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The Best LED Balloons

🕚 Updated December 2022

Creating beautiful party decorations doesn't have to stop at color schemes, glitter, signs, or table decorations. If you're looking to make your venue stand out and impress your guests with bold designs, check out our favorite LED balloons.

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  Best Colors High-Quality Option Best Long-Lasting Best with String Lights Best Set
20 LED Light Up Balloons Mixed Colors
150 Pieces UV Neon Balloons
LED Balloons Flashing
12 Pack Party Balloons
Neon Glow Balloons
Our SummaryThese innovative light-up party balloons can brighten your gathering with a rainbow of beautiful colors.These blacklight reflective balloons glow incredibly bright creating a gorgeous neon backdrop for your next party.If your parties are all-night affairs, this 32-pack of glowing balloons will last until the sun comes up.Make your party look like a fairy tale with these string lights and transparent balloons that shine for up to 72 hours.Brighten any gathering with these colorful blacklight-reflective party balloons.
Pros✓ Blinking and non-blinking options
✓ Two brightness levels
✓ Last up to 24 hours
✓ Five different colors
✓ Glow bright in black light
✓ Inflate with air or helium
✓ Durable and long-lasting
✓ Easy to use
✓ Eight colors
✓ Bright and durable
✓ Transparent and glittery
✓ 18 inches
✓ Multiple flashing speeds
✓ 100 per pack
✓ Comes with garland
✓ Plain or polka-dot options
Cons✗ No strings
✗ Difficult to blow up manually
✗ Latex may cause allergic reaction
✗ Blacklight required and not included
✗ Small parts may present choking hazard✗ Heavy and may not float
✗ May pop if over-inflated
✗ Vacuum-sealed packaging may damage balloons
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The Best LED Balloons

LED balloons shining in a dark venue

Buying Guide for LED Balloons

A spread of glowing neon balloons under a neon Happy Birthday sign.

Why buy LED balloons?

These balloons not only make nighttime gatherings more vibrant but also create an ethereal atmosphere. Whether you are looking to add some flashing colors to your disco party or want to design your own fairy tale night sky, LED balloons can elevate your event decorations. They’re perfect for kids’ parties, New Year’s Eve parties, graduations, weddings, and more!

What should you consider in LED balloons?

  • Inflation: Some LED lights and balloons require tools or helium to work properly. If you are opting to blow up the balloons yourself, look for balloons that are small and feature a pull tab.
  • Light Color: Most LED lights are available in classic cool and warm white lights that can shine through any balloon color. If your chosen colors are cool tones, go for the cool white light for the most vibrance. Warm tones will look best with the warm white lights to help boost the orange undertones. Avoid using conflicting tones to keep your balloon colors bright.
  • Longevity: While the lights are perfectly sized to fit into the opening of a balloon, they require very small batteries. Check the product details to ensure that the lights stay at their brightest for at least 3 hours. Cell battery packs provide longer-lasting lights and can be reused.

How does an LED balloon stay lit without popping?

Some glowing balloons are made to be blacklight reflective and therefore have no light-up element inside of them that would cause balloons to heat up. Others are lit with cool LED lights which don’t get hot enough to damage your balloons. As long as you don’t overfill your balloons past the recommended size (often 12-18 inches), they should remain intact.

Our Picks for the Best LED Balloons

Best Colors

CEAGGDY 20 LED Light Up Balloons Mixed Colors

These innovative light-up party balloons can brighten your gathering with a rainbow of beautiful colors.

Pros: With these colorful balloons, you have plenty of control over how they glow. You can choose blinking or non-blinking balloons when you purchase them, and you can leave the gauze film on the LEDs for a softer light or remove it for a brighter light. You can opt to blow these up with helium (a tank is not included) or air to create the right atmosphere for you. The lights last up to 24 hours so you can party all day and night without replacing your balloons. Best of all, you don’t need to go out and buy batteries because they’re included.

Cons: These balloons do not come with strings. Also, if you’re not using helium or an air pump, these are difficult to blow up manually.

