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The Best LED Strip Lights

🕚 Updated November 2021

LED strip lights give you the tools to be the orchestrator, DJ, or party organizer of your home! Control and compose a colorful experience for friends and family with these nifty lights that add some fun to your home.

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  Best Overall Best Value Best White Light Most Length Also Great
LED Strip Lights
65.6ft LED Strip Lights
LED Strip Lights
130ft LED Lights
Color Changing LED Strip Lights
Our SummaryThis string of LED lights gives you control over color and mode.These LED strip lights brighten things up on a budget.These LED strip lights give your home a welcoming feeling.This product gives you LED strip lighting for a large room or multiple rooms in your home.Add some fun to your home with these color-changing lights.
Pros100 feet, smart app and remote control, customizable.Cuttable, ultra-bright, 44-key remote, easy to install.Range of brightnesses, customizable, flexible, easy to install.Plenty of length, Bluetooth control, sync to music.Customizable colors, options for control, sync to your music.
ConsNeed iTunes to sync music, not always easy to install, remote control issues.Remote control issues, comes in four separate rolls.Not very bright, remote control issues, short power cord.Not easy to install, three separate strips, connectors don't always work.Adhesive doesn't always stick, longevity issues, some issues with brightness.
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The Best LED Strip Lights

A strip light lining the bottom of a kitchen cabinet.

With LED strip lights, you can light up your car or home with a fun splash of color or create a calm, comfortable environment where it’s easy for you to relax. LED strip lights come in a range of colors, sizes, and shapes so you can use them pretty much wherever you’re looking to brighten things up. The right choice will come with plenty of features that let you customize the colors and control them remotely.

Buying Guide for LED Strip Lights

Hands place an LED light strip on a surface.

Why buy LED strip lights?

LED strip lights are fun accessories that can light up almost any space you want them to. You can control the colors for a show that brings the room to life or slows things down with a calming glow. Put them in your home theater room, under your kitchen cabinets, in your car, or wherever you want them, really. Overall, LED strip lights are just a fun and convenient way to spice up your home decor.

What should you consider in LED strip lights?

  • Application: Where exactly do you want to add some color or light? It’s good to have a plan because when you start shopping, you may be overwhelmed with the extent of options. You will find lights for the car, the bedroom, your gaming setup, the kitchen, and more.
  • Event: Are you looking to throw a wedding reception, holiday, or dance party? When you sit down to plan a festive gathering, think about the theme, color, and atmosphere you hope to create and how you can use LED strip lights to help.

How do you control the lights?

With all the colors and display options available, an app is one of the easiest and best ways to get the most out of your lights. Some will offer voice control and timers as well. If you prefer low-tech products, don’t worry. Many come with simple remote controls as well.

Our Picks for the Best LED Strip Lights

Best Overall

DAYBETTER Led Strip Lights

This string of LED lights gives you total control over color and mode.

Pros: The DAYBETTER LED Strip Lights give you 100 feet of fun! With all that footage, you can bring more than one room to life or deck your car completely out. You also get a smart app and a remote, both of which give you the freedom to change the color and mode from far away. These lights are super easy to install, and they even sync up with the music you have playing.

Cons: While it sounds great to be able to sync your new lights to your favorite music, it only works if you’ve downloaded the songs through iTunes. Unfortunately, other apps you use to play your music won’t give you this feature. And despite the easy-to-install claim, you may find yourself watching a YouTube video or two to figure it out. The remote control also doesn’t work perfectly each time.

Bottom Line: While it may take some help to set up these lights, once you’ve got them up, their brightness, colors, and functionality at pretty hard to beat. These LED strip lights are a great choice at this price point, especially since you get 100 feet.


Best Value

Tenmiro 65.6ft LED Strip Lights

These LED strip lights brighten things up on a budget.

Pros: The Tenmiro LED Strip Lights are cuttable, so you can adjust the length of your lights for whichever room you want to put them in. They’re ultra-bright and come with high-quality LED chips, which increases the color capability and duration. Plus, you can adjust the brightness of the light strip with a 44-key remote. These lights are easy to install and can be connected to other strips, so you can get creative with how you use them.

Cons: The remote is a major drawback. It has longevity issues and, if you have a Roku remote, it might mess up the functionality of this remote. Plus, the do-it-yourself features of the remote don’t work very well, meaning you can’t always create or control the colors displayed. The other issue is that these strips aren’t continuous; they’re actually four separate strips.

Bottom Line: For the price, the Tenmiro Led Strip Lights are a great option. There are some issues with the remote, and it can be a little difficult to connect the four separate strips, but these lights are a great option otherwise. They’re bright, easy to put up, and give you plenty of color options.


Best White Light

Lepro LED Strip Lights

These LED strip lights give your home a welcoming feeling.

Pros: The Lepro LED Strip Lights skip the color show and get straight to the light with a brilliant glow that adds a cool ambiance to a space. These strip lights let you choose any level of white light, from warm (3000K) to cool (6000K). So, you can boost the brightness or dim the lights depending on your mood. These LED lights are flexible and easy to put up and come with a remote.

Cons: There are some issues with these lights. First of all, they’re not as bright as other options, so don’t expect to be blown away. You will also need to make sure that the receiver for the remote isn’t blocked. If there’s anything between the receiver and the remote, it likely won’t work. The other issue is that the power cord is relatively short, so you might need an extension cord.

Bottom Line: Users love the warmth and brightness that these lights provide. They’re great for lighting up dark rooms or enclosed spaces with a welcoming glow. If you’re okay with the slight drawbacks, these are a great choice for most people looking for extra light at home.


Most Length

Ehomful 130ft LED Lights

This product gives you LED strip lighting for a large room or multiple rooms in your home.

Pros: These Ehomful LED Lights give you the length you need to decorate large spaces or multiple rooms in your home with fun colors and effects. You also get total control of these lights with a remote and Bluetooth control through an app. Pick and choose what colors you want to have, depending on your mood and what you’re up to. You can also sync up your music to these lights for an eye-catching display.

Cons: These lights can be a little tricky to get to work. They’re not always easy to set up. Also, know that these lights aren’t 130 feet of continuous lights, but rather four strips of 32.8 feet each, which is mainly an issue because the connectors don’t always work.

Bottom Line: Once these lights are set up and shining, you’ll be happy with your choice. It may take you a little longer than you would like, but for all those lights and lengths, these lights are a great choice. Plus, the length gives you the choice to string them throughout multiple rooms.


Also Great

Govee Color Changing LED Strip Lights

Add some fun to your home with these color-changing lights.

Pros: The Govee Color Changing LED Strip Lights comes with tons of colors that give you three options for control: an app, a remote, or the control box. The Bluetooth connection is great for customization and convenient control. Plus, these lights also let you sync your music up to change the colors according to what you’re playing. There are 16 million color options that you can choose from to keep things interesting.

Cons: The adhesive capabilities of these lights aren’t great. It will take some work to get them up. There are also longevity issues—some users have complained about their lights dying after a few months. As with most LED lights, there are occasional complaints with brightness.

Bottom Line: These lights cover the basics and more—you get customizable options, Bluetooth control, and plenty of length. It’s also a ton of fun to sync them up with music and watch the light show. Overall, the brightness is great and is enough to light up a room.

Final Thoughts

LED strip lights are a fun addition to almost any space. You can change the vibe at the touch of a button. Most lights are also relatively affordable, too, so take a look at our picks and try some LED strip lights out in your home.

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