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The Best Laser Tripods for Leveling

man measuring out the right level for an outdoor project with a laser tripod on the lawn behind himWhen most people think of tripods, they think of them in terms of cameras. However, a tripod for a laser level can be a useful tool for professional builds and DIY projects alike. A laser tripod can provide extra stability, holding a laser level in place without you worrying about your hand shaking or slipping. Plus, they can act as a guide for where to hang pictures, even out a surface, or make cuts. Here are some laser tripods we recommend for leveling.

What Should You Consider in a Laser Tripod?

Consider the laser tripod’s material. Sturdier is generally better, especially if you plan to use it for a lot of outside work. Some laser tripods also have some weatherproof features to protect against the elements. Also consider how high or low you need your tripod to reach, as there is some variation. Some laser tripods were specifically designed to reach higher or lower angles. Others have additional features or tools, which make them handy for a wider range of projects. Most importantly, you’ll want to make sure that the tripod is compatible with your laser level.

Best Kit: Johnson Level & Tool 99-026 Self Leveling Rotary Laser System, Hard Case Kit

silver and orange laser tripod with a hard black carrying case and other assorted accessories

This laser tripod kit comes equipped with a nice range of tools and accessories. Besides the tripod and self-leveling laser, you also get a 13-foot grade rod, a 9-volt battery and its charger, a one-sided detector, a magnetic target, a wall/ceiling mounting bracket, a hard carrying case, and a pair of tinted laser glasses. The laser and tripod can be used both horizontally and vertically, equally ideal for walls, floors, wainscoting, and cabinets. It can be used both outside and inside, and it’s fully equipped for any home project you may need to complete.

Most Features

Johnson Level & Tool 99-026K Self-Leveling Horizontal Rotary Laser System w/ Hard Case Kit, 50 x 14.5", Red, 1 Kit

A contractor-grade laser tripod that comes with a wide range of other tools and accessories.

Best for Budget: DEWALT Laser Tripod with Tilting Head

metal laser tripod with black and yellow accents

This laser tripod is made of aluminum, offering durable construction while also being lightweight for easier transportation. The legs are collapsible for added portability and easy storage. The tripod can reach up to 72 inches in height if needed. It offers plenty of stability thanks to its self-leveling abilities and non-skid feet. The head can be tilted in order for you to achieve the optimal angle, and the thread mount can be removed if desired.

Best for Budget

DEWALT Laser Level Tripod, ¼ x 20 Thread Mount, Collapsible Legs, Non-Skid Feet, Carrying Pouch Included (DW0881T),Black, One Size

A lightweight aluminum laser tripod with collapsible legs to offer portability and stability.

Most Compact: Heupar 12ft./3.7m. Telescoping Pole With Tripod

silver laser tripod with assorted accessories

This telescoping laser tripod was designed with both stability and convenience in mind. It can be disassembled easily and quickly at the end of each use and stored for easy transport. The support rod is made of aluminum with a polyurethane coating, and the base can be adjusted in height to offer more stability when the pole is fully extended. The mounting bracket can be placed wherever desired along the adjustable length of the pole. Graduations mark the pole along every centimeter and inch for your measuring convenience, and it extends to a maximum height of just over 12 feet. It can also be used with rotary and line lasers alike.

Also Consider: Spectra Laser Elevating Fiberglass Tripod

tall yellow and orange laser tripod

This laser tripod extends to 12.4 feet at its highest point and can be collapsed down to 5.97 feet, with the adjustable center column giving the tripod almost four feet of lift. The legs and downs are made of fiberglass for extra durability. The round head plate comes equipped with a small stud to increase its stability, and the head itself can be removed if you so choose. The tripod can support up to 15.4 pounds at its elevated height and as much as 66 pounds when it’s collapsed.

Also Consider

Spectra Laser Elevating Fiberglass Tripod 12.5 Foot

This fiberglass laser tripod supports weight up to 66 pounds and extends up to 12.4 feet.

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