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The Best Large Plant Pots

🕚 Updated March 2023

Need to dress up a boring patio or zhuzh up a corner of your home? A large plant in a lovely, appropriately-sized plant pot might be the answer. Decorate your spaces with flowers or lush greens inside these plant pots.

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  Top Choice Largest Option Best Design Best Rustic Look Best Set
  Fox & Fern
15 Large Planter
The HC Companies
Classic Pot Planter
Classic Home and Garden
Honeysuckle Patio Pot
Classic Home and Garden
Whiskey Barrel
Mueller Austria
Plant and Flower Pot Set
Our SummaryThis mid-century planter is as durable as it is chic, made specifically to fit in a fabulous plant stand.Durable and lightweight, this classic garden planter is perfect for both indoor and outdoor usage.This timeless design mimics ceramic or stone, elevating your indoor or outdoor garden.This rustic-looking plant pot is built to resemble a real-life whiskey barrel without the bulkiness or high price point.These fun metallic-looking pots come in three different sizes that you can group together or spread out.
Pros✓ Matte white
✓ Optional drainage hole
✓ Lightweight
✓ Five sizes and three quantity options
✓ Large enough for an indoor tree
✓ Withstands weather
✓ Versatile
✓ Good color and size variety
✓ Mimics pricier materials
✓ Easy to drill drainage holes in the bottom
✓ Sunny splash of color
✓ UV-resistant
✓ Lightweight and easy to move
✓ Extremely affordable
✓ Sturdy and UV-resistant
✓ Realistic barrel look
✓ Good value
✓ Color and quantity variety
✓ Lightweight but sturdy
✓ Drainage inserts included
Cons✗ Minor flaws in the finish✗ Bottom saucer isn't included✗ May not support a top-heavy tree
✗ No alternate colors or sizes
✗ No drainage holes
✗ Possible size or color discrepancies
✗ Potential discrepancy with the metallic finish
✗ No drainage holes
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The Best Large Plant Pots

Fiddle leaf fig plant in circle white pot at the corner of the stairs.

Buying Guide for Large Plant Pots

Two woven baskets display tall plants near a staircase.

Why buy large plant pots?

Potted plants bring verdant life into your favorite indoor or outdoor space. You can use them for a variety of different types of plants. Add rocks and sandy soil to a planter, and you can have a gorgeous succulent display. Plant a small tree in your large plant pot and watch it grow. You can even put a little fruit tree there and enjoy the spoils. They make an excellent addition to gardens, patios, and indoor decor. Adding big plants in plant pots not only looks pretty but adds a natural, peaceful feeling to your setting. And if you want a bigger plant or small tree for your home, you’ll need to invest in a plant pot that’s big enough to hold and support your new houseplant. Large plant pots are beautiful and versatile and add color and texture to your space.

What should you consider in large plant pots?

  • Materials: Ceramic pots are the standard for gorgeous decorative pots. While beautiful, they can also be fragile and not the best choice for households with small children. That’s why gardeners may prefer pots made from other materials such as wood, resin, recycled plastic, magnesium oxide, and even fabric or textiles. If you plan to keep your plant outside instead of indoors, you’ll also want to look for a plant pot that has been treated to be resistant to UV rays and the weather, so it’ll hold up well under the elements.
  • Size: A large plant pot should be big enough to support small trees or bushes. If you’re looking for a specific size, get the measurements first. Large is subjective, but any model 10 inches in diameter or bigger is considered a “large” plant pot. You’ll also want to look at its capacity in quarts or gallons, and its depth since certain plants have deeper root systems than others or will need more soil to thrive.
  • Drainage Holes: To drain or not to drain—that is the question. If your plants require some drainage, try to find a planter with drainage holes or one that can be easily drilled to create drainage holes. Make sure you read all about your plant’s needs before choosing a pot so that it can retain the correct amount of moisture. Lack of proper drainage can lead to mold growth or root rot in some species of plants.

What plants are recommended for large plant pots?

Large plant pots can hold many different types of plants. Perennials, shrubs, hanging vines, roses, and succulents thrive in large pots. Fiddle-leaf fig plants, olive trees, and palm trees are trendy options. A cluster of flowers, whether the same species or a variety of types, also grow well in large pots together as long as they have matching soil and watering needs. The sky’s the limit. If you’re unsure whether your favorite plant will survive in a container, ask your local garden store for tips. Remember that the health of different plants varies by region, and your local nurseries will be well-equipped to answer any questions.

Our Picks for the Best Large Plant Pots

Top Choice

Fox & Fern 15 Large Planter

This mid-century planter is as durable as it is chic.

Pros: This matte white pot has an optional drainage hole, making it versatile enough to hold just about any appropriately sized plant. Plus, it’s shockingly lightweight despite its larger size. You can choose five different sizes to fit your decor, with the option to mix and match to create eye-catching levels. You can buy the stand to place it in separately for an even more stylish setup. And the sleek side and bright white color ensure this pot fits in with almost any interior or exterior home decor.

