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The Best Laundry Hampers with Wheels

Amazon Basics/Sterilite/Seville Classics
🕚 Updated August 2023

Dirty laundry piles up fast whether you live alone, with a partner, or with kids, and many standard laundry hampers just can't quite manage the hefty piles we create. These wheeled hampers are up to the task and will make laundry day much easier.

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  Most Compact Best Four-Bin Basket Best with Lid Most Stylish Best with Clothes Rack
Rolling Laundry Basket
4-Bag Laundry Sorter Cart
Ultra Wheeled Hamper
Rolling Laundry Hamper
Simple Housewares
Laundry Hamper with Rack
Our SummaryHere's a laundry hamper that can hold over 40 liters of clothing inside its stylish and narrow frame.This laundry hamper offers users some of the best storage space of any option on the market.This laundry hamper features a built-in lid alongside two base wheels and an extendable handle for easy movement.This laundry hamper is a great way to hide your dirty laundry away.This laundry hamper provides you with two needs for your everyday clothing: hanging and storing.
Pros✓ Built from durable and waterproof fabrics
✓ Slim frame can be hidden around the home
✓ Inexpensive
✓ Four-tier design is ideal for large households
✓ Allows for total separation between clothing styles
✓ Four wheels grants total mobility
✓ Plenty of storage space
✓ Plastic frame is strong and odor-resistant
✓ Includes retractable handle
✓ Two compartments to separate loads of laundry
✓ Removable liner
✓ Handle and locking wheels
✓ Pretty, modern design
✓ Lid to contain smell and stack things on top if needed
✓ Built in a dual-action hamper style
✓ Includes three detachable bags
✓ Extendable rod hanger
Cons✗ Fabric design must be washed often to prevent bacteria build-up
✗ Only one locking mechanism
✗ Large frame can take up more space than users would like
✗ Installation process can be tiresome
✗ Ventilated surface allows clothing to breathe but lets smell travel too
✗ Higher price tag
✗ Steeper price tag✗ Oversized structure can be too much for some users
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The Best Laundry Hampers with Wheels

Three different laundry hampers with wheels on the bottom
Amazon Basics/Sterilite/Seville Classics

To avoid littering the floor or covering your chairs with a mountain of clothing, toss your t-shirts into a laundry hamper instead, specifically, a hamper with wheels. These handy devices keep well-worn and smelly clothing contained until you’re ready to head to the washing machine. They’re far easier on your body to move around than the traditional choices, too. If you’re in the market for a new way to tackle laundry day, here are some fantastic wheeled laundry hampers we think you should check out.

Buying Guide for Laundry Hampers with Wheels

A washing machine with a large wheeled hamper with four compartments next to it.

Why buy a laundry hamper with wheels?

A key perk you get out of a laundry hamper with wheels is total mobility. It’ll store your dirty articles of clothing just like any other hamper, but the addition of two to four wheels makes it immensely more convenient. This inclusion not only offers you a faster way to get laundry between two places, but it’s especially beneficial for those with too much laundry to carry and those with a lower back to look out for.

What should you look for in a laundry hamper?

  • Laundry Capacity: First and foremost, you’re going to want your laundry hamper to feature ample storage room. We aren’t talking about the kind of storage you’d get out of your grandpa’s laundry basket. No, we’re talking about serious laundry storage, the kind that allows you to fill up the bin with a week’s worth of clothing, or a multi-faceted design that allows you to separate clothing into more than one compartment. Consider what’s appropriate for your living space, and be careful not to buy anything too invasive.
  • Mobility Enhancements: You don’t want to buy yourself too large of a laundry hamper because it can directly affect the option’s second-best-selling point: its mobility. You can accommodate your wheeled hamper through various built-in additions, like wheels on every corner, handles that allow you to push or pull the hamper, and an overall design that favors a lighter frame.
  • Smell Deterrents: Finally, when looking for a laundry hamper, look for laundry hampers that employ design factors that can keep smells at bay. Some options employ a solid lid closure to prevent odors from spreading through the room and to disguise the unsightly appearance of dirty laundry. Other options look to a thick bag construction with a drawstring closure to lock in an off-putting aroma.

Can you disinfect a laundry hamper?

Truly, when was the last time you thought about giving your laundry hamper a good cleaning? Because hampers are so often exposed to the bacteria-ridden articles of clothing, it’s only natural that they themselves get dirty fast. Hampers that are reliant on fabric blends offer you an easier time because they can usually simply be tossed in the wash alongside other dirty clothing. However, plastic hampers, though they don’t retain any odors, are still a breeding ground for the worst of the unseen microorganisms. Plastic-forged hampers should be cleaned with the help of a disinfectant wipe or hot water and soap and a bit of elbow grease.

Our Picks for the Best Laundry Hampers with Wheels

Most Compact

Caroeas Rolling Laundry Basket

Here's a laundry hamper that can hold over 40 liters of clothing inside its stylish narrow frame.

