with no sticky residue remaining behind.

Best Neon Set: Waterproof Vinyl Stickers Pack for Laptop

a cluster of neon-light stickers of varying shapes

Sure to add a unique flair of color to your laptop is this neon sticker set. It features 50 pieces and no duplicates. The stickers are waterproof and can be peeled off with no residue and replaced. Thick and durable, these stickers are a fun choice for decorating.

Best Neon Stickers

Best for Music Fans: Band Stickers Pack

a large cluster of various band logos in sticker form

A fun choice for music fans, this 100-piece sticker collection has no duplicates. From Linkin Park to Led Zeppelin, there are many bands and logos featured in this sticker pack. The stickers are made with PVC materials, are waterproof and sun-proof, and will not leave any sticky residue behind.

Best for Music Fans

Embellishing your laptop, a distinctive way to show off your likes and style in sticker form. These laptop stickers are meant to last and can be easily adjusted.

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