The Best Laser Pointer Toys for Cats

If your cat is often bored, it can lead to behavioral issues, overeating, or inactivity that can then lead to serious health problems. Luckily, with a great laser pointer toy, your cat can get plenty of exercise and have tons of fun, even when nobody is at home. While laser-based cat toys differ in various ways, the end goal is always the same, to entertain your cat and improve its quality of life. Here are some great laser pointer toys to keep your cat active.

What to Consider in Laser Pointer Toys for Your Cat

There are plenty of factors to consider when shopping for laser pointer toys for your beloved cat. To ensure you purchase a toy that your cat loves and to get the most bang for your buck, be sure to think about function, power source, and design before you buy.

  • Function: There are two main types of laser pointer toys for cats, and both come with their own distinct advantages. Handheld toys will allow you to bond with your cat since you will be actively playing with it. These are great to keep around your home and use when your cat seems bored. Automatic laser pointer toys are also great, as these will help your cat have fun and exercise even if you don’t have time to play. However, while cats love automatic toys, these will not help bond you with your pet as well as manual models.
  • Power Source: Almost all electronic cat toys are either rechargeable or battery-operated. Rechargeable options can help you save money in the long run but will likely drain power more quickly than battery-operated models. However, using rechargeable batteries with a battery-operated model is a great way to save money on batteries while providing your pet with hours of entertainment.
  • Design: Cats can be destructive little critters, so finding a durable toy is always a good idea. For automatic laser-pointer toys, a product’s design will also determine whether it is best to be placed on the ground or out of a cat’s reach. For destructive cats that love knocking things over, finding a model that can be placed out of your kitty’s reach is likely your best bet to protect your investment.

Now that we’ve gone over some factors to consider, you’re ready to check out some of the best laser pointer toys for your cat.

Best Handheld: DinoFire Laser Pointer

When looking for a handheld laser pointer for your cat, it is best to avoid most products branded as cat toys. Why? Because these products can be overpriced, easy to break, and made from low-quality materials. However, this DinoFire Laser Pointer features a bright red laser light that your cat will love, is built to last, and needs only one AAA battery to operate. Featuring simple, intuitive controls, this laser pointer is effortless to use when playing with your cat and will come in handy at your next office presentation as well.

Best Handheld

DinoFire Wireless Presenter, Hyperlink Volume Control Presentation Clicker RF 2.4GHz USB PowerPoint Clicker Presentation Remote Control Pointer Slide Advancer (Black)

This wireless presenter features a high-quality laser pointer, simple controls, and maintains its battery life well. While it's not technically a cat toy, your cat will not mind!

Best Automatic: YVE LIFE Automatic Cat Laser Toy

The YVE LIFE Automatic Cat Laser Toy is the clear leader of laser toys that your cat can enjoy while you go about your business. This toy’s best feature is an automatic on-and-off mode that will power up the device every 3 hours for 15 minutes. This way, even if nobody is home to entertain your cat, they can still have plenty of fun (and exercise) without totally draining the device’s battery. This product also features a very quiet motor and adjustable speed modes and circling ranges, as well as USB charging.

Best Automatic

YVE LIFE Cat Laser Toy Automatic,Interactive Toy for Kitten/Dogs - USB Charging,Placing High,5 Random Pattern,Automatic On/Off and Silent (P01)

This cat laser toy features silent operation and plenty of modes to keep your cat entertained while you are out of the house.

Best Rechargeable: Pet Fit For Life Rechargeable Cat Teaser Toy

There’s a lot going on with this three-in-one cat toy that your feline friend will absolutely love. The USB-rechargeable LED pointer is integrated into the toy’s handle and perfectly mimics a high-quality laser pointer. Due to its unique placement, you can use the LED pointer while your cat is distracted by the feather or worm teaser so that your cat is never sure what enticing aspect of this toy it should lunge toward next. This toy also features a bird call to let your feline know it’s playtime!

Best Rechargeable

Pet Fit For Life Rechargeable Chaser Light Cat Feather Teaser Toy and Interactive Squiggly Worm Kitten Wand Combo W/Bird Chirping Call to Action

This kitten wand combo features a built-in LED pointer in the handle, as well as several toys to dangle in front of your feline companion.

Also Consider: Pawsome Pets Interactive Cat Laser Toy

For those seeking an automatic laser toy for their cat that will not break the bank, this toy from Pawsome Pets is one to consider. This toy features three play modes so that you can find the perfect laser speed to keep your cat engaged. While this product will not automatically turn on while you are away, it does feature a nifty auto-shutoff mode so that you can turn it on and get some work done while your cat enjoys 15 minutes of laser chasing fun. Although this laser toy takes three AA batteries, it actually does really well to maximize battery life, making it a great budget-friendly pick.

Also Consider

PAWSOME PETS Interactive Cat Laser Toy - Less Mayhem, Happier Humans - Keep Fingers Chew-Free with 360 Rotating, 3 Mode Automatic Laser for Cats - 1 Battery Operated Laser Cat Toy

This battery-operated laser toy is designed to sit on the ground and encourages hands-free play for cats of all ages. It also features multiple modes and an auto-shutoff feature.

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