Pros: While you may be your own laundry service, here’s a hamper that makes the chore feel a little more special. This basket is made with durable and waterproof oxford fabrics with a mesh closure at the top to handle your dirtiest clothing. While the four wheels allow you to transport the hamper around your home, one of the wheels also sports a locking clasp to ensure it stays in place when stationary. When you don’t need the hamper, it can easily be slid into small nooks thanks to its slim frame.

Cons: Though its oxford fabric may withstand unwanted soakings, it’s still fabric, and that means it must be washed often to prevent the build-up of bacteria and associated odors. The built-in locking mechanism will prevent shifting, but because there’s only one, the hamper is still likely to shift in circles.

Bottom Line: Laundry may be dirty, but it doesn’t always have to be messy, which is why this Caroeas Rolling Laundry Basket is an ideal choice for those who want their hamper to come with a bit of laundry-time class. 


Best Four-Bin Basket

ROMOON 4-Bag Laundry Sorter Cart

This laundry hamper offers users some of the best storage space on the market.

Pros: Looking for a hamper for the whole household? This massive option features multi-basket storage and a dependably industrial framework. In total, there are four removable baskets hooked onto the anti-rust frame. Each basket features a waterproof lining that intends to prevent odor from permeating the cloth, in addition to supporting up to 25 pounds per basket. Of the four base wheels, two contain heavy-duty locking mechanisms, so they will stay firmly in place.

Cons: The most notable downside to all of this storage space is how much space it takes up, even when not in use. The four baskets rest in a steel frame that measures 39.3 by 16.9 by 31.5 inches, so you’ll need to set aside the floor space for this one. Its 20-minute installation process doesn’t take up too much time, but it can be irksome and tough on some people’s backs.

Bottom Line: If you’re in need of a hamper for a larger household or would prefer a chance to categorize your dirty laundry, this ROMOON Laundry Sorter Cart offers great compartmentalization and a solidly crafted structure. 


Best with Lid

Sterilite Ultra Wheeled Hamper

This laundry hamper features a built-in lid alongside two base wheels and an extendable handle for easy movement.

Pros: Here’s a high-value bundle pack with two fuss-free and pain-free means of transportation. A purchase here grants you three laundry hampers that embrace the convenience of plastic. Nearly every major feature of the bin is crafted from rigid plastic that will bend but put up a worthwhile fight before breaking. The hamper section features a wide opening for users to easily place and remove laundry, while the lid conceals the sight of one’s mess. It features a bottom wheel system that pairs well with a retractable handle that allows you to wheel your laundry around rather than drag or carry it.

Cons: This laundry hamper is designed with a ventilated surface that allows especially smelly clothing the chance to breathe. Of course, that may also result in wafts of sweat-drenched clothing permeating around your laundry room, too. Perhaps the biggest drawback preventing your purchase of this bundle is the price, as there’s no way to downsize the bundle of three.

Bottom Line: An ideal choice for college kids who have to wheel their laundry from one floor to the other, this Sterilite Ultra Wheeled Hamper is built with a solid frame and two neat features that make transportation a breeze.


Most Stylish

Hermina Rolling Laundry Hamper

This laundry hamper is a great way to hide your dirty laundry away.

Pros: If you’re looking for a laundry hamper that will look good in your home, this Hermina basket is a great pick. It has a pretty and lightweight wooden lid to hide the smelly dirty laundry. The liner inside is removable and has two compartments to separate your lights and darks or your towels and delicates. The liner also comes in three different colors to match your bedroom or bathroom. Its locking wheels and convenient handle make it easy to maneuver and wheel over to your washing machine.

Cons: Upfront, this is another choice with a steep price tag that may make you look elsewhere.

Bottom Line: If you want an option that will hide your dirty laundry in a pretty yet functional way, this hamper is the answer. It has a great modern design with a wooden lid, locking wheels, and a removable, divided liner.


Best with Clothes Rack

Simple Housewares Laundry Hamper

This laundry hamper provides you with two needs for your everyday clothing: hanging and storing.

Pros: Here’s a choice that provides double-duty as a rolling laundry hamper with a spot to hang delicates to dry. Like similar products, this laundry hamper is built into a sturdy rolling base. Just above that are three detachable cotton-polyester bags, each capable of holding up to 10 pounds of laundry. And above the hamper section is a steel hanger rod that can be adjusted to hang more items to dry.

Cons: Sure, this laundry hamper offers a lot of space to ensure you get the most out of its design, but its oversized structure can be limiting for users with smaller closets or laundry rooms to work with. Its hefty price tag can also leave you second-guessing a purchase.

Bottom Line: Completely mobile and offering multiple functions for your laundry needs, this Simple Housewares Laundry Hamper offers a considerable level of storage for various types of dirty laundry.

Final Thoughts

Hauling laundry around in your arms is its own kind of inconvenience. With a wheeled laundry hamper, you can free your hands up, sort items how you’d like, and ensure that you have a dependable place to keep your momentarily undesirable clothing other than the corner of your bedroom.

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