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The Best Leashes for Your Pet

Your pet is your best friend. We get it! We know that keeping them safe while you’re out is your number one concern. A high-quality leash will play a crucial role in that safety. Whether you are going for a stroll, an escapade in the woods, or a fun jog, the wide array of features in these leashes will help make for some of the most enjoyable adventures that you and your pet will experience.

What to Look for in a Leash

Here are some key features to consider when making your choice:

  • Rope Style: Leashes can be made in all different styles of rope. Larger and more hyperactive dogs may be better suited for a stronger style of rope.  Smaller and calmer dogs may be better suited for a thinner flat rope, as they won’t cause as much strain on your grip.
  • Handle Grip: Your level of comfort is important, too! Ergonomic grips are popular for longer walks and jogging. If your pet is easily excitable, a soft, padded handle can be more comfortable for when they start tugging.
  • Control Level: You know your pet best, and if you know that they need that extra measure of control, then a shorter leash is the way to go. If you know that your pet loves to explore, something a bit longer will give them that option.

Top Choice: BAAPET 5-Foot Strong Dog Leash

The BAAPET 5-Foot Strong Dog Leash is the number one choice for pet owners of every kind. It is suitable for all dog sizes and strengths. The leash measures 5 feet from handle to hook, which is perfect for allowing your furry friend enough freedom on your outings while you still remain totally in control.

This leash’s heavy-duty design spells safety for you and your pet and provides you with peace of mind. The leash itself is made with a rope that is 0.5 inches in diameter, typically meant for the strains of rock climbing, so you know it’s reliable and strong. The clip hook at the end is larger and more durable than most other leashes as well, creating a secure connection to your pet’s collar. It features a soft padded handle that goes the entire way around the loop so that you can enjoy your walks without the fear of rope burn on your hands. The reflective thread spans the whole length of the leash for safety during your evening strolls.

Top Choice

Best Value: Ladoogo Two-Pack 5-Foot Heavy-Duty Dog Leash

The Ladoogo Two-Pack is the perfect package for anyone looking to save a little bit of money, but not skimp on quality. These are best suited for medium to large dog breeds that weigh between 18 and 120 pounds. The leash design has a super strong and durable 0.5-inch diameter rock climbing rope with an ergonomic comfort-grip foam handle inspired by the fitness industry. Say goodbye to rope burn! The different colors all come with a highly reflective thread for enhanced visibility on top of fashion.

Best Value

Best Retractable: TUG Patented 360° Tangle-Free, Heavy-Duty Retractable Dog Leash

Dogs love to wander. Of course, we want them to enjoy the outdoors and explore, but we also want to keep a close watch on them to ensure their safety. The TUG Patented leash allows for up to 16 feet of exploration space for your best friend. It has an easy-lock and -unlock feature that is right at your thumb, so you can adjust the length quickly and efficiently.

This leash comes in various sizes to accommodate most dog breeds. It has a comfortable ergonomic handle with anti-slip material for some added security. Most retractable leashes have some issues with tangling when you try to draw them back in, and untangling can be tedious and time-consuming. The TUG leash has tangle-free, 360-degree tape movement for even more ease of use.

Best Retractable

Best Color Options: MayPaw Heavy-Duty Rope Dog Leash

For all the different, fun, and unique personalities your dog could have, MayPaw has a leash to match! There is an absolutely impressive array of different colors and designs to fit any style needs, so you are sure to find a great fit among the 25 choices.

Along with the brilliant style choices, the MayPaw leash has a host of different safety features as well. The nylon rope comes in different sizes to suit most dog breeds. It is 0.5 inches thick in diameter and 6 feet long to allow for a good balance between control and freedom. The heavy-duty clip has 360 degrees of rotation for even further safety, especially if your furry friend likes to pull.

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