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The Best Laundry Room Signs for Your Home

a rectangular sign that says "Laundry Co; Wash, Dry & Fold" on a countertop by a jar of clothespins
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The laundry room: the one place in every home most associated with boring chores, dirty clothes, and missing socks. To make your laundry experience just a little bit more interesting, you should invest in some high-quality laundry room signs. They come in a wide variety of prints and styles, so you’ll never have trouble finding one that fits in with the rest of your home decor. Here are some laundry room signs that we highly recommend!

Buying a Sign for Your Laundry Room

Here’s what you should look for:

  • Quality Materials: To get the most bang for your buck, you need to look for signs crafted with high-quality materials. If you are looking for a wooden sign, choose one made with durable, solid woods such as fir, birch, or cedar.
  • Easy Installation: Your sign should come with almost everything you need to install it. Signs with sawtooth hangers are extremely easy to hang: all you have to do is hammer a nail into your preferred location on the wall and then hook the hanger onto the said nail.

Best Set: Kdesign 2-Pack Rustic Laundry Room Signs

two wooden laundry signs: the one on the left has stain removal tips, the one on the right has a care symbol guide

Although laundry seems like a simple chore, it has the potential to go terribly wrong. These signs come in a pack of two and are designed to be both stylish and helpful: one sign includes a detailed list of stain removal tips, while the other explains what each laundry care symbol means. They are crafted with high-quality, sturdy wood that gives each sign a rustic feel. The signs are equipped with a sawtooth hanger that makes for easy installation. If you are looking to add some farmhouse charm to your laundry room, you should check out these signs.

Best Set

Kdesign Laundry Signs for Laundry Room Decor, 11 x 15 inch Vintage, Wooden Framed Laundry Room Sign x 2, Laundry Symbols Wall Art for Farmhouse Laundry Room Decor

These signs are crafted with high-quality, sturdy wood that'll add a pop of farmhouse charm to your laundry room.

Functional Design: Barnyard Designs Lonely Socks Sign

one white sock and one purple sock are clothespinned to a laundry room sign that says "Lonely Socks Seeking Sole Mates"

The case of the missing socks: a never-ending mystery that has perplexed laundry-doers since what seems like the beginning of time. This laundry sign is designed to make your search for those pesky socks just a little bit easier: it comes with five clothespins on a jute line that can be used to store single socks while they wait for their long-lost partner. The sign itself is made of solid fir wood that has been hand-painted with a slightly weathered finish. It comes with a hardware kit that’ll make installation seem like a piece of cake. Missing socks won’t stand a chance against this clever sign.

Functional Design

Barnyard Designs Lonely Socks Seeking Sole Mates Sign Laundry Room Decor 19.75” x 7”

This laundry sign comes with clothespins that can be used to store single socks while they wait to be reunited with their long-lost partners.

Customizable Design: MY VINTAGE FINDS Farmhouse Laundry Sign

white wood laundry sign with the text "Rachel's Laundry; Wash, Dry, Fold" in front of a laundry basket filled with white sheets

If you are looking to add a personal touch to your laundry room, you should check out this customizable sign! The sign is crafted with real wood that will be etched by hand to display your preferred name. You can use this rustic sign in your own laundry room, or you can gift it to your favorite farmhouse enthusiast. The back of the sign features a durable wall hanger that makes it easy to hang the sign wherever you see fit. This personalized sign is sure to make your laundry experience just a little bit more fun.

Customizable Design

MY VINTAGE FINDS Laundry Signs Farmhouse Laundry Room Wall Decor (Personalized White 1)

The back of this hanger features a secure wall hanger that makes it easy to hang the sign where you see fit.

Best Funny Design: VILIGHT Dirty Again Laundry Room Sign

wood sign with the text "the laundry is looking at me dirty again"

If you dread doing laundry, this sign is designed to enhance your experience by adding a spicy twist to your laundry room! It is crafted with lightweight yet durable wood that gives the sign a rustic look. The back of the sign features two sawtooth hooks that make the sign incredibly easy to hang. This sign is a great choice for those looking to make their time in the laundry room just a little bit more fun.

Best Funny Design

VILIGHT Funny Laundry Room signs - Farmhouse Laundry Accessories - Home Laundry Wall Decor - Dirty Again - 16x5 Inches

This sign is crafted with lightweight yet durable wood that gives it a touch of farmhouse charm.

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