Cons: There may be minor flaws in the finish of this plant pot. These imperfections, even though minor, may detract from the overall aesthetic appeal of the pot and make it appear less polished or sleek. Additionally, if the flaws are severe enough, they could compromise the structural integrity of the pot and potentially cause it to crack or break over time.

Bottom Line: If you’re after an elegant and modern large plant pot that works great indoors or outdoors, look no further. The pot’s glossy, contemporary design is perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to any interior or exterior space.


Largest Option

The HC Companies Classic Pot Planter

Durable and lightweight, this classic garden planter is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

Pros: This pot is the largest on the list, perfect for your favorite indoor tree or tall shrub. Even though it’s made from plastic, it’s durable enough to withstand various weather conditions, including the coldest seasons. This makes it ideal for outdoor use, as you can be sure that your plants will be protected from harsh elements. Its robust construction ensures the pot will last for years, making it a smart investment for any plant enthusiast. It works either as a pot by itself or as a liner to place in a larger, more luxurious pot, so it’s quite versatile. And with eight different sizes and 10 colors to choose from, a version will certainly fit your needs perfectly.

Cons: Though this pot is photographed with a bottom saucer, said saucer isn’t included with your purchase. You’ll have to buy it separately if you want one.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a straightforward yet reliable large plastic pot, it is a great find since it comes in various sizes and colors. Whether you’re looking for a pot to house a large tree or a smaller plant, there’s an option for you.


Best Design

Classic Home and Garden Honeysuckle Patio Pot

This timeless design mimics ceramic or stone, elevating your indoor or outdoor garden.

Pros: This pot is lovely and glossy, perfectly mimicking pricier materials. And if you need the extra drainage, it’s super easy to drill drainage holes in the bottom of the pot. Best of all, it adds a sunny splash of color to your yard, porch, or favorite room. Because the color is embedded into the material and not painted, it won’t chip or flake off. The UV-resistant coating also helps to preserve the lovely honeysuckle orange color, as it helps the pot resist fading even after extended exposure to sunlight.

Cons: While lightweight large plant pots are handy if you ever want to move your plant to a different spot, this particular model might be too lightweight. Because of its lighter weight, it may not support a top-heavy tree. And there aren’t any alternate colors or sizes available.

Bottom Line: This large plant pot is an affordable and beautiful winner. It’s built to withstand all types of weather conditions without fading or flaking.


Best Rustic Look

Classic Home and Garden Whiskey Barrel

This rustic-looking plant pot is built to resemble a real-life whiskey barrel without the bulkiness or high price point.

Pros: Despite mimicking the look of a big, heavy barrel, this large plant pot is surprisingly lightweight thanks to its resin material, making it easy to move around or put into storage when not in use. Thus it’s a very convenient option for those who like to change up their plant displays or need to move their plants around frequently. You can buy it in two colors, four sizes, and as a pack of three individually. It’s sturdy, UV-resistant, and attractive, all at an extremely affordable price, making it a smart investment for those on a budget or seeking a cost-effective way to display their plants.

Cons: This plant pot doesn’t have any built-in drainage holes, and drilling your own is a trickier task compared to other models. Upon receiving their pot, a few customers mentioned size discrepancies, noting that it was larger than they expected. The colors may also not perfectly match the shades in the product photographs.

Bottom Line: Perfect for rustic decor, this large plant pot provides you with a realistic barrel look without the obscene barrel price. It’s fun, authentic-looking, and highly affordable, great for outdoor or indoor spaces.


Best Set

Mueller Austria Plant and Flower Pot Set

These fun metallic-looking pots come in three different sizes that you can group together or spread out.

Pros: Buying in bulk is often a great way to get better value and bang for your buck; these plant pots are no exception. In addition to the large pot, you receive two small and two medium-sized pots. If five pots are too many or not enough for your needs, they’re also available in a set of two, four, and six. A good variety of colors is available, ranging from neutral shades to bold hues, allowing you to choose the perfect match for your decor style. These plant pots are also nice and lightweight, making them easy to maneuver and store. Yet they’re still sturdy enough to hold soil without losing shape, ensuring your plants stay healthy and happy. A drainage insert comes in the bottom of each pot and is designed to prevent damage from overwatering.

Cons: Some customers noted that the pots they received didn’t look exactly as pictured in color or the metallic finish, which could be a drawback if you seek a specific aesthetic. And even with the drainage inserts to help out, they do lack proper drainage holes.

Bottom Line: These plant pots’ range of sizes and quantities, variety of colors, sturdy yet lightweight nature, and overall value make them an excellent option. They are great for plant enthusiasts seeking a practical, stylish option for multiple plants.

Final Thoughts

Large plant pots are available in various colors, finishes, and sizes. Think carefully about how and where you would like to use your large plant pot to decide which will best suit your needs. Our top picks should be excellent options for most people and homes.

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