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The Best LED Video Lights for Videographers

an LED light on a tripod shining over a purse in a photography studioLighting is an extremely important consideration in both photography and videography. Good, quality lighting can brighten up a set and make footage appear clearer and sharper, while poor lighting can obscure and make even the best photos and videos appear low quality. LED lights are considered more efficient and last longer than traditional fluorescent and incandescent lights, making them an excellent choice for both professional and recreational videographers. Check out these LED video lights we recommend.

What Should You Consider in LED Video Lights?

LED lights can vary quite a bit in price, so it’s wise to have a budget in mind going in. Think about whether you want several smaller or cheaper LED lights, or if you want to splurge on one larger, more expensive one. Light kits that offer additional accessories are often available, so those might be a wise investment if you’re just started out or are on a tighter budget. Be sure to look at the luminance of any light you’re considering, which is measured in lumens (lm). Also keep an eye on the color-rendering index (CRI), which measures how accurately the light reproduces color on screen. You’ll want to aim for lights with a CRI of 95-98, going no lower than 85, for the best possible color. Also consider if you want larger LED lights that will mostly stay in one place, or if you’ll need something more portable.

Most Versatile: RALENO LED Video Light

This LED light is easily adjustable, thanks to the two easy-to-use knobs on the back to quickly change the brightness and bi-color as needed. The hidden, built-in lithium battery lasts for anywhere between 90 and 110 minutes of lighting at maximum power and has protections against overcharging, overvoltage, overcurrent, and overheating. The light guide plate can diffuse the glare for softer lighting and is easier on the eyes of the video or photo subjects, which makes it ideal for videos of events like weddings. The cold shoe adapter means that this light is compatible with SLR cameras, camcorders, tripods, and light stands. The LCD screen can display the brightness, color temperature, and battery power indexes if desired.

Most Versatile

RALENO LED Video Light, Camera Light for Pictures Video Recording with 4000mAh Battery Support Type-C USB Power Supply, CRI>95 3200K-5600K Photo Light for Outdoor Photography Live Streaming Zoom Calls

An easily adjustable LED light that works equally well for photography and videography, with a built-in, high-powered lithium battery.

Best Color Filters: Neewer Dimmable 5600K USB LED Video Lights

These two lights come with four different color filters, so you’ll be able to tint your videos to your preferred softness and shade. The lights can be adjusted at a 180-degree angle and the brightness can be dimmed down to 10 percent capacity for your convenience while filming. The mini tripods, one for each light, can be connected to an extension stick that ranges between 20 and 45 inches in height, depending on your needs. A USB cable is also included.

Best Color Filters

Most Portable: Emart 60 LED Continuous Portable Photography Lighting Kit

These two LED lights are small and portable, perfect for tabletop studios and photographing small and medium-sized items. They can be used as hand-held lights if need be. Their small size, however, isn’t a substitute for efficiency or quality. With a 90+ CRI, daylight-balanced 5500K, 15-watt continuous lighting, and a 180-degree adjustable angle, these LED lights still provide you with easy adjustability and clear, sharp colors. The AC/DC adapters protect your safety while you’re increasing or decreasing the lights’ brightness. Three color filters and a retractable bracket also come included with the 11-inch tripods and lights.

Most Portable

EMART 60 LED Continuous Portable Photography Lighting Kit for Table Top Photo Video Studio Light Lamp with Color Filters - 2 Packs

Two small, light, portable LED lights that still provide high CFI, easy adjustability, and sharp, quality lighting.

Best Kit: LED SAMTIAN Video Light Kit

This kit comes with a whole slew of tools and accessories for your videography needs. Besides the two LED lights, this kit includes two orange filters, two transparent filters, two hot shoe adapters, two light stands, two NP-F550 batteries, a charger, and a user manual. The light stands adjust to as low as 27 inches and as high as 79 inches, able to bear up to 13 pounds. They’re made of aluminum alloy and have locking capabilities to keep your lighting equipment in place and safe during filming. The lights themselves work equally well inside and outdoors and are compatible with most DSLR and digital video cameras, tripods, and light stands. The brightness and color temperature are easy to switch based on your shooting environment and needs.

Best Kit

SAMTIAN LED Video Light Kit with 79''Adjustable Light Stand, 2-Pack Dimmable Photography Lighting with Carrying Bag, Batteries, New Led Light Panel for Product Portrait Video Shooting YouTube Facebook

This LED lighting kit comes equipped with a wide range of accessories and two LED lights that work for both indoor and outdoor environments.

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