Bottom Line: Glow it up at your next party with these brightly colored light-up balloons. They’re long-lasting, and you can adjust the brightness level by removing the film around the lights.


High-Quality Option

Gejoy 150 Pieces UV Neon Balloons

These blacklight reflective balloons create a gorgeous neon backdrop for your next party.

Pros: It’s time to bust out the old blacklight and party like it’s 1999! This package of fun neon-colored balloons is simply huge, including 150 blacklight party balloons, a more than sufficient quantity for you to decorate for any party. They’re a good size, too, measuring 12 inches when fully inflated. You’ll find five different colors in this pack, including pink, orange, yellow, green, and blue, which are neon colored in normal light but glow incredibly bright in black light. They can be inflated with air or helium, so you can decorate your next event any way you’d like. And they’re durable and long-lasting.

Cons: These balloons are made of latex which may cause a severe allergic reaction in some. A blacklight is required to make them glow and is not included in this package.

Bottom Line: You can make any party glow with these colorful blacklight balloons. They’re thick and durable, so they will last throughout any party. And they’re big enough to make a statement.


Best Long-Lasting

iFUNow LED Balloons Flashing

If your parties are all-night affairs, this 32-pack of glowing balloons will last until the sun comes up.

Pros: Not only are these light-up balloons long-lasting, but they’re also very easy to use. Simply pull the tab to activate the light, and you’re ready to party. Each pack includes four balloons in each color of red, green, blue, white, yellow, pink, purple, and orange. They’re bright as well as durable, with integrated premium flashing LED lights inside and superior-strength latex material on the outside. These balloons can be filled with air or helium. And they expand to a full 12 inches once inflated.

Cons: Small parts on these balloons may be a choking hazard for small children.

Bottom Line: These brightly colored brightly lit balloons may very well outlast your party. They’re made with premium LEDs. And the pull tabs make lighting them a snap.


Best with String Lights

partyfun4u 12 Pack Party Balloons

Make your party look like a fairy tale with these string lights and transparent balloons that shine for up to 72 hours.

Pros: Next to glowing strings of fairy lights, clear balloons can transform your party venue into a glittery sky. The 12 transparent balloons grow up to 18 inches wide when inflated, giving the lights plenty of room to shine. Each balloon can have its own LED string lights that reach up to 13 feet. The battery-powered lights feature three different light flashing speeds: fast blinking, slow blinking, and no blinking. With this light and balloon combo, you can easily create glowing decorations for your next gathering.

Cons: These balloons are on the heavier side and might not float very well with helium. If you over-inflate them, they may pop at the seams.

Bottom Line: Star light, star bright, these balloons will make your party right! They’re great for kids’ parties, camping, sleepovers, weddings, and more! Plus, they’re the largest light-up balloons on our list.


Best Set

Sunmind Neon Glow Balloons

Brighten any gathering with these colorful blacklight-reflective party balloons.

Pros: If you’re in charge of decorating for a party, this pack has everything you need. It comes with 100 UV reactive (blacklight reactive) balloons and four nicely-designed glow reactive streamers. You can choose between plain balloons or polka-dot balloons. And the garlands are made from thick, high quality heavyweight fluorescent paper, so they may be reusable. The balloons may be filled with air or helium to suit your atmosphere. And they blow up to a full 12 inches, the perfect size for creating gorgeous balloon garlands or arches.

Cons: These balloons come vacuum sealed, which may damage some of the balloons on the outer edges of the packaging, making them unusable.

Bottom Line: For bright and shiny parties, these blacklight-reactive neon balloons can make a statement centerpiece or create a light and fun atmosphere. The pack comes with a garland included. And they can be inflated with air or helium.

Final Thoughts

If you love the idea of a glowing party, these light-up balloons may be just what you’re looking for. Some are lit with a single LED, some with a string of LED star lights, and others are blacklight or UV reflective. Whatever you choose, you can create some killer party designs with these colorful balloons!

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